Amazon Echo Spot alarm clock is smart and semispherical

first_imgThe Amazon Echo Spot was introduced today as a smart alarm clock with Alexa inside. This device works as an alarm clock first and foremost, but also rolls with the feature every single Amazon hardware product seems to have here in 2017: Alexa. The smart assistant will live within the device, the device also acting as a screen for multiple different purposes. This little monster is essentially an Echo Show with fewer abilities and a more focused approach. While there’s always the possibility that the 2.5-inch spherical display could be used for odd media bits, it’s made for just a few activities right out the box. This device works as an alarm clock, a nursery camera, or a video call machine.The sound quality isn’t going to be as magnificent as it is in other, larger Echo devices. The same goes for the video quality – especially since we’re on such a tiny display, here. But the price, as a result, might be up more people’s alley than the slightly larger Alexa-infused devices on Amazon’s sale list.The Amazon Echo Spot will be available for pre-order starting this afternoon. The final release date for this product will be somewhere inside of December in the United States – that’s in the year 2017. For the rest of the world, there may be a bit more of a wait. The Amazon Echo Spot will cost right around $130 USD. Story TimelineGoogle yanks YouTube from Amazon Echo Show citing ToS violationAmazon’s surprise event makes new Echo likelyAmazon’s new Echo brings multi-room audio and a stylish new designGoogle Home Max tipped to better battle EchoAmazon Echo Connect gives your landline hands-free capabilitieslast_img

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