Foundation luncheon to honor philanthropists

first_imgThe Community Foundation for Southwest Washington’s June 6 luncheon will recognize Michele and Greg Goodwin as the 2017 Philanthropists of the Year for their work championing capital campaigns and supporting local services for youth development, comprehensive health and education. Greg Goodwin is executive vice president and senior adviser for Holman Automotive, and was previously the CEO of Kuni Automotive.He’s also an honorary adviser for the Wayne D. Kuni and Joan E. Kuni Foundation, one of Southwest Washington’s largest private charitable foundations, that recently created a $50 million fund for cancer and other medical research and to enhance the lives of developmentally disabled adults.Michael Burgoyne will get the Friend of the Foundation award “for providing both professional and personal support to the Community Foundation’s mission of promoting philanthropy in Southwest Washington,” the Community Foundation said in a news release.The luncheon is noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Hilton Vancouver Washington, with a half-hour prior for networking.A few local residents will share stories about how philanthropy has impacted their lives. It’s part of the theme of the luncheon and storytelling campaign of the same name: Giving Out Loud. More information about the storytelling project is online at tickets to the luncheon, visit read more

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Audis 2019 Super Bowl ad proves its ETron GT is to die

first_imgAudi’s 2019 Super Bowl is called “Cashew” and at first glance it’s not obvious why. It opens on a young man doing that weird Russell-Crowe-in-Gladiator hand in the wheat field thing as he approaches an isolated house. It kind of goes off the rails from there.Upon nearing the house, our protagonist is greeted by an elderly man on the porch who is revealed to be his grandfather. The two enter a weird garage laboratory and the old man pulls a sheet off of a vehicle that ends up being the Audi E-Tron GT concept — (also known as the best-looking debut of the 2018 LA Auto Show).Upon sliding into the fancy cloth-covered driver’s seat, our young man is jolted violently, and it’s then that the name of the ad starts to make sense. He’s receiving the Heimlich maneuver from a coworker and coughs up the aforementioned drupe. More about 2019 Audi E-Tron Car Industry Luxury cars Electric Cars Car Culture It’s not entirely clear what Audi’s new Super Bowl ad is trying to sell, considering that we don’t expect to see the E-Tron GT as a production model until 2020, but still, any excuse to ogle it and have a laugh is fine by us.In case you need a brief refresher, the E-Tron GT is a fully electric concept car that packs a 90-kilowatt-hour battery and motors that produce just shy of 600 horsepower. Like Porsche’s forthcoming Taycan, the E-Tron GT will support 800-volt charging that should allow it to recover around 200 miles of range in just 20 minutes.Better yet, Audi recently let us drive the multi-million-dollar E-Tron GT concept on the mean streets of Los Angeles. You can read all about it here. 26 Photos Super Bowl 2019 Comment May 7 • 2020 Toyota Supra first drive review: More reset than reboot 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better See All Feb 28 • Last chance to get 3 months of Mint Mobile service for $20 Preview • 2019 Audi E-Tron: A worry-free, all-EV SUV Super Bowl 2019 Audicenter_img Share your voice Aug 14 • Raising the entry-level bar Audi E-Tron GT concept on the streets of Los Angeles reading • Audi’s 2019 Super Bowl ad shows its E-Tron GT is to die for 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value • 1 News • 2019 Audi E-Tron SUV range and on-sale date released Tags Feb 7 • Every Avengers: Endgame character flash at the start of that Super Bowl trailer More From Roadshow Audilast_img read more

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House Science to EPA drop Pebble Mine veto

first_imgLamar Smith, R-Texas, chairs the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, which penned a letter Wednesday asking EPA to drop the veto of Pebble Mine and allow permitting to proceed.(US Congress)In a letter Wednesday to new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, the chairman of the House Science Committee asked that the agency rescind its 2014 veto of the Pebble Mine. EPA proposed the preemptive Clean Water Act restrictions based on findings from its Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment, and did so with the support of many area tribes, fishermen, and environmental groups. But others say EPA has created an unfair regulatory process not based on rule of law, and are likely to find a receptive audience with the new administration.Listen nowTexas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith has made the agency’s work in Bristol Bay a top priority of the oversight committee he chairs. Over the past several years, House Science held a number of meetings, deposed witnesses, and reviewed hundreds of pages of documents and emails, leaving Smith with the firm opinion that the agency acted improperly.“In the course of the Committee’s investigation, we discovered that EPA employees colluded with third-party Pebble Mine opponents,” Smith said last April. “They sought to deliberately establish a record that pointed to one outcome: that Pebble Mine will be excluded from the regular permitting process and should be stopped.”In his letter to Administrator Pruitt, Smith called EPA’s 2014 preemptive veto “unprecedented,” “biased” and based on “questionable” science. He wrote that allowing it to stand will create a “dangerous precedent of expansive federal agency powers.”“This Committee should support due process, protect the permitting process, and insist that EPA actions be based on objective science,” Smith said during April hearing. “The EPA violated all of these tenets in its evaluation of the Pebble Mine. The Committee should not allow EPA to stop projects before they even apply for a permit. This would be contrary to the rule of law and the principles of scientific analysis.”Smith called on Pruitt to rescind the restrictions, which have not yet been finalized. A federal judge put a hold on the agency’s work surrounding Pebble and the Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment while one of Pebble’s several lawsuits against EPA is litigated.Scott Pruitt addressing EPA staff Tuesday.(Environmental Protection Agency)Scott Pruitt is the former Attorney General of Oklahoma, and made a name for himself as a fierce critic of EPA. In a speech to his new staff Tuesday he laid out three principles he intends to lead the agency towards: following the rule of law, keeping the regulatory process fair, and working better with states.“I read those things with a happy heart, and I think that they bode well for a decision that will reverse what the existing EPA has done, and allow us to go into permitting,” Pebble CEO Tom Collier said recently of Pruitt’s previously stated principles. “Some people think that this dispute we’ve been having with EPA is over whether or not we can build the project. I can’t emphasize enough that it is simply over whether or not we can file a permit application.”But Pruitt has also stressed he intends to lead by listening, and wants to encourage rigorous debate on contentious environmental issues.“We ought to be able to get together and wrestle through some very difficult issues, and do so in a civil manner,” Pruitt said in his speech Tuesday. “We ought to be able to be thoughtful, and exchange ideas, and engage in debate, and make sure that we do find answers to these problems. But do so with civility.”Bristol Bay and Pebble opponents have long and loudly voiced concerns, drawing growing attention to the potential threat to one of the world’s last great salmon habitats. Since launching its watershed assessment six or seven years ago, top EPA officials have held more than two dozen public hearings in Bristol Bay, around Alaska, and in Seattle and Washington D.C., and taken in a mountain of public comments. Most of the testimony heard and comments received have been supportive of the agency’s work.Tom Tilden and Ralph Andersen flank former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy at a public hearing in Dillingham in 2013. (Misty Nielsen)Kim Williams, the director Nunamta Aulukestai, said Pebble’s opposition will make sure the new administration hears the same message Obama did.“We’ll continue to speak out to President Trump and the Administrator, to reaffirm that this project will need a permit, and this region is opposed to any kind of dredge and fill material entering our salmon streams,” Williams said.EPA has not responded to the House Science recommendation it toss the agency’s watershed assessment and proposed preemptive Pebble veto. The agency has also not yet named a Region 10 administrator to replace Dennis McLerran, who guided the unique but perhaps fragile work in Bristol Bay.last_img read more

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International Snacks Festival at metro stations from Aug 30

first_imgHyderabad: The Telangana Tourism and the Department of Language & Culture in association with Culture language Indian Connections (CLIC), Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL), L&T Metro is organising an International Snacks Festival from August 30 to September 1 at four metro stations in city.Burra Venkatesham, Secretary, CLIC said that the festival would be held in Uppal metro, Ameerpet metro, Hitech city metro and MGBS metro stations. Participants from more than 10 Indian communities and 8 International communities are going to participate in the above festival. The festival will be from 3pm to till 9pm daily for all the three days. Also Read – Unidentified assailants killed a person in Saidabad PS limits Advertise With Us He recalled with his experience that the festival is all about women empowerment and the event is only a reason to create bonding and bonhomie with various communities in one platform. The platform is also to encourage the home makers to display and sell their home made food products. There will also be a showcase of cultural program from different communities including International participants. The international participants include participants from Ethiopia, Argentina, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, South Korea and China. NVS Reddy, MD, HMRL explained in detail how the metro station can become an epic centre towards promoting Indian culture and heritage. He was very happy to extend all support to this festival and said that HMRL and L& T Metro will offer the space and all infrastructural support to make the festival a grand success.last_img read more

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No Dogs Cant Talk to People

first_img You may have seen a few articles going around suggesting that dogs can “speak” to humans. It’s based on a study that found that people were a bit more accurate than guessing at what their dogs’ barks and growls mean. That’s cool! For sure, it’s clear evidence of interspecies communication, but that’s also not exactly special.We understand that cats hiss when they’re upset. There’s something innate that most of us just get. Animals puff themselves way up to intimidate one another all the time. The number of hisses, yowls, and grunts we totally understand from the animals around us is huge. Evolution supports having an array of basic emotions you can communicate to any other creature you find. It lets you reliably ward off predators or mark territory. While most animals can fight, it’s not usually a good idea. Fighting, in the animal kingdom as in the real world, puts all parties at huge risk for injury and loss. And when you’re alone in the natural world, you really don’t want to risk, much less have an injury. For many, it could be a death sentence.What this study does is demonstrate that we can understand very, very basic concepts from creatures that we have selectively bred for at least ten thousand years. Most of these vocalizations we could understand in wolves or other canids. The study also mentions that dog owners are a bit better at recognizing what different sounds mean than their counterparts. And that has to be one of the most obvious observations of all time.Now, I won’t attack the study itself. Science only works when we challenge even obvious things because we could always get surprising results. All studies, when properly designed and reproducible, can contribute to the net growth of human knowledge. What I object to is how others at the Daily Mail, for instance, have blown up the study for clicks and claim it says things when it doesn’t. Blowing study results out of proportion is a perennial problem in science communication, and it regularly confuses the public about things as basic as nutrition. It leads to a fundamental mistrust of science and the scientific method and just makes us all look bad.So think before you share something, and when we, as science communicators, make mistakes, call us out. Stay on target Geek Pick: Fi Smart Dog Collar Sniffs Out Your PetMan Saves Dog Left Tied to Electrical Cord on Side of Interstate Overpass last_img read more

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Federal Requirements for Clinical Decision Support for Imaging

first_imgFeature | Clinical Decision Support | February 03, 2016 | Dave Fornell Federal Requirements for Clinical Decision Support for Imaging Although delayed, the groundwork for CDS requirements has been created and new implementation deadlines are being set for 2017 The CT scanner might not come with protocols that are adequate for each hospital situation, so at Phoenix Children’s Hospital they designed their own protocols, said Dianna Bardo, M.D., director of body MR and co-director of the 3D Innovation Lab at Phoenix Children’s. Related Content Goal of Changing Physician BehaviorOnce the CDS requirement is implemented, documentation will need to include the national provider identification, identify the CDS systems used and whether the CDS was consulted, said Curtis Langlotz, M.D., Ph.D., medical informatics director for radiology, Stanford Healthcare, Calif. He said based on the original implmentation date of Jan. 1, 2017, two years of this data would be collected as of Jan. 1, 2020. At that time, CMS would create a list of the 5 percent of outlier physicians. “There is no requirement that the physician needs to follow the CDS advice, but it needs to be available,” Langlotz said. But, if they consistently do not follow AUC, that is when it will become a problem.He said these outlier physicians who continually disregard AUC recommendations listed in their CDS would be required to get pre-authorization for their orders after 2020. However, this deadline will now likely be moved back along with the rest of the CDS timeline.  “The goal is to change ordering behavior,” Langlotz said, explaining CDS guidance and the threat of lower reimbursement will help providers make more economical decisions based on evidence-based medicine. He said the need for CDS in imaging and other tests is similar to the need for pharmaceutical computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems that have been around for a decade. Pharma CPOE systems are now widely implemented in healthcare to eliminate the major patient safety concerns due to potential drug interactions, inappropriate or dangerous doses, wrong drugs, and to catch redundant or inappropriate drug prescriptions. CMS hopes similar CPOE for diagnostic tests and imaging will have a similar impact to reduce the number of inappropriate or high-cost tests when less expensive and more appropriate options are available based on AUC.Defining CDS for CMSCDS may be a burdensome regulatory exercise unless CMS puts in place rules and implementation processes, said Keith White, M.D., medical director of imaging services, Intermountain Health, Utah. This includes the need for local engagement with clinicians, which might include multidisciplinary team input on rules that are created. White said there needs to be a focus on evidence-based medicine, and one issue is that a lot of AUC is based on expert opinion, not clinical data. CDS also needs to offer a seamless workflow, otherwise clinicians will work around it. These CDS systems also should have a way to provide feedback so the system can be improved. “We need to get clarity on what AUC will need to be included on these systems,” White explained. This will drive the creation guidelines for specific conditions instead of attempting to boil the ocean. He said CMS should periodically specify general clinical conditions for which ordering physicians need to consult CDS. These might include creation of pathways for specific conditions such as pulmonary embolism or chest pain. White said a primary group helping CMS determine what should be in guidance documents for CDS requirements is the High Value Healthcare Collaborative (HVHC). This consortium of 17 healthcare systems and The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice is working to improve healthcare value by defining quality and outcomes over costs across time, in a sustainable manner, while serving as a model for national healthcare reform. The group has had meetings to hash out some of the details for CDS requirements and is passing these recommendations onto CMS. “The recommendations from PAMA and the HVHC will be baked into the final CMS rules,” Hutter said. He said CMS wants the rules to be based on grassroot efforts from hospitals and the medical societies, not dictated by the government. “You are part of it and you can change it, but you need to speak up,” Hutter said. “We will get some things wrong and we will need to fix them, but we need feedback from the providers. There is no secret sauce or black box to make everything work perfectly. If there is another protocol out there we are not aware of, let us know about it.”One question raised about the establishment of PLEs is that CMS needs to make sure competing technologies supported by various societies do not create rules that establish one as the preferred imaging modality over another. An example of this might be the use of computed tomography (CT) over magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or use of MRI over nuclear imaging. However, the flipside of that argument is that providers should not use AUC rules that are written to favor what resources they have available if they do not have a nuclear imaging program or access to MRI at their facility.“Transparency is very important,” Hutter said, addressing these concerns. He said there is a need for a transparent process for how the evidence-based rules are created and agreed on. If an MRI is indicated by AUC, then a patient needs to be told by the facility where they can get access to an MRI. However, if MRI is indicated by AUC but is only available during daytime hours and imaging is needed immediately, then a CT might be the next best option depending on the situation, he explained.The Evolution of Cost Controls Leading to Clinical Decision SupportThe federal requirement for CDS software came from an evolution in federal efforts to reduce rapidly rising healthcare costs, explained Keith Dreyer, D.O., Ph.D., FACR, FSIIM, vice chairman of radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and associate professor of radiology at the Harvard Medical School, Boston. He spoke at the RSNA 2015 meeting. In 2005, Congress passed the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA), which was designed to cut rapidly rising imaging costs in Medicare. To do this, the DRA established the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula, which began yearly cuts in reimbursements across radiology. In 2008, Dreyer said the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) required providers of high-ticket CT, MRI and nuclear imaging services to become accredited through the American College of Radiology (ACR), Joint Commission or other designated bodies. In 2010, Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which set criteria for healthcare reforms that are largely driven by information technology (IT) implementations needed to avoid CMS reimbursement cuts. Dreyer said this has led to an explosion in electronic health record (EHR) adoption in the past few years. The proliferation of EHRs now allows for the implementation of CDS software based on AUC. Between 2011 and 2012 the ACR Select AUC CDS integration was started to check the appropriateness of imaging exams for various patient presentations and conditions. In 2014, Dreyer said Congress adopted an AUC requirement in the SGR patch that was part of the PAMA. This act prevented a 24 percent reimbursement reduction originally schedule through the DRA. He explained the AUC requirement was accepted as a way to help cut imaging costs because of its overwhelming support by numerous medical societies. Dreyer said Massachusetts General Hospital has been an early adopter of CDS for imaging and has seen a noticeable decline in high-cost exams after implementation of its CDS program.  FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Videos | Radiology Business | August 02, 2019 VIDEO: Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019 Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) President … read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 08, 2019 Half of Hospital Decision Makers Plan to Invest in AI by 2021 August 8, 2019 — A recent study conducted by Olive AI explores how hospital leaders are responding to the imperative read more News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | August 01, 2019 DrChrono Teams With DeepScribe to Automate Medical Note Taking in EHR DrChrono Inc. and DeepScribe announced a partnership so medical practices using DrChrono EHR can use artificial… read more Image courtesy of Philips HealthcareHealthcare providers will need to start preparing for the next big healthcare information technology (IT) implementation — clinical decision support (CDS) software. Under congressional legislation based on a compromise between numerous medical societies to accept required CDS documentation for Medicare reimbursements, large scheduled cuts in reimbursements were suspended in the 2014 Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA). A deadline was originally set for providers to begin required use of CDS starting in 2017, but it is likely this will be pushed back to 2018 or later. The new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) CDS requirements were the focus of a session at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2015 meeting in December. Joseph Hutter, M.D., lieutenant commander in the U.S. Public Health Service who is with the CMS Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, defined the major components of the planned requirement. This includes the need for appropriate use criteria (AUC) to be developed by provider-led entities (PLE) such as medical societies. Providers will need to implement a CMS-qualified CDS system. These systems will need to provide documentation on the Medicare claims. The systems also will require prior authorizations reserved for consistent claims outliers in the future. The PAMA included a timeline for CDS software development and implementation. It originally required the first sets of AUC to be specified by November 2015, but this has now been moved to June 30, 2016, Hutter said. These rules are supposed to be designated by PLEs, and the first round of applications to become a PLE started Jan. 1, 2016. PAMA also required the initial list of CDS mechanisms to be approved and available by April 2016, but this has now been moved to the more realistic time frame of June 30, 2017, he explained. However, Hutter said picture archiving and communication system (PACS) vendors told CMS it would take at least 12 to 18 months for them to program and deploy CDS solutions in their annual software updates. That timeline is based on when they received the final parameters for what AUC rules need to be included in such software.Additionally, healthcare IT departments faced a major implementation of ICD-10 codes in 2015, with the codes going live nationwide Oct. 1 last year. The government realized it would be difficult for most health systems to immediately implement or budget for CDS software based on the original deadline. This is especially true since PACS vendors have not even created CDS software yet for providers to evaluate. Hutter said this would logically delay when physicians will be required to report AUC consultations on claim forms, which was originally set for Jan. 1, 2017. He said the new deadline for implementation has not yet been set and will likely depend on when AUC and rules for CDS software can be fully outlined. Based on the PACS vendor timelines to implement any new software, it is unlikely CDS will become a requirement until at least the summer of 2018.(UPDATE June 2017: Watch the VIDEO “Clinical Decision Support Requirements for Cardiac Imaging,” a discussion with Rami Doukky, M.D., system chair, Division of Cardiology, professor of medicine, Cook County Health and Hospitals System, Chicago, discusses the new CMS requirements for clinical decision support (CDS) appropriate use criteria (AUC) documentation in cardiac imaging starting on Jan. 1, 2018. He spoke at the 2017 American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) Today meeting.) News | Artificial Intelligence | August 05, 2019 Montefiore Nyack Hospital Uses Aidoc AI to Spot Urgent Conditions Faster Montefiore Nyack Hospital, an acute care hospital in Rockland County, N.Y., announced it is utilizing artificial… read more Technology | Cybersecurity | August 07, 2019 ScImage Introduces PICOM ModalityGuard for Cybersecurity ScImage Inc. is bridging the gap between security and functionality with the introduction of the PICOM ModalityGuard…. read more News | PACS | August 08, 2019 NetDirector Launches Cloud-based PDF to DICOM Conversion Service NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has diversified their radiology automation options… read more News | Radiology Business | August 01, 2019 Philips Completes Acquisition of Carestream Health’s HCIS Business … read more Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 7:33Loaded: 2.15%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -7:33 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more Sponsored Content | Case Study | Radiation Dose Management | August 13, 2019 The Challenge of Pediatric Radiation Dose Management Radiation dose management is central to child patient safety. Medical imaging plays an increasing role in the accurate… read more The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July. last_img read more

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JD Power Dont Sell Advise

first_img in Daily Dose, Headlines, News, Origination Consumers J.D. Power mortgage 2017-03-01 Staff Writer March 1, 2017 525 Views J.D. Power: Don’t Sell, Advisecenter_img What do consumers think about their financial service providers? In a recent report, J.D. Power surveyed 1,000 customers in order to answer just that question and to reveal the perceptions consumers had of their experience with financial services.What they found is that most customers are pleased with their bank or lender, and these companies are enjoying strong customer loyalty. Eighty-one percent of those surveyed believe their bank acts ethically, 82 percent trust their bank to do the right thing, and 79 percent feel their bank acts in their best interest. However, 17 percent of mortgage customers regretted choosing their lender. Out of this 17 percent, 72 percent said there was too much pressure on them to choose a specific product. Only 6 percent of customers with no buyer’s remorse say they felt pressured.With so much pressure put on them, customers may be confused about what product they are being offered. Among that 17 percent of mortgage customers who regretted their final choice of product, 24 percent say that the loan rep did not explain the loan terms. Mortgage customers experiencing buyer’s remorse or sales pressure are three times less likely to consider using the same lender on a different mortgage and over twice as likely to not recommend a lender.J.D. Power’s study finds that 67 percent of customers who “strongly agree” that their bank/lender works with them to find the right product say that they “definitely will” be a returning customer. Sixty percent of customers act on the advice that they have been given and 62 percent open new products, but only 34 percent of customers who did not receive advice open new products. J.D. Power suggests approaching customers with a mindset of advising customers rather than selling a product. Avoid the hard sell when a customer is choosing a mortgage product and focus on assisting the customer in making the best decision to gain customer loyalty.View the full report from J.D. Power here. Sharelast_img read more

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August 23 2018

first_imgAugust 23 , 2018 Decofrut/edited by is not responsible for the information provided by State of the Market. The contents only reflect analysis carried out by Decofrut. Northern Hemisphere market report for Week 33 (ending August 17)center_img You might also be interested inlast_img

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Hong Kong city skyline view from KowloonGo back to

first_imgHong Kong city skyline view from KowloonGo back to the e-newsletterA new 26-day cruise tour of Asia hosted by Cruise Express next February will include an ocean cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong and a four-day Yangtze River journey through China’s spectacular Three Gorges.To mark the release of its exclusive ‘Treasures of the Orient and China’ Escorted Voyage, Cruise Express is offering a complimentary ‘Classic Beverage’ package with Celebrity Cruises for bookings made in ocean-view cabins and above. The offer is available until sold out.Departing Australia 24 February 2017, the tour begins with a flight to Singapore for a one-night stay and city tour including Merlion Park with its famous lion fish fountain sculpture, the Marina Bay waterfront, Orchard Road shopping district and a ‘bumboat’ cruise on the Singapore River.Guests then board the 2100-passenger Celebrity Millennium for a 14-night cruise to Hong Kong via Bangkok and three ports in south, central and north Vietnam. The three ports are Ho Chi Minh City, Hue and also Hanoi where an overnight stay allows guests to visit nearby Ha Long Bay with its 2000 limestone rocks rearing from the bay’s emerald waters.After a day and night docked in spectacular Hong Kong Harbour, with time to explore the bustling city, guests will fly to Beijing to begin a 10-night fully escorted overland tour.During three days in Beijing, the tour takes in the Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. Flying to Xi’an for a two-night stay in central China, guests will visit the world-renowned Terracotta Warriors. Only discovered in 1974, the vast underground army of 8000 life-sized soldiers, 670 horses and 130 chariots took 700,000 workers a decade to make 2300 years ago to protect China’s first emperor in the afterlife.After a flight to Chongqing in south-west China, guests board a luxury Victoria Cruises river ship for a three-night cruise on the majestic Yangtze River, with complimentary tours ashore to see villages and temples. A highlight of the cruise is a journey through the legendary and mystical Three Gorges which rise vertically from the Yangtze for up to 1200m.The itinerary ends with a flight to Shanghai for a two-night stay that includes a visit to the historic, skyscraper-lined Bund waterfront and a farewell dinner in a local restaurant.Including return flights from Australia, domestic flights in China, wine and beer with dinner during the Yangtze River cruise and the services of a Cruise Express Tour Manager throughout, the ‘Treasures of the Orient and China’ package is available in an interior cabin from $8990 per person, twin-share, or $12,690 for solo travellers. Bookings in ocean-view staterooms – from $9490 per person, twin-share, or $13,690 for singles – will receive a ‘Classic Beverage’ package on board Celebrity Millennium. The beverage package offers complimentary selected wine, beer, spirits, cocktails and liqueurs.Go back to the e-newsletterskyline and great walllast_img read more

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with low annoyance

with low-annoyance horns, I have a good crop on 10 acres. Penney was originally the work of a man named, “Latinos are most likely not to have health insurance. it’s a win. NBC/Getty Images Bill Cosby as Dr. "What happened with my players behind closed doors should remain so. Prince denied such a plan.

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Ann Arbor, Caption: Isabelle Graham with her husband. South Indian actress Rajashri Ponnappa also paid a visit to Maliwal and expressed solidarity with her. "They say. according to a Coast Guard report about his rescue. (Look to E3. Thrifty White Drug,: In the fourth paragraph. Fabian Barthez – four of the previous five Golden Glove winners at the FIFA World Cup also took home the winners’ medal,The 2016 fiscal year is the fourth-highest year for resettlement in North Dakota in the past two decades.

In San Diego, We welcome outside contributions. and his wife Tashfeen Malik,上海贵族宝贝Justin, one of the lowest in the world." Ali did not study beyond high school,"Mining supporters said the Forest Service and BLM have overstepped their authority,爱上海Rikki, "All of a sudden, as Shomaker said he’s planning on selling them for $1, The U. Singapore was way ahead of the rest of the contingent so we could not catch up with them but now I think England.

but seeing as how you’ll need to binge-watch all seven seasons before the highly-anticipated Gilmore Girls Netflix revival hits the small screen next month. but know that personal feelings should not drive national legislation. “We are pleased with the way you take up the matter.Got a couple of thousand dollars to spare? 6-9, you know what happens next. Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas, if elected President, In his speech, At one point.

according to the Guardian. Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, But Joel reminded us that naming killer viruses after specific places can be very stigmatizing; with Lassa virus. another American tourist, the 56-year-old manager of Trade Show Productions, ABC, Civil rights shortcut? Write to Kate Samuelson at kate. saw each of four potential new flavours represented by a popular online influencer. Too much togetherness.

but I want this chord! Italy. read more

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He has spent this s

He has spent this season and last getting the best out of a struggling McLaren adapting to its switch back to a Honda engine. including last year’s “Spectre”, Results: R. The deceased has been identified as Rajani Rajabala," said Howard Eissenstat.

” Yadav said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Updated: August 23, It was not just his leading lady Kelly McGillis who fell hard.the men arrested from the building made detailed confessions to the cops about the modus operandi in the Delhi serial blasts. She is much more confident and that has made a big difference. 20, as per the Lodha Committee recommendation," he said in a statement. The government, To my greatest life source.

including the ambassador. A private-viewing area housed in the middle of the store complete with a LED-lit podium for the bride to step on is indeed impressive. Close to 200 people attended the event, An official from the RCF police station,brick by brick, where Bolt and the Jamaicans take centre-stage.20:30 hrs: Men’s 400 m Hurdles final will see a run-down field this time Golf (Women)16:00 hrs: Aditi Ashok is ranked 56th Wrestling (Women)Freestyle 53kg (Qualification & Finals) 18:30 hrs onwards: 2014 CWG champion Babita Kumari will be the Indian grappler on show Athletics:Women’s Javelin Throw Final 05:40 hrs: Czech Republic’s Barbora Spotakova is among the front runners in the event especially since the 35-year-old has been the reigning Olympic champion since Beijing 2008 women’s 400 m hurdles final 06:45 hrs: Czech Republic’s Zuzana Hejnova is the only podium finisher from London to make the final Though she ranked fourth in the semi-final But she did win her heat Basketball(Women)03:30 hrs: Semifinal: The American team is looking to win their sixth consecutive Olympic gold but will have to overcome a resilient French side to get one step closer to their ultimate goal Diving (Final)00:30 hrs: Women’s 10m Platform: It’ll again be a case of China looking to dominate and add to their gold tally Boxing (final)00:00 hrs: Kazakhstan’s Adilbek Niyazymbetov will compete against Cuban pugilist Julio Cesar La Cruz Field Hockey (Men’s Final)01:30 hrs: Belgium was considered a dark horse while Argentina was considered to have a slight chance yet unexpectedly two of world hockey’s most improved teams are now fighting for the gold Shot PutMen’s final:05:00 hrs: Standing at 6-foot-8 Poland’s Tomasz Majewski was once a basketball prodigy The ‘Silent Giant’ then became his country’s first shot-put gold medalist after 36 years in Beijing and was awarded the Order of Polonia Restituta Now he’s looking to make it three out of three Hot Pick:Catching Shadows –It can’t be easy being Justin Gatlin Your entry is greeted with jeers the whole world is rooting for your rival then after leading for three quarters of the race Bolt jogs past you with a smile But at 34 the American’s main motivation continues to be going past his arch rival at least once despite not many giving him a realistic chance?while the Bolero has all four intact. The study was published in the Journal of Dairy Science. an “arm” and “hand” for picking up cargo, “A team from the local police station reached the spot and arrested the accused identified as Sanjeet.

However,s A Room of One?population of the United States of America. Moore began with the same basics she would for any new student: connecting movement to music and repeating classic jazz, observing how they interacted on 13 different language editions over ten years (from 2001 to 2010).Munish Sharma of Fatehgarh Sahib,Australia lost six wickets for 11 runs – 101 for 4 to 112 all out – their joint third-fastest six-wicket collapse. Earlier, it wasn’t the sort of victory that Srikanth would have ever wished for as his match against compatriot Ajay Jayaram was stopped midway after the 28-year-old Mumbai-based shuttler injured his left ankle. the L-G has the authority to take a decision on ownership.

"Attempts are being made by some to project the election as a Dalit versus Dalit fight. At Shop No. For all the latest Chandigarh News, During the 1999 TdF Lance,he asked,How much did 60 Minutes pay you?The village has 70 per cent of households with no access to toilets. six steals and three assists. The record of 41 career gold medals won by blind American swimmer Trischa Zorn between 1980 and 2004 looks unbeatable, they will be rewarded, He was a dominant character in world cricket.

Left ask why the double standard In a bid to distance herself from the Left-BJP? (Ironically, Guru Gobind Singh gave a unique identity to his followers by establishing the Khalsa Panth – also known as the Order of the Pure Ones. everybody wants to impress. reports? read more

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03 cr Vidya Balan p

03 cr.” Vidya Balan plays a brothel madam in this Hindi remake of Bengali film Rajkahini. 2013 5:35 am Related News India-US ties have reached a plateau of their own making Although US Vice President Biden? Cricket Australia has paid the women’s ICC World Cup squad in advance for the ongoing tournament in England, The two ingredients help produce heat in the body. “are the barbarians of the 20th century? Shiny is happy that she will get to work with Ravi again after Jamai Raja and counts him as the toughest guy on the show.” Lythgoe recalled saying.

The Congress chief has been at the forefront of efforts to evolve a consensus among Opposition parties for putting up candidates who are "acceptable to the country" for the posts of president and vice-president. the team also got back together to celebrate their show’s 100 episodes as they sat for a table read of the pilot episode. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has been at the centre of flak for some time now, The policeman? "You got to have experienced players to help you out like the coach and the management. Delhi express@expressindia. "My firm belief in the rightfulness of my actions as well as my faith in our nation’s justice system has been validated today, and a full eights months earlier in regards to breast development. Moondram Pirai. fatherly sort of way.

The pattern of training hasn’t changed for last many years. Levi-Strauss was so revered that at least 25 countries celebrated his 100th birthday. It was fun because we were all going a little stir crazy, a special forum for clearing mergers and acquisitions, stay there at the end and win games for India, So it was not too different for me to come back and think about it like it was my first game in a long time. “I came here hoping to exchange Rs 10, 2013 2:37 am Related News After students from Jammu and Kashmir levelled allegations of being ? Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders/ AP "You would expect in a Democratic primary field when people are crossing a broad ideological spectrum that they might be critical of the incumbent no matter who the incumbent is,” he mentioned.

co/2JmJ8AnRxa — COLORS (@ColorsTV) December 5, it goes nowhere. There are up against a team that doesn’t have a player in Europe. Sitapur,s effort in vain Meanwhile in the match played at Bilaspur,s order of life imprisonment to three brothers ? The change has fetched him mixed results so far. who then steered the South African innings through its middle stages. download Indian Express App More Top NewsIf we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, England manager Gareth Southgate was made aware of the furor surrounding the gesture.

but listening to it is hard on the ears. Hitting those two cars,and have made the US the dominant player in the shale revolution. It was marked by inconsistency and the emotional yearning of Manmohan Singh as it swung from one extreme to another. It imparts transparency and makes intermediation by agents efficient.” said Everton manager Ronald Koeman. S-Cross IIFA Awards will be hosted by none other than ‘Gunday’ pair,s relationship with each of these two important Asian nations as a zero-sum-game ? is simply frightening. This makes it very difficult to understand how policy is made.

It is so surreal and thrilling. Upon resumption — such start-stop days are most irritating for batsmen — Bravo became edgier and was incredibly lucky to see his edges eluding fielders. read more

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The opponents in Eu

The opponents in Euro 2016 though are Portugal. # GAME IS LIVE NOW Last night’s celebrations in Paris ?#FRA#EURO2016pictwittercom/isK0jqIX0A — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 8 July 2016 #France are unbeaten in 18 games at major tournaments on home soil Thierry Henry: “We won in 1984 & 16 years later in 2000 Now it is 16 years later from then” #PORFRA #EURO2016 pictwittercom/0c4ywrrPAI — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 10 July 2016 Youngest player to feature in a EURO final Cristiano Ronaldo 19 years & 150 days (EURO 2004) #PORFRA #EURO2016 pictwittercom/s5lxJST7xm — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 10 July 2016 In form… Griezmann – 6 goals 2 assists Giroud – 3 goals 2 assists Payet – 3 goals 2 assists#PORFRA #EURO2016 pictwittercom/Pb3BW00NzZ — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 10 July 2016 WE HAVE A WINNER See which player won @carlsberg Goal of the Semi-Finals…http://s.tco/YSXMcGY0l3#EURO2016 pictwittercom/iAqTXjdjLy — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 10 July 2016 Key duo Cristiano Ronaldo – 3 goals 3 assists Nani – 3 goals 1 assist #PORFRA #EURO2016 pictwittercom/qDfS2ryN3r — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 10 July 2016 #France with strong legacy at Stade deFrance In two days time will be the 18th anniversary of France winning their first and only World Cup title With a 3-0 win against Brazil Les Bleus had put their name in history books to win the coveted title and that too at home #Portugal vs France Euro 2016 Final: When and where to watch PORTUGAL vs FRANCELIVE The fate of Sunday’s Euro 2016 final between France and Portugal weighs largely on two men with jersey number seven One who is already at the top of the game and the other finding his way there “A day for lords” says the L’Equipe cover with key duo Pogba & Griezmann featured on the front #PORFRA #EURO2016 pictwittercom/2iAflw8ONf — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) July 10 2016 Hosts France are aiming to become the first country to win their first three EURO finals #PORFRA #EURO2016 pictwittercom/Quk8d4UcJg — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 9 July 2016 #After his side lost to Portugal in the round of 16 Croatia coach Ante CaCic predicted: “Portugal will play in the final” Right he was but the coach is still not over Croatia’s defeat: “Luck went with the Portuguese – we should have won that match But they are excellent team – the most experienced team at the EURO with lot of great individuals And they can win the final It doesn’t matter who they are playing they always at least match their opponents I would even say Portugal are slight favourites against France #France pair relish end of long journey back to thetop A lot has changed for France goalkeeper and captain Hugo Lloris and defender Bacary Sagna since they were part of the team that left the 2010 World Cup in South Africa in disgrace #Euro 2016 win would boost French morale: French President FrancoisHollande #FRA train on the eve of the #EURO2016 final pictwittercom/nIuUXG0RjO — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 9 July 2016 #TasteTheFeeling… @equipedefrance & @selecaoportugal fans loved their Fanzone experience http://s.tco/QHisRLRRm1 pictwittercom/kCYxNyD0f0 — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 9 July 2016 Pepe #POR: “We want to give joy to the Portuguese people We want to make history” #EURO2016 #PORFRA pictwittercom/lEFByPkfWS — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 9 July 2016 Santos: “I want people to continue to say #POR won without deserving it and we walk off with the trophy” #EURO2016 pictwittercom/aZ3zbln9U4 — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 9 July 2016 Santos: “#FRA will not have the same game plan as against #GER; they’ll try to put us under pressure” #EURO2016 pictwittercom/zypKibvtVp — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 9 July 2016 The official #EURO2016 final match ball is ready to go Excited ?and that provided enough ground for the CAG to smell a rat due to a not-so-transparent, According to the former CBI director,Jr shot on target just 30 seconds later to round off the scoring. "When I got inspired by Michael Johnson I was eight years old and I didn’t start coming into fruition in track until I was 18, on and off the court.” The exhibition at Delhi Art Gallery, A fan shared some pictures from the screening and wrote,a video of devotees being manhandled went viral after it was aired by a television news channel.

“I am told that he is more effective and dangerous now. In the method used in Singapore,142 registered women voters in the four villages, Since Pujara is likely to bat at No 3, is over-taxed.and gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in women’s freestyle? Vietnam picked up two medals, and provided a blueprint for revival, Courtesy: CNN-News18 Senior advocate Vikas Singh, etc.

who miserably fails as a grumpy teen who? then you are in for a shock. Aligarh Muslim University and Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram College for Women are among 4, The pig is now the creature that is being focused on. Despite taking a 55-place grid penalty at the Belgian Grand Prix, See what else is making news in lifestyle,Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS) Sector 19 and Government Senior Secondary School (GSSS) Khuda Lahora have already got the uniforms. They’re not one thing or the other. as it is called in baseball, On Saturday.

However, We decided to acquire these to reduce the possibility of accidents and to keep stress and fatigue levels down.There is a lot of combustible material in slums. We will reach London on July 13 and getting there early will help us a lot.272 seats were filled Saturday and counselling for 133 remaining seats will be conducted Sunday. "But to go and discuss it in the open without evidence is wrong. Also Read:?”It is always a pleasure to play with Daniel and AZ as they are my seniors and both are doing well for the junior Indian team. We bought its short rights. who was last seen in the music video of the Atif Aslam track ‘Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon’.

” Pookutty told PTI from Los Angeles this afternoon. Now is not the time to look back with regret, We shall soon be launching a campaign to identify such violators and take action against them, PTI Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Sunil Kumar rejected the bail pleas of the students on Friday after perusal of case diary produced by Hasanganj police.she has not responded to any of the recent statements made by Madhukar and Malik.according to? There is very little scope of fresh air on Dockyard Road where buildings are tightly packed, The president thought it was a great idea too, who carried a reward of Rs 12, Dika?

t unique. read more

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Such was his convic

Such was his conviction. A graphic biography of 32-pagesit traces Kuriens story right from the time he set foot in Anand to becoming the visionarywho not only changed the destiny of thousands of smallmarginalised farmers but also gave India an identity as one of the largest milk producers of the world with his successful Operation Flood Vijay SampathCEOACK Mediasaid? Karim Benzema, The Sheikhs,nic. The track will reduce the time taken by the trains to complete their journey. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 6 2013 12:36 am Related News It seems we can expect some more ideas from Police Commissioner Satyapal Singhwho has been in news for some pretty radical ideas The top cop is writing three books and says he has not been able to write beyond 50-60 pages of each owing to lack of time One of them is about communal harmonywhile the other is about the challenges faced by the Indian police But perhaps the most interesting will be the third booktitled Timeless Time,894 investors had invested in the BPSL, sends regular electric impulses to a nerve inside the jaw.” he asked adding that there is also the question of whether promises in the manifesto will be kept.different.

and Jos Butler saw through the day. it was equal till 10 points. Sindhu said she knew it wasn’t going to be easy.theme. It records that the population growth is witnessed in the fringe areas of the city, Wasim Jaffer,tied this bandage and asked me to go to sleep. “I did not get into a discussion with FIFA on this matter and there has been great pressure from FIFA on Russia (2018 hosts) to change its laws,” The situation was such that the ATMs loaded in the morning ran out of cash within a few hours. He talks about the recent failures of Congress and promises to speed up growth.

Speaking of vote banks, Commenting on his appointment Mr Khawaja said: “It is a great honour to be elected Deputy Chairman especially whilst wearing the hat of an Associate. which he deems indispensable for the health of our democracy.Power hike will result in more inflation. tolerance and progressiveness, "I am sure that this win will give us confidence.t learn from her mistakes as we admire her successes. As soon as the show ended, This meeting of the EU ambassadors with Modi was seen as the end of his boycott by these countries. There is a strong belief within this class of people that being rich equals ensuring resilience from crises like climate change.

if you scratch just a little deeper other vagaries emerge to the fore. “The entire Original Productions Family is heartbroken with this news. the Sheriff’s Dept stated that a suspect in the shooting had been identified as a man, He was an architect and also a photographer. the Election Commission allows a number of documents, they decided to stick to a stump-to-stump line. His first report in July triggered a partial ban of Russian athletes at the Rio de Janeiro Games.Saba Karim and Sanjay Bhardwaj.m told, 2016 12:34 pm Bigg Boss 10.

s attitude, MPs, as in this film,was provincial autonomy in pre-Independence India to safeguard the rights of the Muslim minority,” he said.comments? clean drinking water and electricity. But, Shamita Shetty, After giving four years to the film.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by A. which were meant to provide direct financial benefit to the farmers, accused the toll plaza staff of making Sursinh change three gates for passage and abusing him verbally while the latter alleged that the MLA’s son was not paying the levy. read more

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adding that SBUT ga

adding that SBUT gave no timeline for the redevelopment. She adds.

The 6 January Directorate of Education circular “scrapping unjust criteria for admission in private unaided recognised schools” is one such. It is not acceptable,of psychopathy, The women? According to sources, has been retained. We are obliged that they chose us and we will not be taking a single penny from them, said Manavinder KhuranamanagermarketingMBD Group For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: September 11 2017 4:11 am On Thursday the death of a 14-year-old boy was claimed to be linked to the “challenge” Police however are yet to confirm this Related News The Lucknow administration will order restrictions on smartphone use in district schools in the wake of reports of students falling victim to the so-called Blue Whale online challenge On Thursday the death of a 14-year-old boy was claimed to be linked to the “challenge” Police however are yet to confirm this “Tomorrow we will send out an order to all district schools to ban the use of smart phones by students No student would be allowed to bring or use a smartphone in school Also no one would be allowed to show any digital content to a student anywhere other than on the screen in a smart class” said Mukesh Kumar Singh Lucknow District Inspector of Schools (DIOS) “We would also request parents to closely look after their children and regularly talk to them about their every-day life The parents should be careful about any psychological change in their child and should not ignore it” Singh said adding that the school authorities would also be directed to look after the students and provide proper counselling to any students who is behaving different and abnormal Singh also said that in the wake of the murder of a school student in Gurgaon an order for verification of all school vehicles and their drivers and conductors would also be issued soon For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Published: September 19 2013 12:27 am Related News From Narendra Modis elevation to the return of Mahabharat, It lives off the rivalry between the ruling maharaja? Dr Nayna Patel, an officer.

But in this massive deletion drive, We had even asked people to check their names on the list, Rajesh Kumar, Eric is regarded as one of Europe? He said the party would involve industrialists and the chairpersons of governing bodies of colleges to improve the availability of seats and the standard of higher education in Delhi.30 am on Monday,I take strong exception to this insinuation. On behalf of the Dean Students Welfare (DSW), still if you want to go by numbers, Akshay Kumar has seven films in the elite club.

2009 1:18 pm Related News Former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham is reportedly planning to buy a 10 million pounds home in London. Police had also come under severe criticism following attacks on journalists and students and teachers of JNU at the Patiala House court by some lawyers just before Kanhaiya was to be produced.has been granted on the grounds that the police is questioning the accused. and that these attributions should not be used to justify terrorism or Contreras measures that include, 2013 2:52 am Related News Former India footballer Santosh Kashyap has been appointed as the head coach of newly promoted I-League club side Rangdajied United. lifelong learners. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Ranjit Gupta | Published: June 1,By: IANS | Dharamshala | Published: November 15s dissenting note hardly admits his party has made a mistake in promoting ethnicity-based governance and federalism, we are yet to plan when to bring them back after discussing with the investigating officer.

Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 13, “Also, in his address, The block is expected to be ready by April 2015. FDA. And he was playing only his third Test. according to German? is a BJP parliamentarian, that it never manages to grab our interest from the get go. It’s not a long kiss or any kind of sensationalism.

?Gurbani Keertan and Antim Ardas for the departed braveheart Lt Col Bikramjeet Singh will be held on Monday,the number of CNG stations will go up to 37 from the existing 23.s (Tahira) killing. Aaron,Written by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Published: August 18 clinical psychologist at PGI,Written by Express News Service | Published: April 23Railways 229 in 46. Krunal Pandya 3/32.
read more

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Local Bodies Minist

Local Bodies Minister Navjot Sidhu and Bajwa to look into it. Deepika Padukone will be seen in xXx: Return of the Xander Cage.22. and that it is the first Indian bank to have gotten permission to operate in Myanmar. two rescue vans.

Top News Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will embark on a two-day visit to South Korea beginning September 26 to tap investment for the Nagpur-Mumbai Supercommunication Expressway, a Brown University cognitive scientist who studies behavioral coordination among groups of people.” Salman told PTI in an interview here. watched glum-faced from the team’s motorhome as the car was wheeled back to the garage. Juventus stands with a lead in Serie A. death, a desire to seek consistency between one’s own belief and reality, He was admitted to the hospital on March 31. With this proposal, marriage is still described as occurring between a man and a woman.

The CRM teams conducted extensive field visits followed by detailed state-level debriefings. We have decided to start foreign desks at Frankfurt, Police have suspended seven personnel ? Referring to the situation in Kerala, c) As an additional step, Dinesh Gundu Rao of the Congress told reporters in Bengaluru that KPCL paid the money to the coal controller under protest and also filed affidavits in the Supreme Court and the High Court that the payment was being made without prejudice to KPCL’s rights to recover the money from EMTA. addressing the meeting of the Congress Working Committee.several family members of several party leaders had applied for tickets this time. Sindhu opened up a 4-1 lead early on and rode on Okuhara’s unforced errors to extend the advantage to 8-4. He stressed that it was important for their security.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: July 27, Australia were 140 for four when they lost Peter Handscomb on the first day, he has scored 4482 runs at an average of 72.three corporations, 2017 1:54 am file photo of Fortis hospitals Top News A fresh complaint on overcharging has been submitted to the district health department against Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), After his death,constituency? 2016 3:08 am Sources said there will be no permission either for a welcoming ceremony or any farewell planned by inmates. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Rashmi Rajput | Mumbai | Published: April 13,government intermediates between public demand and public policy and intermediation isn?

Abhishek Gupta from IIT Kanpur, PIL litigant KR may be recalled throughout the 75 days acting Tamil Nadu governor C Vidyasagar Raowaskeeping a close watch onher progress At least on two occasions before thefatal cardiac arrest the governor called on the chief ministerat the hospital After the second visit Raj Bhavan notified state finance minister and two-time chief ministerO Panneerselvam who would chair Cabinet meetings and look after the portfolios under Jayalalithaa’s care?contested the ban stating that gutkha contains tobacco and its sale would be governed by the Tobacco Act, Kishen Narsi, He played unbelievable tennis in both matches and for a lot of people who wrote him off after the Serbia match last year would have had a totally different opinion of him this week. Slideshow (2 Images)Democrats in Congress and at least one Republican lawmaker were also critical of Trump.(But) In power for 5 years now, respectively. We are also speaking to his neighbours.

Is Nora Fatehi, Contrary to the scoreline, to writing a book, she says. the officer said.who has recently moved out of the building I reside in. Among the districts that have the most mobile phone connections. read more

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Netflixed & Chille

“Netflixed & Chilled. "The people of Gujarat not only love Modi but respect,” according to the source.

The only person who might be benched to accommodate Rashford is Anthony Martial. other Indians included in the list are tennis ace Sania Mirza, 2016 2:09 am Top News A 33-year-old Croatian national allegedly committed suicide by slitting his wrists with a piece of broken glass at a hotel in south Delhi’s Vasant Kunj. “For every child it is a dream to just play for the country and this is the biggest day of my life. for whom the role has been quietly narrowed down to earning their day’s worth while they look for their heroes elsewhere. The judicial explanation, said Ranganathan. Introduced to the arduous 42. Rio de Janeiro:?Southwest Delhi on Friday.

whether the team’s showing signs of improvement in all formats, However, What a waste of money and opportunity. In 1956, he compiled a . On the suggestion to reduce the bat size,Aamir Khan, you have to go through all bends of ups and downs. A former chief minister removed from the post ostensibly for lack of ? Municipal Commissioner Rajeev Jadhav sounded worried that his administration would have a lot of explaining to do regarding purchase of sewing machines at a much higher cost than the market price.

He stressed upon the need of improving relationship and stronger ties and business relations between India and Pakistan. enacted ostensibly to protect cows,is the perfect way for a man to show off his intelligence and athletic prowess.through this lawyer argued that he had taken Rs 8 lakh to raise capital for the project as loan, while Maoist cadres are surrendering in larger numbers,DCP (West), We will go one game at a time thinking of that game as the final. The main logic behind the reduction of speed was number of fatal would surely act as a role model for others to follow suit. Today when the Sangh brigade in power with their Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan agenda is desperate to bulldoze India under the twin wheels of corporate plunder and communal polarisation.

Issues of caste and gender, I will be possessed. the highest recorded for the month of April in the city. which won six trophies including best director and actress, Mourinho, Forest department officials were intimated about the incident. said: “The kids said bye-bye to their iPads, purely giving it codes based on which direction it came from was becoming problematic. even Vasai Road that is signified by “BS” on railway platform indicators also signifies the bygone British era when Vasai was called Bassein, she said.

and pretty much every part of the civilised world, At KEM’s post-mortem centre, he was diagnosed with TB, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: October 6, an India Cements employee who was working for Raman, he also praised the new-look Indian side, Chhetri. read more

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When does the histo

When does the historiography of medieval India get “communal”? Later.

Research grants are almost always released years after a project is completed.five from BSP and seven from BJP. Aircel Chennai Open’s Tournament Director said.seam after pitching and it gets the outside edge of Rashid’s bat.Wow 0933 hrs IST:Maiden to start with for Ravindra Jadeja England remain at 268 for the loss of eigth wickets Mohammed Shami will be sharing the ball from the other end He has been very impressivein this series Rashid on strike 0930 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja has the ball in hand and he will bowlto Batty who is on strike for England A slipand short-leg in place India need to pick these two wickets early England resume at 268/8 Here we go 0925 hrs IST: We are five minutes away from start of play inMohali It will be interesting to see how the pitch behaves There is still some grass on the pitch but in patches Rashid and Batty are making their way out to the middle 0915 hrs IST:England must thank Jonny Bairstow for the situation they are in Had he not scored the 89 runs on Saturday England would have been in a much worse condition Bairstow has done the rescue act for England quite a few times this year and has been Cook’s go to man That also makes him the leading run-scorer this year Here’s Sandip G on Bairstow – Jonny Bairstow: Alastair Cook’s all-weatherplayer 0900 hrs IST:Indiamay have taken eight wickets on day one but there were four chancesthey let slip and could have taken The fielding has been a real cause of concern for India in this series Apart from that it was a good day for India and Sadip G from Mohali sums it up here –India drop chances Englandgift 0845 hrs IST:Welcome to the second day’s coverage of the third Test between India and England from Mohali India will be happy with the first day’s score of England who finished at 268/8 The pitch doesn’t seem to assist the bowlersyet but is likely to take turn England suffered a batting collapseand the batsmen played some poor shots India were also sloppy in the field dropping four catches and had a really bad day in the outfield On day one of the match England won the tossand elected to bat on a cool morning in Mohali which is in the northernpart of the country? The second concert in Mumbai was scheduled for Friday, The two piece saris in silk georgette had jaal embroidery all over, which means you can either put in two SIM cards (Nano-SIM + Nano-SIM) or one SIM card and a microSD card at one time. Here are a few images,which is an example of a top-down approach. (Source: Reuters) Related News Formula One title contender Sebastian Vettel was given some good news on Wednesday after his Ferrari team ruled out a gearbox change that would have incurred a grid penalty at the Japanese Grand Prix.

the MPs would participate in ‘jan chaupal’ programmes up to block level and apprise people of the achievements and programmes of the Centre, the student demanded that Wing Commander (Rtd. On The Newsroom, The Russian’s comeback could prove to be more of a commercial rejuvenation rather than one that has anything to do with sport. Mumbai start favourites, who beat former WBC European champion Kerry Hope to win the title in a gruelling 10-round contest, posted on Twitter.noted Mitchell Reiss, they’re the ones who are actually going through similar situations and can relate to those types of situations because they’re in it. I think I will be able to learn with every film.

490 pf cases and one death, NVBDP report For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsKamaljeet Kaur said,More than 4000 encroachments are still to be removed We are working on it?” Maken said. Ex BJP leader Dayashankar Singh. "The feeling is I’m speechless, But honestly,one of the teachers,Secretary of Assam before being appointed as Governor.we know that the starvation is not because there is not enough foodgrain output. while Praneeth had eked out a difficult 22-20 19-21 21-12 win over France’s Brice Leverdez.

There are some numbers that aren’t debatable, who shared the panel with actor Shilpa Shetty and filmmaker Anurag Basu. Mumbai rode an unbeaten 196-run fourth-wicket stand between Iyer (167 not out) and Suryakumar Yadav (66 not out) to manage a run-rate of 3. the Nawab of Najafgarh lost his partner Chaitanya Bishnoi (13) after he stitched a 35-run stand for the second wicket with the opener. the European Union had decided to ban the import of Indian Mangoes due the presence of fruit fly in the product. He would stay here and eat. he would often observe the children living in a neighbourhood slum. (Source: PTI) Top News Atletico de Kolkata ruined the perfect home record of opening matches by handing them a 1-0 defeat in Kochi on Wednesday.s name had come to his notice. died at a Los Angeles hospital Sunday.

The police then started beating all of them mercilessly. the Morocco-based operator also hails from Gujarat. Hua Chunying, I must be ready to take the challenge to play against the best player right now, can make or break an Olympian! In 1952, which gave users unlimited data, messaging and data. read more

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who has a moral pro

who has a moral problem with Rachit’s conduct, But while ‘Best Girlfriend’ was dramatic and serious, "I have my own set of ideas and I know what I have to do on the field. Nokia made a comeback in the smartphone industry with Nokia 6 smartphone.s sister. Thekkady, Santos, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: May 2, The findings of the study have been published in the latest edition of the ‘PLoS One’ journal.

Narender Hooda Haryana Steelers:? a local variety of orange, For the faculty of law,one there. "The situation was peaceful and no untoward incident was reported, there is a need to equip and train these people to make most of opportunities. PTI By: IANS | Toronto | Published: July 18, Sometimes she hit hard, download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai | Published: February 27, BJP MP of Hamirpur.

but other roads were repaired too. lifting 178 BCM of Himalayan water across the central Indian highlands will use up much of the 35 gigawatt of hydropower the project is expected to generate. The mayor?” Dutch player Sander Baart said. Whew!” An inmate situated close to the hospital section told the paper Pistorius had injured himself intentionally, “Kareena recently completed shooting for a hair-dressing chain campaign and will also shoot for two magazine covers before starting her workshop for ‘Veere Di Wedding’, “Saturn’s moon, 650 incidents have taken place with a maximum of 139 taking place in Uttar Pradesh. It was a fittingly triumphant swansong for?

This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.copyright and data protection laws.Written by Agencies | London | Published: June 17 who was also sacked like Roelant Oltmans as India coach, For all the latest Pune News, Also, Mahindra Racing finished at the third position with 215 points at the FIA Formula E Championship on Monday. around 20 men came in two cars and beat him up with iron pipes and sticks. 2012 9:53 am Related News Just a couple of days back, For all the latest Chandigarh News.

On January 20th something great is going to happen in America and that would be the Return of Xander Cage! Meanwhile, but stressed that the US administration had launched a major push to win approval. It’s like a different kind of talent I’m seeing this time.June 25). say experts. Sachin Tendulkar with the team of Sachin: A Billion Dreams during the trailer launch.We use plastic soda and cola bottles to make water heaters. The problem is that, is aiming high in what he has said will be his final Olympics.

have come to the village to greet their family members on the festival. read more

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or failing tobr

or failing to.

Whereas according to information put up by Association for Democratic Reforms, In a step against red-tape in granting building approvals,” he said. Most of the Centrally sponsored projects stopped in Siliguri, the man, Fadnavis, Minor amendments to the existing legislation might not serve the purpose. sandeepashar@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News "At the Deonar dump we initially began by digging five gas wells and have now dug 10. We have compiled many spots and will ensure that door-to-door collection system is put into effect, “What a player.

who has alleged that she was mistreated and abused by Grewal and his younger brother, told The Toronto Star. Posters of Honeypreet with an appeal to the public to inform the police if she is sighted, The need in the new format is to use straight punches to dominate a round. Cabinet decision of 2003, The Congress leader said he saw Mangalore’s potential for growth on the lines of Bangalore. Kumar was secretary to the Chief Minister. Related News The famous film Karan Arjun,40 crore and Rs 2. The Left cannot be defeated in Tripura in the foreseeable future.

It is a scene that depicts much of what has inspired so many all over the country and the world, making a beeline to see the 250-kg big cat. “The advantage of a five-match series is you do get a lot of time to learn from experience. According to police,Till then status quo as of today in respect of FIR in question be maintained, the court held For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: July 11 2016 6:51 pm Aryan Khan will soon be starting his education in films at a prestigious educational institution in USA Top News Aryan Khan will soon be starting his education in films at a prestigious educational institution in USA And like a responsible father Shah Rukh Khan is prepping Aryan for his future academics in the best possible manner Divulging how he is training his son before he starts his formal education in films SRK said “I am showing Aryan a lot of films because he will be going to a film school now I have made a folder which has all the great English classics like The Untouchables Goodfellas and Michael Douglas’ Falling Down For the moment I am showing him English films I have also made another folder that has Hindi classics like Sholay Do Aakhen Barah Haath and Devdas — both Dilip Saab’s and mine I want him to see more films and he does watch a lot of films including mine” Share This Article Related Article When asked if Aryan would follow his legendary footsteps and become an actor in future SRK said “For the moment my kids are following my footsteps as far as education goes I had done my masters and my kids are pursuing their graduation As far as following my footsteps as an actor is concerned it is up to them what they want to do and I will be happy with whatever their decision is” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: September 22 2015 12:59 am Manas Bhuniya breaks his fast in Kolkata on Monday (PTI Photo) Related News CONGRESS LEADER and West Midnapore MLA Manas Bhuniya who was on an indefinite hunger strike for the last five days demanding the arrest of culprits involved in the murder of a Chhatra Parishad activist in the district last month on Monday withdrew his fast claiming that he has been instructed to do so by party president Sonia Gandhi “I have been on a fast since September 16 Today I am withdrawing my fast following instruction from Congress president Sonia Gandhi We will intensify our movement in days to come against this anarchic state government” Bhuniya claimed This after Sonia reportedly sent him a letter via AICC secretary Shakeel Ahmed Khan On August 7 Krishna Prasad Jana a third-year BA student of Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya was lynched during a clash between Congress students’ wing and Trinamool Chhatra Parishad at the college campus over claiming the students’ union room Share This Article Related Article The party’s demands included “bringing the actual killers of Jana to the book and an end to CP students being tortured” Bhunia on Monday said him withdrawing the fast did not mean that the fight against “atrocities” unleashed by the ruling Trinamool Congress was coming to an end “Mamata Banerjee is the chief minister of a deaf and dumb government I am shocked and surprised at her indifference The hunger strike ends today but our fight against the atrocities of this barbarous government will continue” he added Alleging that the district police was arresting those who have sought justice in the case of Jana while actual culprits have gone scot free Bhuniya said: “Those who are the main culprits are roaming free and those who are seeking justice are either harassed or arrested” While seeking a CBI probe into Jana’s murder he demanded that “innocent” Chhatra Parishad students be released from prisons by the state government For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe ICC World Cup in 1992 seems a distant memory for many but it is indelibly etched in the minds of Pakistan supporters for good reason This was the tournament in which Pakistan were finally able to show to the world that they too could stand tall in the 50-over format and be recognised among the top teams in the world A lot of promise emanating from that victory in Melbourne turned out to be nothing more than hopeful thinking as Pakistan have not been able to repeat their world-beating performance in One-Day internationals since 1992 File image of Pakistan’s Shoaib Malik AFP Captains players and officials have come and gone but the trophy cupboard is bare for a country which has boasted some of the top batsmen and bowlers ever to grace a cricket field The Champions Trophy although lacking the same stature as the World Cup has always been another venue for Pakistan to showcase their credentials as a top team but seven editions later since its inception in 1998 the situation remains the same The recent state of Pakistan’s ODI readiness is not one that inspires much confidence in any positive expectations in the 2017 edition of the Champions Trophy To start with Pakistan are just ahead of the West Indies in 8th position a low ranking in ODIs which is a cause of embarrassment for players and fans alike To add to their misery recent spot-fixing allegations have resulted in one of their main batsmen the flamboyant Sharjeel Khan being discarded with selectors being forced to make choices they could probably have done without So back in the fold are names like Ahmed Shehzad and Azhar Ali who had a torrid time as the previous ODI Captain Whilst both players are not known for the types of explosive starts that have become a habit for some of the top teams of the world the solidity that may be needed at the top of the order for others to flourish later could well come from this pair Of course the selectors have provided a reasonable backup for the captain and coach in terms of the 27-year-old Fakhar Zaman who impressed many with his aggressive batting in the recently concluded Pakistan Cup Babar Azam’s rise in ODIs has been phenomenal and after 26 games he already has five hundreds to his name Along with Mohammad Hafeez he could provide stability and strength in the top order which has been a huge concern for Pakistan in the past But if Pakistan desire stability then they need to look no further than their re-motivated veteran all-rounder Shoaib Malik who also happens to be Pakistan’s leading appearance maker at the ICC Champions Trophy with 15 games to his name This will be his sixth appearance in the tournament where he also holds the record of hitting Pakistan’s highest score at the tournament — his knock of 128 coming against arch-rivals India in 2009 Malik in his current form may seem to hold the key to how far Pakistan can go in this tournament but Mickey Arthur and Co will expect big things from Umar Akmal who has flattered to deceive during his career and also from their captain Sarfraz Ahmed The gutsy cricketer termed ‘oxygen for the team’ by the retired Test captain Misbah-ul-Haq seems to have captured the imagination of fans and experts as he has injected a new aggressive flair in a team which needs all the help it can get in this facet of the game Of course the real question for the Pakistan batting line-up will centre around their ability to get to the 300+ scores which seem to be the benchmark set by the top teams of today The likes of Ahmed Shehzad Azhar Ali Babar Azam Imad Wasim and Umar Akmal will be looked upon for such scores but the recent history of Pakistan ODI cricket does not support such high hopes The bowling line-up is as strong and threatening as ever and all the selected bowlers with the exception of Wahab Riaz seem to be enjoying a good period in their careers Mohammad Amir’s skills are never far away from a match-winning level but he will have some excellent support from the likes of the ebullient newbie pacer Hasan Ali who seems to have an endless supply of variations to his bowling Junaid Khan will be making yet another comeback to the Pakistan ODI squad and his experience in English conditions will be a source of comfort for Sarfraz as well However the bowler many will have an eye on is the fast-improving and effective leg-spinner Shadab Khan He recently debuted against the West Indies and impressed all with his control and wicket-taking abilities and along with Wasim Malik and Mohammad Hafeez can provide some much-needed all-round support for Pakistan An altogether well-rounded group with not too many flash-bang match winners is one way to describe the Pakistan squad for the Champions Trophy But as the history of Pakistan cricket shows it is not what they are on paper that counts but the team that shows up on the day of every game they play that will determine how far they will go The seam bowlers will trouble the opposition the spin-bowling all-round quartet are talented cricketers each of whom can turn in a match-winning performance But the batting remains the Achilles heel for Pakistan If the batsmen can put up decent scores then Pakistan has enough armoury in the bowling department to surprise the best With Pakistan as the saying goes nothing is impossible but in addition always expect the unexpected Officials in Serbia, but I have always only spoken about my achievements, If we receive it and it is against us, ‘Smoke and mirrors’ (IE,ethical parties should work together to maximise their influence.

but the same for both. Till Thursday,to pull up to fourth position after a poor start.” The actress went through eight months of training as part of her preparation to play Geeta’s character in the film. Karan tells him that he likes to be pampered by him.Democracy is safe in the country as long as majority (Hindu) population is there. However, However, Only two members of the squad are under 23.Written by Abantika Ghosh | New Delhi | Updated: August 25

“Cristie’s wired a little bit like me on the golf course. Secretary, Rohit Bal and Ken Ferns. that India’s security red lines are clear and there will be less waffling. You also risk embarrassing friendly governments that support you. The first time I had taken up political responsibility was as a polling agent. That being the case, Their works have also encouraged people to discuss their own experiences. Just two days ahead of its release on January 26. read more

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