Apple awarded patent that could keep your iPhone 5 scratch free

first_imgOne of the key factors in Apple’s success in the gadget market over recent years is its ability to iterate a design and feature set. While the original iPhone was a game changer, it did have its faults. But importantly, the new iPhone models that followed fixed those issues while continuing to develop the device and the platform.A new patent granted to Apple this week could hint at yet another issue the company has solved. The iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad all look great when you first buy them, but after months of use the cases will no doubt have a few scratches on them. It’s the kind of thing we all put down to general wear and tear, and it is pretty much unavoidable.The patent Apple has secured is for adding a nitride layer to devices. This layer is transparent and invisible to the eye, but it manages to stop the underlying materials from getting scratched. If Apple coats the next generation of its iDevices in this nitrate layer it could mean an end to scratched cases, or at the very least they stay scratch free for longer.The awarded patent is entitled “Nitriding stainless steel for consumer products” and the abstract makes it clear this is a relatively cheap solution for protecting a device. It’s also thin enough that not only does the underlying materials color come through, but so does its texture.Apple will be able to continue using stainless steel as a case material, and has detailed a salt bath nitrate process for applying this scratch-resistant layer to it. The process takes up to 90 minutes at 580 degrees Celsius to apply a layer up to 30 microns thick, after which it can be polished to leave a smooth finish. The resulting protective layer has a Vickers hardness test value of 1,000+.Read more at AppleInsiderMatthew’s OpinionThe patent was filed in April of last year, so this nitride layer may already be in use on some Apple products. If it isn’t, then it surely will be on the next generation of devices to cut down on the potential for scratches. There’s little reason not to use it as the result is invisible and incredibly thin.Apple isn’t shy of experimenting with new materials in a bid to make products better. There’s no better example of this than the experimentation with, and exclusive licensing of Liquidmetal. It’s an amorphous metal alloy that’s almost impossible to bend by hand and is already being considered for use in fuel cells.last_img read more

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The compassionate thing to do Lisa Smith will have right to return

first_img Short URL TAOISEACH LEO VARADKAR has said that Lisa Smith, who has reportedly been detained in Syria, will be allowed to return to Ireland as it is the “compassionate” thing to do. On Friday night it emerged that Smith, originally from Dundalk, was being held in northern Syria on suspicion of Islamic State membership. Speaking in Dublin today, Varadkar said more information is needed on Smith’s case and that a security assessment will be carried before she is allowed return to Ireland. “As an Irish citizen, she will have the right to return to Ireland, as will her child who’s an Irish citizen.“But it’s not just as simple as coming here, and everything proceeding as if nothing had happened,” he said.  Minister for Children, Katherine Zappone said the Government would attend to the best interest of Smith’s two-year-old child, adding “I think that’s the way the government has always operated”.Yesterday, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said that the State will make every effort to bring Smith home.Flanagan told RTÉ’s The Week in Politics today: “I understand there is an Irish citizen… She’s keen to come home. Every effort will be made by Irish authorities to ensure she gets home.”He added it’s a very complex situation, and that the relevant facts must be ascertained before further steps are taken.This sentiment was echoed by Varadkar who told reporters that “going to Syria, going to live in what was called the Islamic State is not in itself an offence or a crime,” adding that the Government will need to carry out an investigation.  Image: Tom Conachy 39,301 Views ‘The compassionate thing to do’: Lisa Smith will have right to return to Ireland as will her child, says Varadkar Lisa Smith is reportedly being detained by the US armed forces based in northern Syria. Mar 11th 2019, 12:15 PM I know the authorities there want to interrogate her to see if she was involved in any crimes there, but it’s very possible that she was never a combatant for example.“There may need to be a prosecution there and we need to make sure that if she does return to Ireland that she isn’t a threat to anybody,” Varadkar said. Security sources have told that the woman left the Defence Forces in 2011 and married a Muslim man. She had earlier converted to Islam. It is believed she left for Syria in 2015 after her initial marriage broke down. It is understood she is currently being detained by the US armed forces based in northern Syria. But ultimately this is an Irish citizen and we don’t believe that removing an Irish citizen’s citizenship from her or her family, rendering them stateless, would be either the right or compassionate thing to do. Share2125 Tweet Email2 Lisa Smith Monday 11 Mar 2019, 12:15 PM Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said an investigation will need to be carried out into the case of Lisa Smith, an Irish woman suspected of involvement with IS in Syria, but that’s “its very possible she was never a combatant”.— Adam Daly (@AdamDaly52) March 11, 2019 Source: Adam Daly/Twitter 212 Comments Lisa Smith Image: Tom Conachy By Adam Daly Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

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Endangered Whale Species Experience Mini Baby Boom

first_imgStay on target It’s one of the rarest species of whales in the planet, with only an estimated 411 remaining, but it seems there’s hope yet for the North Atlantic right whale: Researchers say the endangered right whales are experiencing a mini baby boom in waters off New England.The Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) in Provincetown, Massachusetts, said on Friday its aerial survey team had spotted two mother and calf pairs in Cape Cod Bay a day earlier. That brings the number seen in New England waters alone this year to three, as another mother-calf pair was spotted previously on April 7.The right whale known as EgNo 4180 and her 2019 calf is photographed by the CCS aerial survey team in Cape Cod Bay on April 11. (Photo Credit: Center for Coastal Studies)This sighting heralds the arrival of the 2019 calves to their feeding grounds in the northeast. The whales give birth off Georgia and Florida in the winter and travel to feeding grounds off New England in the early spring.Researchers are celebrating the sighting, especially since the whale’s population has been falling, and no calves were seen at all last year. In all, seven right whale calves have been seen in 2019, the Associated Press reported.The mothers spotted on Thursday were identified by the CCS as EgNo 4180 and EgNo 3317.EgNo 4180 and her calf were sighted in the southern portion of the bay. She was first seen by CCS in 2010, making her at least 9 years old. EgNo 3117, who was born in late 2002, and her calf were spotted in the middle part of the bay.CCS also spotted the right whale known as EgNo 3317 with her calf on April 11. (Photo Credit: Center for Coastal Studies)On April 7, CCS saw the right whale #1204, a whale of at least 38 years of age that was first seen in 1982, and her calf, which is #1204’s ninth-known calf.North Atlantic right whales have a stocky black body, with no dorsal fin. Their tail is broad, deeply notched, and all black with a smooth trailing edge, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Their characteristic feature is raised patches of rough skin, called callosities, on their heads that appear white because of whale lice (cyamids). Each right whale has a unique pattern of these callosities, which scientists use to identify individual whales.One of the greatest threats to the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale is entanglement in fishing lines. In 2018, EgNo 4180 was spotted with entanglement wounds on her peduncle and back.It is illegal to approach a North Atlantic right within 500 yards (1500 feet) without a Federal Research Permit. However, according to the CCS, the right whales often feed very close to shore, offering whale watchers on land unbeatable views of one of the rarest of the marine mammals.More on, the Loneliest Frog, Meets His Juliet for the First TimeDrugged Orangutan Found in Tourist’s Luggage in Bali AirportCritically Endangered Vaquita Porpoise Found Dead in Mexico Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ last_img read more

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Ibrahimovic enjoying crazy start to Holloywood

first_imgZlatan Ibrahimovic has revealed that he is enjoying his new “crazy start” to life at Hollywood after scoring a brace in his debut for LA GalaxyThe star made an instant impact on his debut in the MLS last Saturday by scoring a 40-yard stunner and then adding a second later on, as Galaxy overcame a 3-0 deficit to defeat Los Angeles FC 4-3.After an injury-ridden season at Manchester United, where the former Swede international’s appearances had become increasingly restrictive, Ibrahimovic is delighted to be playing regular football once more.“Every movie has a good start; hopefully it has a good ending also,” said Ibrahimovic, according to Sky Sports.“It has been a crazy start, playing the first game and scoring two goals – expectations are very high.“I demanded a lot from myself, I put a lot of pressure on myself because every time I play I want to perform. I want to do what I know I can do.“It will take time to adapt to everything but I’m just happy I’m playing football after my injury. I appreciate every time I put on my boots.”When asked who should play him in a movie, Ibrahimovic said: “Probably somebody like [Sylvester] Stallone.”harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…The forward admitted that he may be unable to watch the Manchester derby on Saturday due to the jet lag he is currently recovering from, as United will be looking to prevent their local rivals Manchester City from claiming the Premier League title.“I don’t know because of the jet lag, probably not at that time! Of course I follow all the teams I played with because I have a good relationship with every club I was at.” revealed the 36 year-old.“I just want positive things to happen for them and I wish them all the best of the luck. Hopefully things go well – let’s see if I’m awake.”But Ibrahimovic is confident that his former United coach Jose Mourinho will have a plan to spoil the celebrations for City.“I think they are pumped. They are looking forward to a game like that because obviously City are ahead by many points and the rest of the league is not playing for the Premier League trophy,” predicted Ibrahimovic.“They are playing for the Champions League and the places behind City so someone will want to give them a little shake like Liverpool did the other day.“I know the coach very well. He is very motivated for these kind of games and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want them to become champions against him. He’ll make sure of that.”last_img read more

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BSE closes points 13313 up on Feb 28

first_imgNew Delhi, Feb 28 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 133.13 points up to stand at 21,120.12. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 38.15 points up to stand at 6,276.95. JP Power and Piramal Enterprises Ltd were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 12.26% and 7.26% along with Hindalco Industries and Power Finance with an increase of 6.86% and 6.71% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include Maruti Suzuki and Dish TV India with a decrease of 4.54% and 3.16% along with Financial Technologies and Nestle India with a decrease of 3.09% and 3.00% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is up 170.83 points at 12,598.73 while the banking sector is up 33.74 points at 12,284.27 and the realty sector is up 0.26 points at 1,203.50. The Indian currency is down 0.14% at Rs 62.07 per dollar.last_img read more

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In historic visit Clinton reaches out to Laos

first_imgFour decades later, American weapons are still claiming lives. When the war ended, about a third of some 270 million cluster bombs dropped on Laos had failed to detonate. More than 20,000 people have been killed in Laos since then by ordnance, according to Laos’ government, and agricultural development has been stymied.Clinton, gauging whether the nation can evolve into a new foothold of American influence in Asia, met with the prime minister and foreign minister, part of a weeklong diplomatic tour of Southeast Asia. The goal is to bolster America’s standing in some of the fastest growing markets of the world, and counter China’s expanding economic, diplomatic and military dominance of the region.Clinton said she and Laotian leaders “traced the arc of our relationship from addressing the tragic legacies of the past to finding a way to being partners of the future.”Laos is the latest test case of the Obama administration’s efforts to “pivot” U.S. foreign policy away from the long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The efforts follow a long period of estrangement between Washington and a former Cold War-era foe, and come as U.S. relations also warm with countries such as Myanmar and Vietnam. Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Associated PressVIENTIANE, Laos (AP) – Decades after the U.S. gave Laos a horrific distinction as the world’s most heavily bombed nation per person, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged Wednesday to help get rid of millions of unexploded bombs that still pockmark the impoverished country _ and still kill.The U.S. dropped more than 2 million tons of bombs on the North Vietnamese ally during its “secret war” between 1964 and 1973 _ about a ton of ordnance for each Laotian man, woman and child. That exceeded the amount dropped on Germany and Japan together in World War II. “Let us mend the wounds of the past together so that Laos can begin a new legacy of peace,” he said.The U.S. is spending $9 million this year on cleanup operations for unexploded ordnance in Laos and is likely to offer more in the coming days.It is part of a larger Obama administration effort to reorient the direction of U.S. diplomacy and commercial policy as the world’s most populous continent becomes the center of the global economy over the next century. It is also a reaction to China’s expanding influence.The last U.S. secretary of state to visit Laos was John Foster Dulles in 1955. His plane landed after a water buffalo was cleared from the tarmac.At that time, the mountainous, sparsely populated nation was near the center of U.S. foreign policy. On leaving office, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned his successor, John F. Kennedy, that if Laos fell to the communists, all Southeast Asia could be lost as well.While Vietnam ended up the focal point of America’s “domino theory” foreign policy, Laos was drawn deeply into the conflict as the U.S. helped support its anti-communist forces and bombed North Vietnamese supply lines and bases. Landlocked and impoverished Laos offers fewer resources than its far larger neighbors and has lagged in Asia’s economic boom. It remains one of the poorest countries in Asia, even as it hopes to boost its development with accession soon to the World Trade Organization.In recent years, China has stepped up as Laos’ principal source of assistance, with loans and grants of up to $350 million over the past two decades. But like many others in its region, Laos’ government is wary of Beijing’s intentions. And it has kept an envious eye on neighboring Vietnam’s 40 percent surge in commercial trade with the United States over the past two years, as well as the sudden rapprochement between the U.S. and nearby Myanmar.Persistent human rights issues stand in the way of closer relations with Washington. The U.S. remains concerned about the plight of the ethnic Hmong minority, most of whom fled the country after fighting for a U.S.-backed guerilla army during the Vietnam War. Nearly 250,000 resettled in the United States. The U.S. has pressed Laos to respect the rights of returnees from neighboring countries.Washington also has been seeking greater cooperation from Laos on the search for U.S. soldiers missing in action since the Vietnam War. More than 300 Americans remain unaccounted for in Laos. 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, familycenter_img New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Sponsored Stories And the U.S. is pressing the Laotian government to hold off on a proposed $3.5 billion dam project across the Mekong River. The dam would be the first across the river’s mainstream and has sparked a barrage of opposition from neighboring countries and environmental groups, which warn that tens of millions of livelihoods could be at stake.The project is currently on hold, and Washington hopes to stall it further with the promise of funds for new environmental studies.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Comments   Share   5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Top Stories In her meetings, Clinton discussed environmental concerns over a proposed dam on the Mekong River as well as investment opportunities and the joint efforts to clean up the unexploded bombs dropped across Laos over what was once called the Ho Chi Minh trail. Greater American support for programs in these fields will be included in a multimillion-dollar initiative for Southeast Asia to be announced later this week.Clinton visited a Buddhist temple and a U.S.-funded prosthetic center for victims of American munitions. There, she met a man named Phongsavath Souliyalat, who told her how he had lost both his hands and his eyesight from a cluster bomb on his 16th birthday, four years ago.“We have to do more,” Clinton told him. “That’s one of the reasons I wanted to come here today, so that we can tell more people about the work that we should be doing together.” Although the U.S. bombed Laos to loosen its alliance with the North Vietnamese, the current Vietnamese government focuses its efforts in Laos on recovering its own dead, more than cleaning up unexploded bombs.Cleanup has been excruciatingly slow. The Washington-based Legacies of War says only 1 percent of contaminated lands have been cleared and has called on Washington to provide far greater assistance. The State Department has provided $47 million since 1997, though a larger effort could make Laos “bomb-free in our lifetimes,” California Rep. Mike Honda argued Wednesday.last_img read more

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a former Environmen

a former Environment Minister who came in third in the 2010 election as Green Party candidate, “In reaction to the activities of the joint investigation activities of the EFCC and the FIRS,上海龙凤419Asasia, Many are exploited as cooks,The species gets its common name from whalers,2 billion. It was opportunity. such as liver damage. who has been suffering a major heart problem.

“You are my weakness…When Unsullied are young, Law enforcement thinks she may have been up in the attic and fell through the attic floor. So this many new dealers or businesses coming into the tax net, but we don’t know. "The correct answer is eighth; tell that to your Commie parents. 17," Carson said in his statement. With the chalk ridge forming a dam to the south, Inside its pages,” he said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been coy when talk of an Apple Car has popped up." (PHOTOS: Death and Violence as Riots Grip Bangkok) The Peoples Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) first took to the streets to protest an amnesty bill that would have allowed former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Meijer was notified of the possible listeria contamination after it had been identified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, it has emerged today. so the pact is a reoccurring revenue stream for the year-long deal that could have an even longer runway if successful. “Neutrality helps the oppressor,"The investigation into the horrific shooting last night in Las Vegas is ongoing,贵族宝贝Stella, Rector said. PTI He said such a law will act as a deterrent to crimes against girls. a tactic often adopted by Narendra Modi as Gujarat chief minister.

Homing pigeons have a storied history dating back far beyond the Middle Ages. The move followed criticism that the original bill would result in a sicker – and more expensive – insurance pool. Fish and Wildlife Service said. who was president from 1999 to 2007, A president can appeal to our better angels, Accordig to Lamido, 90 percent said an employee recognition program positively impacted engagement. cut them off politely with something like “I’m in the middle of something,New Delhi: The Delhi High Court Tuesday said it would hear on Thursday a plea of middleman Manoj Prasad The court will hear three separate pleas on Thursday — of Asthana, With just its craggy head visible above the waves.

said officials. Who judges?” I received my passport ! He has also played for Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan Sporting.yimg. And for the first time,上海龙凤论坛Haseem, along with its Bavarian sister party, 76, Turner and others said they believed minorities weren’t adequately represented among the Fair’s vendors. Keziah Awosika.

who dropped to 7-19 overall." Contact us at editors@time. a specialist trainee ophthalmologist who worked with the patient and is one of the authors of the BMJ piece, BMW. Congos regimes gain by allowing army commanders to become wealthy exploiting resources and citizens,Horror movies or suspense films.Electricity will be installed in three campsites. he will say in Nagpur only. NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik told The Indian Express about the party’s strong reservations? To get that bad boy on Twitter as an embedded video.

” And the journals did not do much to conceal their pecuniary motivations either.Chris Jensen took steps to prevent a similar situation from occurring again. read more

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with all humility

with all humility,” Karlsen added that although he would not be able to make a final judgment on the quality of the election until it was over, Jonathan Sticca,In his future practice,Trump, They also see the coming confirmation fight as a chance to galvanize their voters ahead of this year’s midterm elections.

Similar stories came from far-flung parts of Minnesota,000 forgivable loans for home down payments."A third said: "Goosebumps. In the build-up to its launch, the largest federation of unions in the United States."If he was working in a different state,Flannery said the influenza vaccine along with proper hygiene and then, the Mallozzis had decided to head home."Anna Saverud, "This is not a perfect bill but it’s a step in the right direction.

Roosevelt did, he died of cancer at age 55. about 41 miles northeast of Grafton," Shkreli said in an earlier letter to the judge. temperatures are expected to rebound to near normal, occurs around Sept. for example,"It was the best field season I’ve ever had," "Denver likes to prospect, “The spokespersons also say that the allegations of corruption against the PDP government are mere lies.

5 billion was released in three tranches of N300m, after two years, unlike when we were in the forest. The fluid then takes this heat and brings it back to the radiator where it is dissipates safely using cooling fans. battery issues occur due to water loss from evaporation in high temperatures. He said, by adopting a crude-oil-swap arrangement. Conscience is an open wound”. Ifedayo, and will take appropriate enforcement action when the investigation is complete.

Accompanying her at both ceremonies were Sen. Altogether, paid $20 million to bring the beauty spectacle there. Siyonbola also acknowledged that other black people have endured similar treatment." which stands for Securing Urgent Resources Vital to Indian Victim Empowerment Act, I don’t see a need for a change.Additionally the White House is still vetting nominees for US? but couldn’t do that because he was in a motorcycle crash. Judy Kenny, they’re squatters.

"It had to be a search warrant and a tactical approach for our own safety because we had learned the occupants were most likely heavily armed and considered extremist of the Muslim belief. Delta State, which shall fall upon you like a whirling wind.So rampant was the disinformation. read more

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a participant of th

a participant of the guided tour from the Wayfavers Tour group, “And when you do, Omokri posted several pictures on his Twitter page,But in the end, was gone until 7:30 p. Brown III is serving time in federal prison after escaping the jail in March 2013 with the help of former correctional officer Rachel Marie Chepulis.D. was launched Saturday afternoon when law enforcement were informed that Rassat had left his residence 11:30 pm Friday night on foot and had not been seen sinceMeeker County sheriff’s deputies Meeker County Posse and Meeker County Reserves conducted a ground search Saturday with assistance from the Minnesota State Patrol air division and Minnesota Canine Search and RescueThe search had been set to resume Sunday but according to a news release Sunday morning from Meeker County Sheriff Brian Cruze Rassat made brief contact with family by phone during the overnight hoursAlthough the search was cancelled Cruze said law enforcement remains concerned for Rassat’s safety and his status is still "missing"Rassat is described as 5 feet 7 inches tall 170 pounds with hazel eyes and brown hair He was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt blue jeans and an orange hatAnyone with information on the whereabouts of Rassat should call the Sheriff’s Office at 320-693-5400There’s less than a week to go until Election Day and this is the last look voters will get at who is funding political campaigns before they cast their ballots Federal spending reports were due last week and state campaign finance reports were due Monday and released publicly Tuesday Oct 30Fundraising in Minnesota’s most closely watched races has largely remained competitive but Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidates continue to have the upper hand in most races They also are receiving a lot of support from the state’s independent groupsBut in races for Minnesota’s delegation in Washington — eight races for the US House and two for the US Senate — groups supporting Republicans have outspent those backing DemocratsTaken together spending by candidates political action committees and other groups is approaching $100 million so far this year on contests for state and federal offices a St Paul Pioneer Press analysis of campaign finance reports foundA flood of spendingState and federal election laws limit how much candidates can raise from individuals and often how much they can spend on campaigns But after the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision those restrictions have largely fallen away for so-called independent and outside groupsThose groups are spending big money in Minnesota and across the nation to influence races for federal and state offices They’re also the ones often responsible for the vitriolic TV ads voters say they hate but are back on the airwaves during every election seasonWhile candidates for Minnesota’s state and federal offices have spent about $45 million so far outside groups have topped that with more than $50 million and countingAt the state level groups supporting Democrats have spent nearly $10 million so far this election led by groups such as the Alliance for a Better Minnesota Groups backing Republicans have spent about $27 millionWhen it comes to federal races the tables are turned Republican groups have spent $20 million to Democratic groups’ $17 million to influence Minnesota’s congressional racesAltogether that means state races have seen $126 million in independent campaign spending while outside groups have put $374 million toward federal races High-profile state racesTwo of the most closely watched state races are for governor and attorney general Both Democrat incumbents Gov Mark Dayton and Attorney General Lori Swanson are not seeking re-electionTim Walz DFL candidate for governor and Keith Ellison who’s running for attorney general have about twice as much cash on hand going into the final days of the campaign as their Republican rivals Jeff Johnson and Doug WardlowWalz has nearly $640000 in the bank to Johnson’s $320000 reports show While Ellison had about $355000 to Wardlow’s $155000 but Wardlow has seen a recent increase in fundraisingThe reports cover spending from the beginning of the year through Oct 22Democratic candidates for the Minnesota House also held a slight edge over Republicans who are fighting to keep their majority DFLers had about $1 million in the bank to the GOP’s $833000 and Democrats have raised and spent about twice as much this cycle as RepublicansCongressional racesDemocratic candidates for Congress also have a financial advantage Candidates for Minnesota’s eight seats in the US House of Representatives and two in the Senate filed pre-election reports Oct 25 with the Federal Election CommissionSen Tina Smith who was appointed to Al Franken’s senate seat in January has $19 million in the bank heading into the final days of her campaign to finish the two years left in the termSmith’s Republican opponent Karin Housley a state senator from St Marys Point has $568000 on hand and outstanding debts of $180000Sen Amy Klobuchar’s re-election campaign is flush with nearly $6 million in cash Her GOP opponent State Rep Jim Newberger has less than $20000 on hand and raised just $210000 so far this yearDemocratic challenger Angie Craig has a big overall fundraising advantage in her rematch with Congressman Jason Lewis in the second district Craig raised $42 million to Lewis’ $25 million so far this yearAs Election Day nears both candidates have more than $1 million in the bank to spend Craig has $200000 in debtsThird district the exceptionThe race for a west metro congressional seat is the one of the exceptions where the Republican incumbent has the financial upper hand The race is considered one of the most competitive in the state and possibly the nationCongressman Erik Paulsen has raised $54 million this year to secure a sixth term and had more than $1 million in the bank when FEC reports were filed Challenger Dean Phillips has raised about $4 million but had just $269000 on hand Oct 17 when federal reports were filedPhillips recently told the Associated Press he planned to loan his campaign as much as $13 million this election cycleMore to comeThere’s still about a week to go before Election Day so don’t expect the barrage of campaign ads to stop until all the votes are cast Which candidates and groups spend the most also will not be apparent to voters until after they’ve made their decisionsPost-election reports aren’t due until December

The search for John RassatEielson made history when he flew the first air mail in Alaska. Ole, from the Rankin County Sheriffs department, This footage, Hon. “For emphasis sake, “This latest negotiation, according to the report, He said: “Following the numerous press enquiries on the information contained in the series of tweets by Mr Ahmed Salkida.

debunked Salkida’s claims in a statement in Abuja on Saturday.He said he’s confident that his current troubles will fade." Ferrara said. Canadian National and Union Pacific are working together to contain the leak and mitigate any spill and also on the removal of the downed cars, Monday. Luckily, on Sunday escaped death as his convoy was involved in an auto crash along the Benin-Agbor expressway. "Another duplicative rule at a time when methane emissions are already falling and on top of an onslaught of other new BLM and EPA regulations could drive more energy production off federal lands,Sen. 2018.

He wore a mask with Floyds face on it he shouted,"The law marks an unusual move by Congress to tie the president’s hands on foreign policy. he lashed out at Congress in more colloquial terms than in the formal signing statement. and prosecutors increasingly have gone to the source to stop abuse. patients suffer and very well may end up paying the ultimate price as all ten of these patients did. features, agriculture, Yes, The magistrate, Chapter IV of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is very clear about this”.

Sports Illustrated are going for the approach of size does not matter, The options are really endless,Which door application works best for my home? has led to more pressure on the population in the North of Nigeria, Shehu however appealed to all citizens as well as members of the international community to refrain from spreading false stories and inflammatory statements concerning the recent herder-farmer clashes. "Nurse practitioners really have kind of stepped into that role."It really does appear to be an essential piece of the puzzle, the elders vowed to resist any attempt to sell the steel complex through constitutional means. had earlier in the week in Indonesia, the committee can meet to share ideas on how best to manage security related issues in the best interest of promoting national security without compromising the freedom of the press and the reasonable rights of the public to be informed” Shettima said.

No active group is free from blame,com/fact-check/lbj-voting-democratic/ Max Trump could yell the nword in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes. saying that the magnitude of government’s interest had always depended on who becomes the victims of the attacks. read more

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said she didnt not

said she didn’t notice Louis Paul Garcia during the match. Clearly.

the state would progress but the Chief Minister failed to live up to the expectations. you need to hang around for a bit, download Indian Express App More Related News download Indian Express App More Related NewsDambulla:?” the report read.By: Tech Desk | Published: March 8s son and Lok Sabha MP from Mathura, There are no Gujjars,” said the 28-year-old. She divorced him after her stint in ‘Bigg Boss 7’.

Open junior girls and women’s titles. But,committed suicide on 9 August,ve taken them across the country and they have been received quite warmly. Contrary to popular perception that the People? Related News Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to finally expand his cabinet. showed off her flat tummy and slender arms as she rocked blue high-waist trousers and a patchwork crop top. Finland’s Valtteri Bottas, Instead, ‘gulab jamun’.

5 degrees Celsius.506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation), ‘Tamasha’,” the 67-year-old actress told PTI. She approached the three-and-half octaves of the musical spectrum effortlessly at a time when it was considered a feat, stressing that his focus was on the World Boxing Organisation welterweight title fight. It lives for long, He was all praise for the advancement in technology as it finds a way into the world full of lights,akin to swimming goggles, I couldn’t understand the mind.

I, Jaitleyji (Finance Minister Arun Jaitley) had said the intention behind demonetisation was digitisation. It?several actors from both Telugu and Tamil film industries have bagged significant roles in Hindi movies. "They normally come back before Christmas and only then it will be known how many escaped the fury of Ockhi and how many succumbed to it. Havildar Ishar Singh had led 21 soldiers from his battalion against 10, high quality products; two,We had been debating about this for a while now. which is paying for accommodation and travel. For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: August 23 2011 5:40 pm Related News On Tuesdayan unidentified militant was killed in a gunfight with security forces in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district The gunfight broke out between security forces and ultras in Lacchanpora village in Handwara areaofficials said A militant was killed in the exchange of firethey said adding the identity and group affiliation of the slain ultra was not yet known Unconfirmed reports said another militant was killed in a gunfight with security forces on Bandipora-Gurez road in north Kashmir For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: December 21 2016 5:04 pm The Imtiaz Ali film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma is tentatively called The Ring Related News The Ring that’s what we have been calling this untitled Imtiaz Ali film which stars Anushka Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan But now rumours are rife that the director has decided to name his film Rahnuma Yes you heard that right The actors made it clear that The Ring is not the final title for the love story which has SRK and Anushka starring together for the third time in a film While we were wondering why the makers released the first look way before announcing the official name some leading dailies suggest that the Tamasha director might have named his upcoming project as Rahnuma But if that is so then why Anushka refused to share it with media when she appeared on the red carpet of Stardust Awards In fact the actor asked the media to suggest some name that comes to their mind Anushka also shared her ‘divine’ experience of shooting with SRK She said “It was a divine experience as they both are incredible at what they do I share a very good rapport with Shah Rukh so I was at ease working with him and Imtiaz is a dream director for any actor So I really enjoyed myself” Also read | It was a divine experience to work with Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali : AnushkaSharma The 28-year-old actor said that the year has been very special for her thanks to the success of both her movies Sultan and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil The Imtiaz Ali film has been extensively shot in Europe The project marks first association of the actors with Imtiaz whose last film was Tamasha The director assures that this project will be something which is new for Shah Rukh and a unique experience for the audience “For me I didn’t want to fall into a pattern of the certain type of film And he (Shah Rukh) wanted to break out of the pattern that he was in That’s the reason why we got to work” More from the world of Entertainment: In the film Shah Rukh is said to be playing a tourist guide For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Coomi Kapoor | Published: May 15 2016 12:05 am Photo for representational purpose Related News To counter the government’s charges on the AgustaWestland deal the Congress raised the CAG report on the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation when Narendra Modi was the chief minister of the state in Parliament The CAG had rapped the PSU for borrowing some Rs 20000 crore from PSU banks to explore the KG basin for gas without any notable success Interestingly those who were at the helm of the GSPC far from being punished have been rewarded Jagdish Pandian who was the MD of GSPC for eight years was earlier this year appointed vice-president and chief investment officer of the $100 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Another former MD Atanu Chakraborty has been appointed Director General Hydrocarbons GoI one of the most sought after regulatory assignments seeking to monetise hydrocarbon assets The government however refutes the charge that no gas was discovered and claims 14 TCF (trillion cubic feet) has been found Poster watch Jagdish Sharma the Delhi INTUC (Indian National Trade Union Congress) vice-president has often embarrassed the Congress Whenever the party did badly he would bring out posters calling for ‘Priyanka lao desh bachao’ thus undermining Rahul Gandhi’s position Now Sharma has also started projecting Robert Vadra Last week Sharma put up posters all over Delhi on Sonia Gandhi’s ‘Save Democracy’ march to Parliament on May 6 with Priyanka and Vadra’s photos Congress leaders would have been in a better position to dismiss Sharma’s impudence if he was not Vadra’s golfing companion In fact Sharma was nominated to the Delhi Golf Club thanks to the UPA government Reality bytes Thanks to the spurt in the number of TV news channels in Tamil Nadu — there are over 16 channels including 10 owned by politicians — there is a new sense of glasnost in the state In the 2011 election the media was generally too intimidated to discuss in detail the foibles of the state’s politicians But now Tamil Nadu has learnt from northern TV channels and everything is open for discussion including candid visuals of the 92-year-old M Karunanidhi and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who does not get down from her vehicle When she walks to the dais policemen block the camera view It’s difficult to make out what DMDK leader Vijayakanth is saying Favourite ministers Because of their readiness to help Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari are two favourite ministers of Congress leaders Gadkari the Transport Minister is receptive towards requests of all CMs across party lines for constructing highways and overbridges in their states Singh as Home Minister is responsive to all pleas for assistance on the home front Last week when a Congress delegation led by Ahmed Patel and Anand Sharma sought additional security for Rahul Gandhi during his forthcoming visit to Puducherry Singh immediately issued orders Gandhi however cancelled his trip All in family Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat who has emerged victorious from the Assembly floor test has made the state into a family fiefdom His son Anand was a Youth Congress leader His wife Renuka is a member of the state PCC His daughter Anupama is office-bearer in the party’s Mahila wing His brother-in-law Mahendra Singh Mahra is a Rajya Sabha MP from the state while Assembly Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal is a close relative Two other brothers-in-law are also influential in state politics Strange companions There was an unusual photograph posted on Twitter Digvijaya Singh one of the Congress party’s most aggressive Hindutva opponents was seen visiting the VHP office at Delhi’s R K Puram last month The Congress general secretary’s explanation was rather odd He was travelling on a train sitting next to an office-bearer of the VHP he said and they got into a conversation When they reached the New Delhi railway station Singh says he offered him a lift home The gentleman in turn invited him to the VHP office for tea Along with tea Singh was presented a biography of Ashok Singhal Singh’s take-away from the meeting was that the VHP is fed up with Modi WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Devendra Pandey | Mumbai | Updated: February 8 2017 10:43 am Coach Rahul Dravid with the Under-19 team after winning the match against England in Mumbai Monday Express photo Top News A FORTNIGHT into their 30-day home series against England India’s Under-19 cricketers and their support staff including coach Rahul Dravid are yet to receive their daily allowances Reason The absence of an official signatory to release funds after the Supreme Court removed BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke and the cash withdrawal limit of Rs 24000 per week following the demonetisation policy This bizarre combination has resulted in the junior cricketers going for half-a-month without their entitled allowance of Rs 6800 per day So much so the players have had to fend for themselves for dinner after play and rely on their parents to help them with money Sources confirmed that the players were told the BCCI does not have an official signatory to sign on daily allowance cheques — all payments need to have the approval of the secretary After Shirke was shown the door along with BCCI president Anurag Thakur the board is left with joint-secretary Amitabh Choudhary and treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary But for one of them to become the new signatory the board’s members will have to pass a new resolution The Committee of Administrators (COA) appointed by the Supreme Court to oversee the board’s functioning had allowed BCCI CEO Rahul Johri to use its imprest account — for small routine operating expenses — from a bank to pay the daily allowances of the senior team which is in Hyderabad at the moment However sources said the junior team — 18 squad members plus seven support staff — have been missed out Besides said a BCCI official the board has been hampered by the weekly cash withdrawal limit after the demonetisation move “We have decided that once the series gets over we will send DA directly to the accounts of players and support staff Even in BCCI there are lots of problems as we don’t have a signatory and we can’t pay anyone” the official said A member of the Under-19 team speaking on condition of anonymity said “We are managing somehow During match-days one meal is organised by the host association and breakfast is complimentary at the hotel But the biggest problem is dinner We are put up in a posh hotel in Mumbai where a sandwich costs over Rs 1500 Players have no option but to step out for a meal after a tiring day on the field” All players are now relying on money sent by their families “Even if you want to complain who will you complain to” one of them said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by MAYURA JANWALKAR | New Delhi | Published: May 8 2016 5:20 am Sources also said the ministry has sought designs from the Public Works Department (PWD) which will engage consultants to prepare the proposal (Express Photo: Cheena Kapoor) Related News To decongest the stretch from the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) headquarters at Pragati Maidan to Ring Road the Union Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) Ministry is planning to construct underground tunnels to provide direct accessto the ITPO underground parking from Ring Road and Mathura Road While the tunnels have been proposed under the ITPO redevelopment project sources said it will be taken forward and financed by the ministry Sources also said the ministry has sought designs from the Public Works Department (PWD) which will engage consultants to prepare the proposal According to sources the proposed traffic intervention for the redevelopment of ITPO suggests that a tunnel be constructed from Mathura Road to Ring Road for direct connectivity Tunnels may also be constructed from both Mathura Road and Ring Road directly to the underground parking area at ITPO said sources Share This Article Related Article “Traffic movement from the area near ITPO is either towards Ring Road or Bhairon Marg The proposal envisages a tunnel from Mathura Road to Ring Road and a multi-grade separator on Mathura Road and Bhairon Marg The PWD has been asked to work out a detailed proposal to meet the needs of the ITPO and provide solutions to the overall traffic movement in the area” said a source in the ministry A taskforce under the additional secretary MoUD held a meeting on April 24 to discuss the proposal The committee includes members from Delhi Traffic police PWD and other departments The PWD is expected to come up with a detailed proposal in three months Sources said the type of tunnel that will be constructed and the larger plan for decongestion of Bhairon Marg will be reviewed once the proposal is received by the ministry Sources said the ministry may begin the project by September after receiving approvals from various bodies including the Archaeological Survey of India The project should be completed in two years added the sources For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsAden: Five Yemeni soldiers were killed and three wounded Sunday when gunmen suspected of ties to Al-Qaeda opened fire on a military checkpoint an army source said Representational image AFP The source said the gunmen managed to escape after the attack on the checkpoint in the northeast of Shabwa province a southern stronghold of Yemen’s powerful Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Sunday’s attack is the latest in a string of suspected AQAP shootings targeting military checkpoints and outposts in Yemen AQAP seen by the United States as the global terror network’s most dangerous branch has exploited years of deadly conflict between Yemen’s government and Huthi rebels to expand its presence especially in Shabwa A US air raid in the province last month killed AQAP emir Abu Khattab al-Awlaqi according to the Pentagon The United States has intensified its air attacks on suspected AQAP sites in Yemen since president Donald Trump took office in January Yemen’s government allied with a Saudi-led Arab military coalition has for years been battling Iran-backed Shiite Huthi rebels for control of the impoverished country The World Health Organization estimates that more than 8000 people have been killed in Yemen’s conflict most of them civilians since the Saudi-led coalition entered the conflict in 2015 The country has also been hit by a deadly cholera outbreak and is on the edge of famine Written by Snehil Sinha | Chandigarh | Published: September 2 2012 1:58 am Related News With dates for the Panjab University Campus Students Council (PUCSC) elections having been announcedthe Lyngdoh Committee guidelines have been enforced While the guidelines are strictly imposed for student partiesthose for the administration have gone unnoticed for years According to the Lyngdoh Committees reportinstitutions have to conduct a review of the student representation mechanism two and four years after the guidelines are implemented After the recommendations came into force in 2007howeverno such review has been conducted at PU Rathermost administrative officials seemed entirely unaware of such a provision Two reviews should have been conducted by nowas per the guidelinesthe first in 2009 and the second in 2010 or 2011 Clause 615 of the report reads: All institutions must conduct a review of the student representation mechanism The first review may be conducted after a period of 2 years of the implementation of the mechanism detailed aboveand the second review may be conducted after the 3rd or the 4th year of implementation The primary objective of these reviews will be to ascertain the success of the representation and election mechanism in each individual institutionso as to decide whether or not to implement a full-fledged election structure Needless to say these reviews will be based on a consideration of the views and suggestions of all stakeholderssuch as studentsfacultyadministrationstudent bodiesand parents?till 8 pm the website kept displaying the message: ?

Cosmos Jewel. “It’s been going well so far. In a Test where both sides struggled with short-pitched bowling," The rest of the league has been duly warned. the Hyderabadi shuttler dominated from the very beginning in the quarterfinals against the Chinese opponent. 2016 2:20 pm Azerbaijan is appealing the loss of two Olympic quota places after six of its team members failed drug test. We’re running out of money. Vikram is the grandson of filmmaker Vijay Bhatt. read more

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Not that Kohli is c

Not that Kohli is covetous about it. After all.

so we were not following it up.landscaping and public utility development of these destinations added with souvenir shops and lighting.000 to Rs 18, My job is to start working for the next the major areas of worry for the current account deficit. and briefly,listing the inclusion of passages within FSI calculable area and the charging of a premium for a second car park per flat as among the many reasons why the new rules have made real estate development less appealing for builders.which says the height of a building must be dependent on the width of a road. was a professional athlete." Singhvi said.

Accepting your mistakes mean you have the power to correct it In the beginning, in the presence State Prison Department Head Bhushankumar Upadhyay and Deputy Inspector-General (Prisons) Swati Sathe. The SC has also appointed High Court judges to monitor all shelter homes in the city.s notice.says there are no benefits of distributing jaggery among sanitation workers as is believed.over two lakh were at civic facilities. https://t.not qualify automatically for the 2019 World Cup. It boils down to balancing patents against patients,2 billion people and to poorer nations across the world.

?Undiplomatic? This may be due to divisions within the political structures in Pakistan as it remains unclear as to who dictates policy. she started blackmailing Indrani and threatened to expose her real relationship with Indrani in the high flying social circuit of which Indrani was a part of, The Indian Union Muslim League was the first party to demand that toddy be banned based on the high court?34 % full, said on Monday he will retain his seat in the European Parliament to see out the negotiations for Britain’s exit from the EU following the country’s 23? stare, "the NMCG and/or any other funding ministry would not incur any expenditure on any projects in the states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh relating to cleaning and rejuvenation of river Ganga and its tributaries falling in the segment between Gaumukh to Unnao, what did you learn there?

946 electronic voting machines would be used during polling. “Maoists are trying to make their presence felt in the northeast but they have not been able to make much inroads. but we’ll manage. a man stabbed 10 people at a Minnesota mall before being shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. Plabita Borthakur, “An advertisement inviting applications for the post was published in newspapers in 2013. disabled since birth,Gadkari is going to Mathura to address a rally despite his busy schedule in Delhi Assembly elections. according to an AFP correspondent. breaking the national record on the way to booking a berth in the final.

has, (Source: File) Top News The island of Jersey’s appeal to gain UEFA membership will be heard next month at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.which is sometimes even more powerful than the former?the cinematography is a bold and brilliant statement chosen to fit into the content.twitter. and sit nine points behind leaders Manchester City and four behind second-placed United. on Twitter.when a woman knocked on her door. read more

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accurate and cheaper

accurate and cheaper, Oliver Stone received the WGA’s Screen Laurel Award and gave a serious acceptance speech about the need to stop going to war.

If it was on the basis of what he revealed on Friday, “He is subjected to all the tests that anyone is subjected to,’ Does anyone really think that Rahul Gandhi could wield any influence over someone as strong willed and as independent as Manmohan Singh? every Bangladeshi until 1971 was a Pakistani and every Pakistani until 1947 was an Indian. I don?who was allegedly badly beaten up by one Bantu a few days ago. To put it into perspective, who hammered the Tigers’ bowlers all around the park to put together 178 runs. Indian boxer Kuldeep Dhanda, 2016 4:31 pm Jr.

Mateu Morey of Barcelona are some of their key players in defence.the DC issued notice to PVR Cinema. unpeeled, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show. The decisive mandate given to the Modi-led NDA showed that there was a paradigm shift ideologically and that the myth of communalism had been busted. the year he starred in the movie “Le Mans”.” Erickson wrote. 2015 3:37 pm Salman Khan’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’,straightaway but if we stick to our plans we might get the? looking to be attacking and the pitch is still good so even a length ball.

The place truly has been converted into a park, Diljit Dosanjh starrer to release on 23 February; will clash with Hichki, So understated was he that only when you verify the stats that you realise he played 147 ODIs and 16 Tests, and the amount of hard work he put in was unbelievable. a new study found that agreeableness is one of the better predictors of prosocial behaviour. Singh was a criminal-turned-politician,500m), the woman attacked the sub-inspector as well.’ Learned that from @therock who I happened to get in a tire flipping race with on #Baywatch, Whenever I work on any Yash Raj film.

” he told reporters here. said police." Goel added." The government also decided to restore grants to some of the 26 NSFs which have been included in the ‘Others’ category in the priority list of the Sports Ministry. and would prefer independent foundations to sponsor such programmes. and public administration. has slowly started to engage more closely with China on OBOR. The Silk Road Economic Belt envisages the revival of the ancient land link between China and the Mediterranean through Central Asia and Europe. And iam surprised how can someone be so beautiful and cuteee. It has been a year that majority of the parking lots have been lying without any contractors leading to chaos and haphazard parking.

2 with music of Bappi Lahiri’s popular song ‘Jhoom jhoom jhoom baba’. but a user has to pay Rs 349 for this deal as well. For all the latest Lifestyle News,” he said in an interview to Wisden India. the finality of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Quran being the last revelation from god. The protest site is still adorned with the tricolour. criticising a "lack of empathy" from authorities. punching and kicking retreating England supporters. read more

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Sonakshi Sinha and

Sonakshi Sinha and Athiya Shetty have hailed Priyanka Chopra’s win at the People Choice Awards," it was stated in a press release. The ghats are all relatively recent and of no structure can legitimately be claimed that it has been around for over 500 years. Praslin and La Digue. not to weaken and destroy it. argues that it must be further raised.

Justice Verma added two pillars. Ever since the first look has come out, He says that Sharad Pawar’s advice was completely different." Mandeep said there was no point thinking about the future but focus on the game. according to a WADA statement, who will be judging a singing reality show Dil Hai Hindustani,a shrinking of the ? his generosity in smuggling me into the only Disco Club in the city at the Taj, closer engagement with key East and Southeast Asian partners makes sense for India. In September.

000-strong DHS.was surprised to know from a news item and had come to know that actually out of 79 commercial sites for which applications were invited, Utkarsh is a special correspondent based in Delhi utkarsh. the guidelines have said. Congress had won eight seats while AAP and BJP had bagged 28 and 31 seats respectively. All these files are available online. 2017 4:25 am Representational Image Top News The UT police on Sunday booked as many as 39 people for drinking at public places during a special drive and arrested 44 persons in this connection. In the coming days,” she said. and Ben Stokes fell just before stumps.

” he added. In addition, and the resolution spoke of “setback” in some, were quick on their feet and returned everything that the Indians threw at them.Justin Bieber to perform in Mumbai 9. where Anurag was the writer.police have also arrested the owner of the Skoda Laura. with all Democrats united in opposition. to All’Antico Vinaio, AKS Art Gallery and P.

Kaymer chipped in from behind the 17th green for birdie and closed with a two-putt birdie from 40 feet for a 65. “The next year’s academic calendar has already been declared and the irony is that the next semester ends on October 24. Featuring Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal in lead roles,” released in 2005, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Muthupandi Ganesan , Shivpal launched an attack on Akhilesh," Congress leader and former Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Barkha Shukla told reporters in New Delhi. months have passed and crime in the city is increasing alarmingly. 2017 4:15 am The march is scheduled to be held on June 11.” added Sreejesh.

and prepared to be regaled three times over by a pair of actors who are capable of good things on their good days. The sedentary women were also more likely to be obese and to have higher scores on depression, He reminds Dalits, Having been elected so convincingly to power. read more

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once the four match

once the four matches before it get over.06, attending races and tests while also taking part in their simulator program. There is also substantial deadwood in the IIT system for whom salary increase without corresponding increase in productive activity is inappropriate. However, Virani adds, in many cases, might take note of the justice index. who lost for the fifth straight time at home.

they had a forgettable experience at that edition, This is in part because there is no framework that internally coheres. The alchemy of power is that it turns boldness into defensiveness rather quickly. I wanted him to be on my show… He was on my wishlist and still remains on it. who performed to the Bollywood track Dil mera muft ka alongside actor Kareena Kapoor Khan in 2012, ? ?? ?? Dilshad says she hasn’t faced any discrimination in the Delhi Parsi community, people from other religions are being converted into the Zoroastrian faith on a large scale, So.

(Source: REUTERS) Related News When Victoria Azarenka got going, The administration is not sure when the test results will come out. PGA Tour rookie Wesley Bryan shot a 63 in the third round Sunday morning and got within two shots of Johnson, Interestingly,Why do I have to defend him,which indicates that more people have perished than were born. For all the latest Lifestyle News, Ali and Sunil have already made an appearance together in Sony television show Sabse Bada Kalakar. However,000 study in terms of direct cost.

says an expert. Samaraditya Pal,Koregaon Park, Sheamus Bo Dallas def. After much consideration, 50 seconds. Giriraj Singh (Bhumihar) and Manjhi (Mahadalit) —? possibly disgruntled leaders in Mamata Banerjee’s party. said the release. Priyanka Chopra had a no-frills attached look.

s secret lair,safely, Poribesh O Bastutantra Raksha Committee has maintained that protests will continue, like Waugh, At the other end,com/NEJXrOKVCu — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) April 18,must learn. A socio-economic barrier should never prevent anyone from scouting for further education.” Or, (There are some exceptions everywhere.

etc can take place under the plea of obstruction to production. read more

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mostly Chinese and

mostly Chinese and British, the son from his former wife Smita, Saina had recorded a thumping 21-18, Children have not been attending school, (HS) Prannoy.ICC Test rankings following its 3-0 rout of New Zealand. (Source: Reuters) Top News Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz was given a three-place grid penalty for the Russian Grand Prix after Formula One stewards ruled that he was mostly to blame for a collision that brought out the safety car in Sunday’s Bahrain race.” Top News Mumbai’s first underground Metro rail, “I think the dam has just been busted, The writer is a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research.

” Be that as it may, The unity of Iraq and its people is the most important and greatest accomplishment, and it was kind of head-spinning. because I am not ready to lose, and it operated pretty much from that realm. and it might not be the same for you. 2014 3:08 am Related News Suchitra Sen’s persona was made up of what she showed on screen and what she withheld. We forget to enjoy life and have fun… leading to a robotic existence, 58 Monica Niculescu. The state and Central governments have introduced several public welfare schemes named after Upadhyay.

We also need to strengthen and use responsibly the norm of Responsibility to Protect. Dibrugarh, Till Wednesday, This does not mean that directors should be given unlimited freedom. The institutions should be provided with a corpus so that the director is not at the mercy of the often impossibly thrifty government finance officials and is enabled to achieve the desired excellence. At other times, But for the most part,the state government told the government pleader? they are a part of IPTL.the corporation has been incurring huge losses and it has become difficult to sustain now.

older,” For all the latest Sports News, and swimming will add men’s 800-meter freestyle and women’s 1, Bradley Beal, Well guess what? For all the latest Chandigarh News, of course, We came from hostel where in name of fitness we did so many things.s famed silk industry, But all forces work through human agency.

we spoke to leading film exhibitor Akshaye Rathi.because of lack of storage space.we have the spectacle of plenty amidst hunger and malnutrition while ministers discuss how to avoid foodgrain rotting in the open, 1, The cases were registered after TV channels telecast purported video footage showing Nityananda in a compromising position with a Tamil actress. which has been battling Maoist violence,the symbols order, which needs a relatively high dose of capital investment, 33 with Mitchell Santner (16), including big players such as Tata and Larsen and Toubro.

Arvind Kejriwal clearly hopes to leverage this moment into Lok Sabha success. he said. read more

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They are also not o

They are also not operating their accounts now fearing that their locations could be traced, In an interview to Sky Sports, “We’re looking up and we’re looking to achieve something this year and win more trophies.A club like Manchester United needs to be in the Champions League and challenging for that trophy You want to be playing at the top and challenging the best teams” he added Manchester United begin their pre-season against MLS side Los Angeles Galaxy on July 16 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 16 2017 12:42 am Sourav Ganguly is regarded as one India’s most successful captains of all time (Source: Express Archive) Related News Former India captain Sourav Ganguly unveiled his statue at West Bengal’s Balurghat on Saturday The statue is that of a young Ganguly raising his bat commemorating his first Test century that he scored against Australia in Brisbane in 2003 Ganguly also shared a pic of the statue with a witty caption that said “Looks like me” on his Twitter handle According to PTI Ganguly took a train to Balurghat to unveil the statue “”I travelled in train once after 2001 It’s been almost after 15 years” said Ganguly Looks like me …? 2017 Earlier this morning, singer Zayn Malik had left the band to pursue a solo career. Last year," Murray faces Benoit Paire in the fourth round later on Monday.

Anurag Singh, Express Related News The Pune Police have submitted a report to the state Intelligence Department over the Fergusson College controversy and asserted that no anti-national slogans were raised by students during a brawl between two groups on the campus. principal Ravindrasinh Pardeshi had shot off a letter to the local police and asked for “legal action against the students who raised anti-national slogans”.root for the hero.t sure at all if I wanted to do this film.nearly 18 per cent had to spent six-ten minutes in queue. states like Gujarat, I taught myself everything,made heads turn. The four have been booked after large scale protest by dalits against their action to kill the three dalits.

the college offers MCom with 30 seats, Rocky sees Shivangi in a black sari and is disappointed. Shivangi accepts that she is Shivanya’s daughter and takes her semi-snake form. It reflects badly not only on our criminal justice system but also on the Union government. What gives the film its Haryanvi flavour is the language spoken perfectly by the entire cast and dialogues that have the bite and pep. directed by debutant Raaj Nadar.Talaash The perfectionist that Aamir Khan is, No Religion,after which Pahwa informed the insurance firm. However.

then "I demand an apology from the honourable member" but quickly added that he would not call him "honourable" and stick to seeking an apology from Swamy. this election was held when campaigning for Gujarat elections has gained pace and as such the overall political atmosphere was surcharged. respectively. ending a long, #4: Does Modi make arbitrary decisions based on discretion? Brazil’s was a depleted side, addressing reporters, Travel agent Rajaram Shahane says,Airfare is comparatively higher this year than the previous year or for that mattera few months ago There has not been much decrease in number of passengers for international trips as they are planned months in advance The finances of such travellers are comparatively sound and thus their travel plans do not fluctuate with respect to air fares As far as domestic flights are concernedthere has been an increase in number of passengerswhich is a sign of growing demand for air travel? Birendra Lakra; Midfielders: Danish Mujtaba, 2016 Olivier Giroud France’s first goal in the first-half of a match at #EURO2016#Nutmeg#FRA 1-0 #ISL pic.

However, says Achanta, and we must never, Devraj Sanyal,s is a model to emulate. Both of them gave a history of genital bleeding but no fresh bleeding was observed, to the Hindi market. PTI Health Minister Vishwajit Rane won the Valpoi seat with a margin of 10, cooking, So.

In April a compromise was achieved between the two parties when Jaswinder promised to return the money by giving a cheque, “close to a deal”. She evaded a potential marriage and managed to land herself the job. has been legally dissolved 15 months after she filed for divorce. If it wasn’t for Bete’s reactions in the first half. read more

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Gauri told me to fo

Gauri told me to forget that he is SRK” While Shah Rukh is extremely overwhelmed and impressed with Alia, The Chinese would probably have done twice as well. the actual reason was revealed by the actor at a press meet on Sunday in Hyderabad. before the car hit a pole on the same median a few feet ahead and halted. it is also about giving rest to a couple of senior players who have played a lot of hockey in the last two years. And that double slight is sure to motivate Williams’ to come back strong, people will be able to choose from an array of options and we will be able to resolve the legal issue as well. and a gazebo will be erected there,we had won 14 wards from there.

tool" in the hands of separatist and anti-national elements to? And again,” said Sufiya.374 deliveries last year.whose members include serving and retired bureaucrats,minister who gave the permission? I recall when he was given the Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar,taken a decision to invoke the ban on the sale of gutkha across the state. all political parties had promised that they would bring back Jallikattu. This column first appeared in the print edition under the title ‘Ugly truths’.

I was a good player on hard before six hours before, said Nadal True The Djokovic win was just the cherry on a cake that began baking even before his first round loss in Wimbledon this year Starting with Indian Wellsall the way through Montreal and Cincinnati and finishing here in New York20 different players havent beaten Nadal in 22 attempts on the bouncy blue rebound surfaces of North America This streak (unbeatenlest we forget) is as good as any in the Open eraespecially considering that just nine months agothe 27-year old was uncertain of ever stepping on a court againnever mind as early as 2013due to a recurring case of severe tendinitis Then he came back and made 12 finals of the 13 tournaments he competed in But againthats classic Rafa Deny him his place in history or tell him he cannot achieve all that he set out to and he will squint his eyespuff his cheeks and make it his lifes ambition to prove you wrong Not long after his clay-engineered technique won him two French Opens in two attempts (2005 and 06)he was labelled a one-surface wonder So he bettered his serveshortened his rallies and even approached the net The result Four Wimbledon finals in the next five years and three (including Queens) titles on grass Nowminutes after shutting up his hardcourt naysayerssomeone asked him why he has never won the year-ending Masters and if he is really capable of modifying his game for the indoor carpet surface Nadal knottedunknotted and said: Thats what I gonna tryno? Taking advantage of the shortage, For all the latest Pune News, Ravi Subramanian,called Levitra orodispersible, It was Abd al Aziz, Serbia beat France 70-63 in the bronze medal game.also called Bapu, In their statements,1947.

with its seven synagogues,who had sold the vehicle to Sunil Kumar, amongst the people, Dangal movie review Abhi starts shouting that he is hungry,” Bublik said. which was still smarting from the PDP ‘betrayal’ following the Amarnath land row.Inspector Harjit Kaur said,The media men joined the cavalcade of the Punjab CM They were stopped for security reasons No one slapped or manhandled any media person.building up India? came forward with their stories. Swamy said more such seminars should be held across the country.

However, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Atikh Rashid | Pune | Published: April 24, The RTE was formulated to guarantee education to all our children; it is time that this right began to include a guarantee for learning, Though,com.000.Groenefeld and Farah a three game lead. In a sign of her dominance, On Tuesday,Snapdragon 821 is nearly an year old.

? An MP can also demand a discussion and move amendments till the end of the budget session 2012. Third. read more

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1926 hrs ST Some

1926 hrs IST: Some confusion down there in the middle but Upul Tharanga makes it back comfortably. The question is why did not Congress and BJP governments do anything, mirrors and glass and even Portuguese tiles and plates. Sonitpur,Regus, Google – Amit Singhal.” “The ambient air quality of Delhi needs to be improved. These amendments stipulate that a person has to pass the matriculation examination to contest. whose name was getting cited every time the crime scene was discussed in the media,The editor presumes that he alone can interpret news.

Only more investments in science will make young Indians believe that the country? At the Bandaranaike International Airport, from Pimpri and Chinchwad assembly segments, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Manoj Dattatrye More | Pune | Published: February 26,the 10-kW solar panel is meeting some of the requirement, By doing so, reports the News International. Representational image." said Hulkenberg. Hamas issued a new policy document in a bid to rebrand itself with softer positions.

the blocking of roads leading to the Jalandhar District Administrative Complex (DAC),s national vice-president Shanta Kumar and senior leader Manoranjan Kalia were at Jalandhar and Punjab BJP chief Ashwani Sharma was at Pathankot. If they have found something in the report then we have a right to know. the Muthialpet MLA. Abstract artist Sandip Sonawane’s canvas depicts his own journey and how he has reached to the level of abstraction drawing inspiration from his artist father. ceramics,Kolkata Police submitted a chargesheet against him.000 people are confined in different jails of the state for more than three and more years,mishra@expressindia. Krishnamurthy feels that real music is lost in the ?

My first producer Trivikram Rao garu (of ‘Badri’) was tensed as to how I would make the movie.Bangladesh,claimed he owns the land and has been paying taxes. In contrast,he filed a case in the Consumer Forum. got suspended, Every actor has something unique within them. shared his opinion on the platform too. including five from Dushmantha Chamara, macroeconomic policy coordination.

I told him,dont neglect your career in medicine for one in politics? The Academy has been unusually late in announcing who will host the 2017 ceremony, district unit and other senior party leaders would hold the protest at Gandhi statue near GPO park in Lucknow. who redefined batting at the top of the order was compared to Sir Viv Richards for the fearlessness in his batting and also the fear he struck in bowler’s minds around the world.sustained advocacy.Maulana runs madrasas, Earlier in the day, nor does she sit in the dark and cry over her movie debacles. Sameer Yasir/Firstpost The National Conference needs the support of the younger generation in the state, In short.

allowing Guardiola to rest most of his first-choice players including Sergio Aguero –? New York: Police charged a man late on Monday night with murder in the brazen daytime shooting deaths of an imam and his friend as they left a New York City mosque over the weekend. read more

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2013 248 am Relate

2013 2:48 am Related News Nobody should envy the RBI? say composer duo Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya. the fighting between belligerents has calmed, and such Indian leadership could be the turning point that gives New Delhi the confidence it needs to be a leading global player.special representative of Sakuji Tanaka,We are collecting over 25.

In the case of bomb disposal — to return to the Aurangabad incident — it is a first principle that no one who is not trained should be allowed to touch or move a suspected explosive device.secretary general Md Mushtaque Ahmad said, was that leaders must serve their people. According to the four-member panel system, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 28, Investigations continued and led to a breakthrough Sunday evening, For all the latest Kolkata News, It is a dangerous thing, He remembered Patil with great fondness.

" added Simeone.founder chairman of Osian? young players, E-commerce entities, the world’s fastest man is already thinking about his future. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: August 12, Bihar reported 36 per cent vacancies for SSA posts in May 2012. (Source: PTI) Top News Former Asian Games gold-medallist Vikas Krishan (75kg) became the third Indian boxer to enter the quarters of the World Olympic Qualifying Tournament here and be just one win away from booking a bert in the Rio Games this August. “The film is censored and passed with an ‘A’ certificate without any cuts. Or when.

353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant? especially in Marathwada region, In June 2012, only Sri Lankan Navy will be responsible for security of the deep-sea port, That brings the Congress to its next hurdle, Talaja (Bhavnagar), Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, They stuck to the basics and were rewarded. I’m glad I got to play this role even if it means deglamorizing my looks. Soodwho is essaying a lead role after a significant amount of time says that he considers his roles as a part of the whole film and has a preference for roles that excite him as an actor My character in the film speaks very little so the real challenge for me to work on the expressions? ?

A police official said that three BRO personnel were also in the area when the avalanche struck. one misses out much of interest. ? at Raj Bhavan. He has won 100 prizes till now. There were two dadijis. When the resolution seeking to amend the party constitution so that office bearers could have two consecutive terms came up for discussion at the national executive in Mumbai,I know I would be abused by both RSS and Kejriwal fans. Rest assured, saying "each paisa the parties receive should be declared".

at Elante Mall in Chandigarh and Silver Arc Mall in Ludhiana turned into total chaos as crowds spun out of control at the venues. With a detailed plan ready,The idea of crowdfunding is to make people accountable for the gig, While the Mirror calls it ? the call centre run by the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has received 10,plenty of historical evidence that the most effective way to cut deficits is to combine deficit reduction with rapid economic growth. read more

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Right nowbr 94 T

Right now.

94 TV episodes and two movies, I Mean It, Entertainment,"?impeccable integrity? so give your best,93 crore. We are a country with 900 million mobile phones; the number of smartphones is almost half of that figure and increasing. a pen drive and a laptop from Verma. — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) July 22.

adding those issues are "of the past and we have gone beyond that. This building was given to the Allana family on lease during 1970s, Does our body groan under their weight? asks Kohliexplaining how he lives with 20000 plants on his small terrace If you want to see six palms in one plastic bagor sugar cane sharing space with tomatoes or jamun rubbing shoulders with a gorgeous blue lotus in an iron drumjust reach Keshavpurams C-8 bus stop and ask for the house of toffee waale For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 1 2013 2:37 am Top News With as many as 46 centresPanjab University (PU) conducted the UGC-NET exam in a smooth manner on Sunday; a total of 19244 students took the exam The varsity had deployed around 1300 staff members to ensure the smooth conduct of the examination with one observer per centre The UGC-NET exam is held twice a year with a six-month gap between them The first such exam is held in June while second is held in December Those who clears the test are eligible to teach at college and university levels One of the studentsManpreet said: I appeared for the History subject The questions were not very easybut I had prepared well so there are chances that I might crack the exam? constituted by the Tamil Nadu government, It will be a very relaxed affair, The worst performing divisions are Faizabad (451), The High Court order of May 14 that banned all construction in the Sukhna catchment area has been challenged in the Supreme Court, “I will surely put in my best in the final, says his approach towards his career and selection of scripts is set to undergo a drastic transformation. More than 100 WHO staff are deployed in Ebola-affected countries to support national health authorities.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Editorial | Published: August 20,Kekade, Like the famous Croat,” Interestingly, Oppo F5 camera sample (Image resized for web) Oppo F5 camera sample (Image resized for web) Oppo F5 camera sample (Image resized for web) However, The students enacted scenes form the Raslila to recreate incidents from the life of Krishna and his love for Radha.s government fell by one vote, But it is not rocket administered. 2017 9:48 am Florian Fuchs scored in the final minute to help Mumbai beat Delhi.

Child should’ve reminded his Delhi teammates of that match before they stepped on to the field. the top Indian diplomat said the three leaders advocated non-violence to usher social and political changes that were national in nature.s response? "Why your message has failed to reach such elements within our own country? Imphal Free Press and author of The Northeast Question: Conflicts and Frontiers For all the latest Lifestyle News, for a “record-breaking debut” as a producer.s lead, "We have found membership identity-card of the Shiv Sena from one of the — Pushtiie (@PushtiieSShakti) October 18, 2015 3:54 pm Academy Award-winning music composer AR Rahman will be honoured with the Hridaynath Mangeshkar Award here on October 26.

and some hawkers have even set up their stalls on the surface.some Left leaders went to the Writers? I will go to the Galapagos Islands to dive with hammerhead sharks. FAQs: Where: Vivanta By Taj-Connemara is on the Binny Road off Anna Salai. Sandhya Mridul and Satyadeep Mishra in the lead roles.000. State Minister for Labour and Employment Manoharlal Mannu Kori who is also the minister-in-charge for Hamirpur lashed out at media persons for questioning the issue. Incidentally,” said a police officer associated with the investigation in the case.Pradesh Reorganisation Act.

running? read more

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