Samsung considering webOS purchase

first_imgHP is look for a way to profit from webOS that doesn’t require manufacturing hardware. It’s also said to be actively shopping for licensees and partners for the OS. And, like IBM before it, HP is also looking to sell off its PC business. Samsung was rumored to be interested in the latter, though the Korean giant has since denied having any interest. But could it be that signals were being misread? Might Samsung be interested in webOS?It’s certainly possible. Samsung’s chairman Lee Kun-hee has talked previously about the fact that importance in the IT world has been shifting toward software companies and away from hardware companies. You need only look at the homogenaity of Android smartphones for proof of that — devices are becoming more an more similar, with a few millimeters of chassis often being the only distinguishing hardware feature.Samsung is also said to be more than a tad nervous about Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility and might be looking for a backup plan should its own Bada OS run up against a brick wall. That certainly wasn’t the case at launch time, with Bada enjoying the most successful debut since the original iPhone, but the mobile space is constantly evolving and webOS could provide Samsung with a strong, complete mobile OS for both phones and tablets as well as an associated patent portfolio that could provide some much-needed protection in the increasingly litigious world in which it competes.With Samsung recently snapping up one of HP’s own — the Personal Systems Group’s VP of marketing Raymond Wah — the plot is thickening. Will Samsung pull the trigger and add a fourth OS to its mobile lineup? Share your thoughts in the comments!More at SlashGear, and previous coverage of this from June 2011.last_img

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