TFA Disciplinary Regulations

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) has recently reviewed and is now implementing the Touch Football Australia Disciplinary Regulations.  Touch Football Australia, expressly withdraws A Ready Reference Guide to Judiciary Matters.  The Touch Football Australia Disciplinary Regulations Manual outlines, for Touch Football, the foundation of how unacceptable conduct is managed within the sport. It illustrates the importance of the regulations and our member’s responsibilities. Furthermore, it emphasises the significance of our dedicated staff and volunteers, and it helps members to deal with unacceptable behaviour. These regulations are new, and are under automatic review or any issues or problems that may occur with their introduction over the first 12 months. We encourage affiliate members to provide feedback and raise any concerns that may be considered during a review and renewal process scheduled for January – June 2014.   For more information, please click on the attachments below. Related LinksDisciplinary Regulations The Manual is of a general nature only and should be used in conjunction with related policies, such as the Member Protection Policy.  TFA have also developed and provides with this release educational, templates and checklists to support operational use of the Manual.  This information is provided through the Affiliate Management Resource – Module 10 Disciplinary Regulations.   The purpose of the Manual format is to provide our members with a guide to the Touch Football Australia Disciplinary Regulations. last_img

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