The Shanghai dragon VP third phase of training for site operation and maintenance optimization of t

second, website optimization must be done to improve the user experience of nature. Here I want to and you analyze, the author thought to improve the user experience is generally consistent with the content of user needs, add a large number of internal links, as long as the original article, the search engine can take this on the line, the article add navigation, bold, and bold and so on this, but this time after learning, the teacher said and their current operation and understanding of user experience or some discrepancies, the teacher pointed out that the structure accords with the user behavior, such as their optimization, in order to make even attract spiders deliberately do some internal link station, station may don’t need this link, but they are very blind to do so, the teacher pointed out this behavior is deliberately optimized, may pre themselves or search engines are not aware of, if it continues to be found down Right is bound. On the one hand, the writing, the author always love in each article are included in the main website keywords, repeated content, the teacher said the nature is what meaning, is that not every day in order to optimize the overlay, deliberately in the title, this. read more

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Vertical thinking webmaster optimization you have it

so, in addition to these ideas is not? The following began to expand vertically.

short, vertical thinking in terms of optimization, especially for our webmaster, must have, must be the idea of opening up, so that we can do better, I make a case of Beijing car rental station to the new hope to help you learn more from the negative, it is for the couple to make fewer mistakes later welcome to reprint, but hopefully with Luna chubby copyright, thank you.

website optimization is now not what mysterious things, many owners also gradually from a large number of the chain to do, the quality of the original content, but how to write the content, how to write more let users easy to read, let users more easily find their desired content, and today the Chubby in Luna here we provide some valuable ideas, hope to be able to inspire more stationmaster. read more

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Dry cargo Shanghai Longfeng Er the product manager must understand the user demand analysis method

we can also see from the search results to user needs, can be seen from the figure is ranked first in the Shanghai love Wikipedia, to solve the Shanghai dragon is what needs; is the second largest webmaster tools, to solve the Shanghai dragon query demand; Shanghai Longfeng Research Center, ranked third, solve the needs of Shanghai Longfeng optimization the fourth is the self network, to solve the Shanghai dragon tutorial, ranking will illustrate the needs of users more recently.


only technology, do not understand the needs of users in Shanghai dragon, even if your site has the weight of how high, no matter your rankings are good, your site for users is still a heap of garbage. What a user needs to understand Shanghai dragon er? On this issue today talk about my views. read more

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Discussion on the construction of the chain in SOSO ask the

analysis of SOSO and ask for the role of the chain is to induce flow rather than ascension weight problem page, we should have a correct understanding of the chain effect SOSO ask, he assisted Shanghai Longfeng work. The tea pavilion by teayg 贵族宝贝teayg贵族宝贝/ finishing editing, please indicate the source, thank you

Large quantities of If you click on the

chain to a decisive role for the website ranking, so do the construction of the chain has become a priority among priorities in optimization. Outside chain distinction for the high quality and the low quality of the chain. Shanghai dragon ER are often know the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia, SOSO ask this kind of the chain of high quality chain. Today we see that SOSO is not really to ask such a high quality is the chain. read more

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Love Shanghai big update out of the new medical websites can continue to move on

this is the case, but the love of Shanghai at this time big update and new tactics, the medical website also can foothold in the search engine in

in November 8, 2012 and as usual to open the computer to check the station hands. These included in the site, links, keywords ranking have different degrees of fluctuation, and to my surprise, love for Shanghai medical and pharmaceutical website, made the remarks: some record information

good one: the patients were more likely to identify authoritative and regular medical websites, this is undoubtedly the biggest love on the benefits of Shanghai. This kind of advantage, also can promote the authority of Shanghai, love the regular site, they form a positive cycle. read more

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shlf1314 advertising alliance to do 3 years of experience experience summaryElite union owe news SM

shlf1314 advertising alliance with its application threshold is low, the advertising unit price is high, the credibility of the highest, favored by the majority of grassroots webmaster, is the main source of revenue for most grassroots adsense. shlf1314 advertising alliance advertising code can be put in all your website, as long as you apply to a shlf1314 advertising account, you can put the advertisement code into any other with a shlf1314 advertising requirements of the website, unlike the sh419 advertising alliance as a web site for advertising code can only be placed in a web site not on other sites. read more

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The search and integration of micro blog Shanghai micro blog search index content of love


search, as a part of the Tencent, behoove in search results show Tencent micro-blog information. To love Shanghai "reserved" compared to search in the search results show micro-blog information is often seen.


recently, with sina micro-blog launched real-time search. Love is not far behind Shanghai search engine. Love is like back, Shanghai started from the Tencent micro-blog and micro-blog online banking index micro-blog content, micro-blog search has promised to love Shanghai more as the main rival Sina micro-blog. Below is the love of Shanghai Tencent micro-blog and Sina micro-blog content index. read more

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The three step of learning website promotion stationmaster to rival

to do a successful web site is not to say that just buy a domain name and space, upload the complete set of programming. This is only the beginning, to build a successful website, then you need to beat the already famous rival site, so instead. Nature is to beat the opponent is not to say that can do that, first of all, we should analyze the opponent’s overall promotion, naturally from the opponent with the use of extension mode. Now the promotion mode is used to divided promotion for the promotion of online and offline, mainly online forum promotion, blog promotion, quiz promotion, soft Wen promotion, micro-blog promotion; offline promotion activities, advertising and other party posts. So we in the promotion of their own website, can extend the analysis method about the opponent to use, see what promotion methods suitable for their own use, what method is used to or has little effect. This Zhiyizhibi, you can. The owners in the promotion, should learn how to learn with rival promotion, because the site optimization and promotion, the best teacher is not a tutorial video, but competitors. So, how to promote the website analysis should start from the promotion mode. read more

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The optimization process of medical site in 10 areas need attention

second: how to set the home page and the Tilte keyword is a key, through this period of study, Xiao Bian found a very interesting phenomenon, is the key website Tilte can be combined into new combinations of keywords, which can attract relevant traffic. For example, the Beijing asthma hospital this website, this website is the main disease of asthma and bronchitis, therefore it is necessary to find some root disease keywords related to asthma and bronchitis, title can be set up so that "how to do _ asthma bronchitis symptoms _ asthma hospital _ Beijing Huada Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine" set, this set. That is, when the search for "the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and asthma do, hospital, hospital treatment of bronchitis, bronchitis, asthma and so on, search these keywords, will find the site. read more

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The thing Shanghai dragon must say small instruction help on

second, minus the result more accurate: sometimes we search a word when it returns a lot of unwanted results, the search engine that many words and your search words have a certain correlation all returns to the search results, so will we find to bring great influence on the target page. Then you can use minus the senior instructions, such as search "search engine", return the results are shown below, need to pay attention to certain spaces in front of the minus sign, minus the word out to follow behind. read more

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Zhou Xiaohui a new era of nternet Marketing Marketing is king

, according to industry analysts, in general, only large website to strong technical force to develop user behavior analysis, page analysis, visitor tracking, path tracking, special function transformation, while the majority of small and medium-sized websites can only use some third party software simple function of rough statistics. We will break this pattern, the statistical function of escalating, will provide more basis for tracking data directly for small and medium-sized site conversion, to meet their "from the fine management to further improve sales efficiency and improve marketing ROI needs", to maximize the promotion of interest. read more

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The use of the most popular events do have several important traffic conditions

Although every day

use the way to get traffic, can get good results, but many owners may also try the method that what they say, but it is not to have any effect, even found the article even you love Shanghai have not been included, not knowing the flow in the use of hot events there are some important conditions, in order to achieve the effect of others, so webmaster can don’t see results, will learn the secret to try, in the use of the most popular event of drainage, should have these conditions can achieve good effect: read more

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Three let you quickly upgrade the weight of the inside pages make the inside pages fly

this "ah bin" all original, starting A5, copyright (www.mobkid贵族宝贝) please keep the link. Shanghai Longfeng exchange with QQ:115583829.

third: the chain

page and home page, the chain support also can effectively enhance the weight of the page.

said the weight of the inside pages, the simplest is to see the ranking, the weight reflected in the search by keyword ranking, if the inside pages do have ranking, then your pages will have a certain weight is. But because of the competition of different keywords, so different keywords within the page weight is different. The weight lifting the inside pages of what is the point? Let’s take a look. read more

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You need two different visitors to optimize your site

users, you will find that there are many differences between them is obvious:

in different types of behavior is no doubt. Goal oriented website visitors to completely ignore the functional elements of the web page, they will go directly to the page navigation elements, such as the search box, alphabetically browse menu, usually it will list the content on the website resources.

analysis of these one can perfectly show the correlation between users and their behavior out of the ordinary type. The first group of users is a group of visitors to the site, they have access to the site is intended, through the main navigation elements using the website, these people will visit the site every item. read more

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The search engine ranking Shanghai dragon and the importance of optimization

search engine optimization (natural ranking of Shanghai dragon)

"we site overhead than other investment is much smaller, but more than 30% of income. "

and the two real Internet experience, but they reflect the reality of every day exhausted survivors network. Success is adjusted according to the changing environment of the results. Most of the company’s fate at stake, only a few people to grasp the panorama of problems. Fewer people are aware of the fundamental solution is to use the website optimization, search engine marketing (Search Engine, Marketing, SEM), search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) and pay per click (PPC) to improve the display rate of Web site advertising. read more

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The website of Shanghai love weight principle and reliability analysis tools

since Google exit Chinese PR update, began to become extremely irregular, even experienced last year after the 4.1 update, half did not updated again in. When you think of Google PR was cancelled in December last year, the results suddenly update once, this update is not how long, and updated once, all the confidence of the PR is slightly restored. A few days ago, the official Google query changed PR port, resulting in domestic PR query tool failure, so much talk about Google to cancel the PR, but the fact that the PR removing just a pull, now all the functions of the PR query tool has been restored. However, after tossing so the PR position in the course of contacts, is also gradually decline. In fact, even if the PR is normal, it is not a perfect tool. After all, it is Google, and in China love Shanghai is the boss, a few days ago, even seemingly have announced in Sogou beyond Google traffic; in addition, PR is based on a website external links to the site of the old scoring, some sites may have no operation has long been abandoned, but it is still may maintain a higher PR, because it was outside the chain. read more

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Digg case analysis why tech crowds are important usersOnline human resources service provider Workda

Workday said in the document, the company’s most recent fiscal year as of January 31st revenue of $134 million 400 thousand, an increase of 98%, but a net loss of $79 million 600 thousand.

Of the Workday risk factors listed in the S-1

file file, the most conspicuous is that the company is losing money every year. "We don’t expect to be profitable for the foreseeable future," Workday said in the document." The document also lists other common risks faced by a software as a service SaaS provider, including fierce competition, security breaches, long sales cycles, and reliance on third party data centers. read more

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The new board of enterprise PO road by cold treatment and three shareholders legal dispute in suspe

photo source; visual China

once again lead to paranoia is the cause, to cold chain, several Persian technology "new three three shareholders" nature of the proposed IPO companies, suspected in the pre disclosure and audit process suffered a suspected "cold treatment", for so many have the same situation three new board business people from danger.

three years, 7 quit, many companies become industry leader,

Gao Rong capital this morning announced the completion of the total amount of more than 5 billion yuan in two new funds raised, respectively, Gao Rong capital dollar fund, III and the RMB growth fund. So far, the young institution runs 7 funds, with an overall size of 11 billion yuan about $1 billion 600 million. read more

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Curriculum grid founder Li Tianfang small demand cut into larger marketsGet the lead out has been a

is not that its brand value has been hurt. In fact, McDonald’s is at least as popular as it is in modern consumers.

does not label itself course


labels this so that we can find new and better blood for our team, not for the direction of our products.


Li Tianfang went to study in the US at the age of 6, joined after college, became a software engineer, and then took part in the early start of Palantir, a big data company. Three years later, he left Silicon Valley and went back to his hometown to start his own business. Following the plan FM, curriculum grid is its third product after returning to China, and it is the most successful product so far. read more

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Single page Taobao guest tips short time to create a miracle of saleBetsy Cheung Bi Xi Zhang Lijia

Zhang Lijia 3 years ago to work advanced customization referred to as "high" idea, the Spring Festival of 2013, Betsy Cheung Bi Jubilee haute club began trial operation in a delicate decoration two small villa. Haute couture is the highest fashion. It comes from Paris. It has a strict standard in europe. Each piece of highly rated clothing is unique, many are hand-made, the price is not expensive.

single page do not what Taobao customers, as sales and shopping page, single page has inherent advantages, form of intuitive, allowing users to leave all the main information website at first glance. Compared to the current complex site sales and a large group of station type Taobao customers, single page Taobao for many webmasters, that is simple and not easy. How to optimize a single page, how to do rankings, how to make use of limited IP conversion rate?. These are the problems that webmasters face. These problems also make many Taobao stop long, even if a few single page, also quickly give up, the domain name used to do Taobao consulting type of website. Today I would like to share my own single page experience, a few simple steps that will allow your single page to gain a qualitative leap. read more

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