Google Apps user needs 10000 contacts Google says no

first_imgWhile I doubt many people will ever reach 10,000 contacts it is something to keep in mind. It also makes very little sense as to why 10,000 is the limit. Any ideas?Read more at FeldThoughts There are many limits I can see a user reaching on their PCs and in the online services they use. Storage is the main concern with your Gmail account having a storage limit, your Dropbox account having a ceiling depending on your account tier, and ISPs increasingly limiting our bandwidth quotas. One limit I never thought I’d see someone quote is a contacts limit, but that’s exactly what one Google Apps user is currently facing – he can’t add any more people to his list.Brad Feld, managing director of Foundry Group has recently hit such a limit on his Google Apps account. He thought it strange, so got his IT guy Ross to contact Google about increasing the limit. His mail simply said:AdChoices广告One of our users has hit some sort of limit of 10,000 contacts – we need this increased as this user needs more than 10,000. Can you let me know how to increase this limit? Google’s usual response to such a question is to increase the limit, or at least offer to for a price. Both would have been acceptable responses for Feld. But in this case it is a hard limit and Google responded as such:Hello Ross,Thank you for your message. I understand that you are inquiring about the Contact limit per user for a Google Apps for Business account.This is expected functionality at the moment and we suggest that you remove some of the contacts that you don’t use to free up some space on your account. You are not able to increase this amount, however if you would like you can submit a feature request for increasing the amount of Contacts each user has. To do this please follow these instructions1. Login to your Google Apps account.2. In your dashboard, scroll down to the very bottom on the screen and you will see a link called ‘Suggest a Feature.’3. Click on this link and you will be able to fill out a feature request.I hope you found this information useful, Ross and thank you for your understanding.last_img read more

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