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YAHOO home page to revision, MSN home page also want to revision, every time foreign portal home page to revision, will cause Internet users to domestic portal revision expectations.

filed a portal page, we would have imagined it like this: the whole page is packed news, flying a variety of small advertising and a variety of colors to remind users to read, the overall feeling is dragons and fishes jumbled together, out of order. Portal website is one of the longest popular Internet products. It is the first entrance of Internet users in the Web1.0 era.

, however, with the rapid development of Web2.0, the portal page seems anachronistic, or lack of personality, like traditional media, can only passively accept the news, but also in the title of the party the temptation to click on those articles flashy without substance. Many people hate such portal style, but if we want to get more authoritative news, we have to go back here.

is among the top ten TOP sites in China. Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase and Phoenix are among the five major portals. In foreign countries, portal traffic is also huge. Although people think YAHOO is going downhill, but it still is the traffic rank third websites, according to market research firm ComScore, every day there are 170 million independent visitors will visit the YAHOO website, which most people will visit the YAHOO home page.


home page as the portal Menlian, is the largest local site traffic, which is the most profitable place, like every city business center, every piece of advertisement is piled up with a lot of money, if you want to in the portal page to be revised, is like a man going to cosmetic, not only a great risk, and is likely to fail. Portal competition is fierce, once a careless, will lose many users, opponents by playing slowly.

, however, YAHOO decided to make a facelift on the front page, although YAHOO’s home page is excellent compared to the home front page, but his CEO Meijer doesn’t think it’s enough.

With the rapid spread of

and smartphones and the rapid decline in the number of Webmail and YAHOO mailboxes, YAHOO’s homepage has evolved into the company’s most important product. How to attract users to visit the website has become a major challenge for Meyer to recapture the search market share and revive the former Internet giant. According to the leaked new product release plan, the revised YAHOO home page has several main trends:

Personalization – creating a habitual personal experience that allows hundreds of millions of users to enjoy high quality content at all times.

simplicity removes unnecessary modules, highlights, reduces the volume of news shows, and delivers the most important information with limited news.

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