Excellent signs LOGO the importance of business

has asserted that even if a fire burns all the fixed assets of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola can be renewed with its trademark, which shows the importance of this intangible asset to the enterprise. The new company has a long-term vision, we can determine the success of a sign in before operation, it is essential to establish the day after the market promotion, product sales, brand.

company was founded, the company reputation and products do not have much advantage in the beginning, customers do not spend too much time to understand your company and products, if there is a striking sign, will let customers remember profoundly, that is a sign of success to attract more repeat rate, inspire more potential customers.

In order to get good marks, the new

has to understand some basic common sense of logo design, and seriously consider what kind of logo the company needs to convey the concept of the company. The author here to introduce the logo design of the three forms of expression.

There are three forms of

logo design,

1, a direct form of expression, is the direct use of words to represent the company’s name, such as IBM, CCTV, and now Lenovo Inc signs are like this. The advantage of the logo lies in the direct expressiveness of the logo, which can be directly associated with the relationship between the logo and the company through repeated signs.

2, the image of the form, is the image of the company to express the concept of direct, such as Mercedes Benz steering wheel signs, NBA signs, HUAWEI icons and text composition signs are like this. The advantage of this logo is its image, which gives a glimpse of the meaning of the sign.

3, an abstract form of expression, refers to an abstract symbol as a corporate symbol. For example, Beijing’s symbol, it is a Chinese traditional handicraft pattern, namely Chinese knot, pattern shows a person playing Taiji dynamic posture, the simple gesture lines symbolize the graceful, harmonious and strength, unity, cooperation and exchanges between the peoples of the world of meaning.

basic knowledge of LOGO design is far more than these, companies want to sign a sign of success may wish to study the well-known enterprises, and between peers in common, after a careful comparison and planning, according to the company’s products and to express the enterprise idea, look for people LOGO logo design.

wants to be a sign of success. LOGO, where can I find someone to design


is currently looking for someone to design a logo LOGO, or very convenient, pinch fingers, there are about 5 places, you can quickly find excellent designers.

1, advertising company

advertising company is a traditional entity company, before the Internet has yet to rise, companies are looking for advertising companies design logo. Enterprises and advertising companies are face-to-face transactions, so it is more secure for enterprises. The only problem is advertising companies

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