Do personal websites really make money

these days, I’m really in a good mood. So. I guess the article is not written out of poor taste. So, you tell me, you see it.

has been hooked on the Internet for three years. Personal website for about two years. Have always been a child following the trend. What fire does?. Then two years later it was discovered. Originally, in addition to most of the site construction procedures have the right to speak, there really is nothing left. Perhaps it hurts not just the money that has been spent in the past two years. But living time and hope.

I really feel that personal websites can make money and make a lot of money. Even in the mind, as long as the update, then the bank’s book money will continue to update. In fact, even if a lot of pages included, then the money will not have much. Maybe I’m stupid, maybe I didn’t do one thing consistently. Make a theme, make a station. These two years, I really did not make money, or even lost a lot.

think about it, I’m really sorry. Why are they all human beings?. Why is the gap between us so large?. Some people earn bowl full of pots. Some people have only a skinny body and a shy purse. In fact, those who make money have been teaching us. We just didn’t do it well.

the Spring Festival hasn’t been done these days. Surfing the Internet like a normal person all day long. Not as a station owner. Sure enough. But facing the girlfriend, facing the family member, facing own hope to the life. No kidding。 I still feel that my major in automobile learning is not so easy for me to deserve all of this. And doing a website however more and more is a not very reliable thing.

I’ve been thinking a lot of times. A lot of things are pay attention, there will be returns. Just do stand is not. Who can do the original web site, since we can not original, then, even if the collection of how hard, pseudo original how good, it is not really pay.

so. The skills of some experts are becoming more important.

and those who care and persevere will do better. And like me, and virtuous disdain acquisition of two minds people destined to do well.

actually said that. I’m not sad at heart. It’s easy. Because. I have a good job now. Although not very rich, but can support life, and even continue to do the station. Then, doing a website is an interest, not a livelihood.

as long as there is no hope. To do something that interests you, then it’s nothing to do, anyway. It’s all about fun. If it’s all right. Also returns. Isn’t that right,


long winded. But I really want to say it in my heart. Reprint please keep a link:

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