Excellent webmaster tools recommended Baidu statistical thermal chart

good network promotion, data analysis is the key. Last week in Bowen, we share a Baidu weight query tool. This week to recommend a statistical thermodynamic diagram called Baidu webmaster tools, analysis for the website data, the same is awesome.

1: how to add Baidu statistical thermal chart function

this tool in Baidu statistics, which shows the "page click map", foreign known as the world’s first free intelligent thermal map. Simply to say, how to use the Baidu statistics function, and then share it with everyone with Baidu statistical thermodynamic diagram in the end what is special.

: in the Baidu statistics "website analysis" column, select the page, click the map, then create a click map, enter the page name and page address you want to count. The premise, of course, is that your website has Baidu statistics.


added second days after the day to see yesterday’s data, and now Baidu statistical thermal chart support at the same time check the last 7 days of data.

two: page click on the thermal chart function

this is Baidu statistical thermal chart biggest characteristic function, can statistics page user mouse click behavior, thus the website each region user clicks the situation. Now to introduce the next page, click on the thermal chart of several features.

1: by color, at a glance, the site uses the user to click data to distribute

as figure: 28 push home 22 thermal map distribution, red more concentrated place, that is, users often pay attention to the place. Orange comes next. Green means less clicks. You can see through the picture color, at a glance, know which region hits the most people.


can look at the top right side of the image above the red area, which indicates that the location is more popular. Because the top of the right is the member registration / landing position, and most of the faithful members first visit the home page first, then login to the forum. Therefore, that position is the entire home page click rate is highest, is also reasonable.

2: know the click data of the hot area of the website, user origin,

if you want to know how many clicks on an area, only need to use the mouse to select (on the map, click, drag, press release) hot region, the region will be able to view the number of clicks and proportion, but also can click on the source area of the user’s view, is not very amazing. The data in the 5 regions can be simultaneously framed at one time.

through the data shown in the box below, you can see that the red area at the top right has 1648 hits on the 22 day, of which 1255 hits come from direct access, and 301 clicks from the search engine, and the remaining 92>

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