9 experiences of doing web site

1, domain name

if you want to create an influential brand, the site’s investment is relatively large, then you choose a good reflection of your site brand domain name. If your flagship brand is the information network, then you can sign up like: www.xinsr.com, this type of.Com site, if you can’t register. COM, you can sign up for suffix.Org or.Net.cn. Remember to use _ and other non conventional symbols, so that users input is not easy. If your site does not want to spend too much money for promotion, mainly consider the search engine, then your site, you can take a more Chinese name.

2, space

Yang Zhiyuan said that Internet users can tolerate open speed is within 8 seconds, if your site is flash and a lot of pictures, home call a lot of parameters, so your site even more beautiful is not how many people. Because of the poor bandwidth in China, especially the node connection is not smooth.


solution is walking on two legs. 1.. Optimize page code, increase the proportion of text, reduce garbage code, so that the size of the page smaller. 2.. Bought the bandwidth, spend more time to investigate the IDC supplier, measuring speed irregularly.

3. Customer

Before deciding on the main key words of your site,

uses keyword tools to do extensive research to see which keywords fit your website and your needs. What keywords does your direct competitor use? How competitive is it? Can you go beyond the new unexplored virgin soil?

4, reading conventions,

do not copy the design principles of foreign countries, do not copy other websites, do a good job of investigation, select the layout format and module structure through user voting.

, for example, for news, the Chinese love the Sina model, and a bunch of stories pile up on one page. If you copy the foreign website to do the news, it is estimated that you died. Navigation design, reading habits, colors, font size and so on, there are some conventional things, a good study, the harvest is great.

5 and SEO principles

adhere to the light of the page, concise code, try to use DIV-CSS to write the whole station, can be part of the form, clear the page on the Java Script code, using an external file to call. Avoid to make the site garish, let visitors feel, you can use a small amount of flash, and pictures. Keep the user experience good

6, create page

DW know, with his manually do dozens of web pages, handwritten code, search engine recognition is particularly high, if your CMS is doing, that effect is far away. Follow your own!

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