An old rookie site memoir

time too fast, 8 years fleeting, imperceptibly became done N site " webmaster; "… Said in quotes, because I was not eligible stationmaster, until now is not my ~. When playing the stone age, China Yigang opened the beast, Nien was a dream pet at the time, I a person to engage in N, at the time of the price, should be worth a few thousand dollars ~ how to sell? So the establishment of the impulse. Then, to build a personal website Laoniao have a sense of worship, I think that can build, play computer to the extreme. Also at that time, I contacted the domain name, space, FTP and other new things, registered the 51pk domain name. Remember the name of the station was stone supermarket, with FrontPage form a simple site. The picture did not change the format directly up, watching full screen called XX, I have studied for a long time and there is a story that is not a good search engine, I through the Sohu directory to the landing site, found a site called 52pk in the directory of the stone age. Domain name so close, called me happy for a long time, immediately contact 52pk’s Zhou Qiao, when he is also stone player, built a family site, as if called "brothers" what ~ we chatted a lot.

that time truly contact the Internet, up to now, it is the date of Li Xingping’s world, the sky everywhere are the Li Xingping station, now a lot of boring comments I looked at, "what Li Xingping understood the establishment of hao123 users, help users on the network, slowly development of large flow of articles, I see the gas, then if the word" rogue websites ", he must be the king in his class! Sites simply can’t run, all kinds of malicious code to set the home page, rising crazy poison can not kill. When the search is Sohu, it is easy to search his station, due to the IE version, the China homepage is not a kind of black, the Internet was changed after the home page was changed back, only by the QJ, the address directly is grey ~ but his website group after wash white.

now, Li Xingping is one of my idols, and now I remember his innovations and ideas are really ahead. His station pays great attention to the user experience, and these two years popular desktop marketing, people N years ago think of. Go back 03 years, speaking from 51pk, (don’t think about the stone supermarket selling pet, it had a miscarriage, a month after the Huayi a beast beast package, the direct price dropped to 100!) after the stone age was also transferred to kill my magic, magic camp, and indulge in a period of time, built from the family site, slowly development of 51pk forum, the actual online was also about 500, is the first magic forum. Longmen cards sold directly to the first, the organization will take online activities, Huayi server when off. GM specializes in maintaining order, T, those who swear,


is playable, the server is a problem again, 2000 space a year

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