Can a blog still carry your ambitions

independent blog, in recent years, gradually faded out of everyone’s vision, for the webmaster, this type of website has no potential for commercial excavation, abandon it also become a matter of course. So you can see that the number of bloggers in the industry is dropping, and there are only a few famous blogs like Lu Songsong. Even the survival of the blog, it still faces many problems, the information is updated slowly, push frequency is low, unable to effectively bind live mobile client users, profit and so on, in the development of blog industry is cry everywhere.

as to why this dilemma occurs, I think we should start with reading habits at this stage. Now we pay attention to the culture of fast reading and sharing as the exchange of information, it is through article is not something everyone needs, we want to look at the contents of the 200-300 word is often one of the blog to make quality requires at least 1000 as auxiliary, the problem arises, a blogger hard for a few hours of momentum in the end is not certain to be read, in addition, because the text is too long in the process of communication in ancient is difficult, after all, not the information station, long length or content will reduce the whole open frequency, it is these two reasons led directly to the blog content selling form declaring bankruptcy.

‘s decline in the blogosphere has been reflected in the early years, but the rapid growth of these social products has led to this phenomenon. Throughout the early blog existence value, is more biased in favor of content sharing, at that time did not from the concept of media, we want to obtain directional content only from the industry blog with so far is the birth of every kind of bloggers, some do have SEO name card, do a single product sales, have something to do movie download and so on, but with the development and refinement of the cyber source, and more and more people to join the industry in, the limitations of blog theme is more and more obvious, so we begin to have accused their limitations, that bloggers can not achieve more humane, abandon it is a trend.

for these phenomena, I do not do too much comment, just feel some time we will blog of the weight is too high, so that the former cannot load your ambition, if you do not consider the pursuit of short-term commercial interests, you don’t do pure products, so the blog or even so Nothing is right.? Now the number of blog sites than ever before, but Lu Songsong and a few other people or to the whole industry confirms the development of independent blog still reasonable sense, but for now the situation need to make some changes. So what changes do you need for independent blogs,


one, continue to adhere to content originality. Can be said that there is no blog content development, although now everyone criticized the blog content length is too long, can not adapt to the modern society, but I want to say is that this is precisely the advantages of independent blog, often need space unique analysis for some specific industries that blog >

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