Discussion on some ideas of QQ station

      QQ station in the end how to develop, this problem I think for a long time, now most of the station is you copy me, I copy you, feel oneself original things less and less. Talking about the original, of course, as each webmaster hope that their station has original content, but only our personal strength can do? So I have been very contradictory, in the end QQ station how to develop?

        in fact, when it comes to the QQ station outlook is very good, now more and more users of QQ, but if our personal station or not what special, you can keep the number of QFANS, here is my personal ideas, perhaps just an idea!

        first, as a webmaster, we must know what QFANS wants is what, so I suggest that each station can have a message board, let QFANS give you stand some advice, not necessarily everyone says is good advice, but many people say I believe, You’ll see. what to do.

        second; we want to open a member of the window, leaving you a member of the private space, so that you can increase the viscosity of your station.

          third; so that members can pass content to the site. The task of our stationmaster is transformed by oneself pass content to examine and verify content.

          also, many owners feel puzzled, can be done before two, but third for QFANS content to the website, this is not a fantasy, I think for a long time, why do we need the QFANS QQ station, they also do not want to own is beautiful QQ space dress, improve their popularity. So we can grasp this point, let them send content to the website, like many webmaster to ADMIN5 posts to improve their website traffic, ha ha, a metaphor.

          of course, there are many ways in which we can let the QFANS take the initiative to send content to the web site, such as a web site in the original Master area, linked to the Master QQ space, so that their popularity will be overbearing. Can also be posted on their QQ tags in their own original picture module, or a direct link to their QQ space, the above is just my personal idea, in fact, here still want to post something to the webmaster for, say some ideas about it, said so much, the key is their not technology, hope that the webmaster can teach experience for me, I would like to own www.qq> website QQYA free space

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