Small brother the overall promotion of the executive force make money more crazy

currently has four basic steps to earn money:

‘s first step: choose a money making model that suits you.

second step: do a good job of site planning and design work.

third step: hard to do promotion.

fourth step: after a certain amount of traffic, to sell advertising or selling products profitable.

want to make money is so simple, as long as the choice of their own mode of making money, and then to perform, to operate, you can naturally earn money. The following little brother explains two real cases.

case 1: train PR values and sell link

black brother wrote an article in July when he summed up 9 blogging ways to make money. One of them was to develop PR values and sell links.

my friend in this way, blog built ten garbage station, and then through their own resources, cross chain way with these blogs, the PR value update, ten station PR value up to 4, and then all the sale price of 50 yuan, he is only in the relevant link exchange website released one or two information, every day can be sold several copies, he happy every day in the qq send me information, today sold hundreds of links, very happy. With his initial calculations, his dozen blogs, each selling moonlight links, could reach more than 2000 of revenue.

my friend’s execution is not strong enough, if he had built dozens of blogs, and then increase the sale of links promotion efforts, income is at least several times now.

ask, have read this article webmaster how many, really according to my method to carry out and how many, I think very little, right?.

sum up: Adsense earn money, thinking is not a problem, execution is the key

Case two: guest

black brother before a lecture "tap the hidden value, make a super rich webmaster", which refers to a guest to make money ideas, do a high commission, high demand, competitive keywords small products. There is a net friend, he dedicated to find such products, designed to do a single page, and then optimize the page, a dozen at a stretch. Because the competition is small, the optimization effect is obvious, all have obtained the good rank, each product page monthly income has two hundred or three hundred, ten pages, each month’s income has achieved two thousand or three thousand.

how many people have read this lecture? Many people have just taken it with one eye. How many people actually do this? Very few, few, almost negligible.

sum up: sometimes the money making method is simple. You can see it everywhere in the blog. But you can’t make money. The key depends on your execution.

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