Nine hilarious wow website

2 era, creative endless. Where’s the new site this year? I picked out some good websites (regardless of nationality) and recommended them to Admin5’s friends.

the following website owner, consistently from the network information in the selection of the most cool, pull, the most unexpected and most Penfan wow new things, new things, we think, perhaps this is the real value of the Internet, maybe you can get some inspiration from inside what.

1, the magic of the face –

listens to mom saying that the most IN way to get to know a friend is no longer a traditional QQ search, and that the Public Security Bureau’s face search technology used to search for terrorists can also be used to find your first love. TA, similar to you, may be waiting for your search in some part of the globe……

2, earth death live broadcast to

we can see the birth and death toll in every country, and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere like suicide. Trust me, it feels like god.

3, tell your secrets. –

‘wife gave birth to the child completely out of shape, really not interested. Wife, the so-called overtime is very tired, I lied to you……" It’s a web site dedicated to sharing secrets, and what’s more exciting to people who are looking at their desires?.

4, gloves found! –

picked up the glove well intentioned people can put the gloves to upload photos website, waiting for the original owner of the glove claim, belonging here already gloves are not important, just want to tell people through Adsense website, unfortunately whether big or small, at least we have the goodness and hope.

5, online graffiti signed

Microsoft advocated environmental protection activities around the world, users can use website graffiti strokes of odd shape leaves (each leaf represents a tree), and write about environmental protection, natural plants and defend a declaration.

6, the strongest network singled out to

This is a strange

in clusters of network "strong than strong" website, for example, you just upload a video to do 200 push ups, someone will immediately upload 500 pushups video competition, let you know what is called the lustrous and dazzling world!

7, Business Review >

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