The plight of local nternet companies how to expand customers

local network company’s business scope is mainly website construction and Baidu optimization, the service is targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises, to my city as an example: large and small network companies, there are dozens. In the past few years, the demand for website construction is very large, and Internet companies can make a lot of money. However, with the rapid development of website making technology. The network company’s business has become more and more difficult to do, coupled with the demand for local cities gradually saturated, and now a few hundred dollars can be an enterprise station. Online a lot of understanding of website production of personal orders, Baidu optimization is not as simple as the original, do SEO cost increase, but SEO service is more "Chinese cabbage" price". Local Internet companies used to rely mainly on offline connections, so the company’s business capabilities are more important than technology, but orders are really difficult.

first: establish Internet brand, promote brand

local network companies also need to do Internet marketing, trying to find potential customers from the Internet, it is best to build their own Internet brands. Looking for customers across the country so you don’t have to worry about no orders. But on the Internet, talking about business is different from offline face-to-face communication, first of all let your customers believe that the strength of the network company, after all, in the network, many people are worried about being cheated. Then, how to find such needs to build and optimize the customer, in general, this part of the customer will find information in the 58 city information platform, or directly through the Witkey network to find service providers. There are many Internet companies on the Internet, such as "eight quit", "Witkey", "China Power" and so on, so you can register your account on these platforms. Finally, select the promotion method, you can directly find the relevant information of enterprise contacts, QQ promotion or mail promotion.

second: expanding business scope, mining customer needs,

customer demand is changing, the major business of the future network company should be network marketing, and now most of the SMEs have their own enterprise website. The establishment of business is close to saturation, and the enterprises need knowledge of Internet marketing, need to carry out network marketing, for example: it is now very popular WeChat marketing network, the company can begin to expand this business, but the premise is that the marketing team. In addition, there are countless small and medium-sized enterprises, many of them are not supported by maintenance companies, and Internet companies can provide such maintenance services as well. While SEO services have long cycle times and costs are increasing, the main reason is that Baidu has a growing demand for content, and the SEO team must have strong editorial staff. In addition, you can tap other needs of SMEs, and even for a particular aspect of the business, the scope is too much, may not have so much energy to do well.

third: Internet connections and offline contacts

the best way to promote is word of mouth marketing, through the introduction of customers, so that the customer’s friends take the initiative to contact you. Online social networking is as important as real social networking, but the most difficult is the first step, the Internet connections

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