Several tips for attracting repeat customers

as everyone knows a commodity, and easy to use, if genuine goods at a fair price, then there will be a lot of second visits to buy goods, for a good website is the same, a large part of the site is the source of the good stability of flow back, maybe they already put your website for home page, every day open the computer first of all is to see your site. But to do this and the degree of effect is not easy, we will introduce several websites to attract repeat small ideas (currently my website will be making up these small ideas, if you are interested are welcome to discuss with me QQ:1102681993:


1, making a daily reminder, such as the recent south area has almost a month of rain, you can draw a small place some rainy days or rainy days travel guide, how to dry clothes, both for the convenience of users, but also make people feel very warm.

2, do some polls, or polls, such as where the individual owners of the way, Old Summer Palace rabbit and rat head can return, increase the current and attractive content. If you’re on a diet website, you can list several ways to lose weight and let visitors comment on which diets are good. The average visitor enjoys interactivity.

3, set "give me a message", you can net friend’s message in a region rolling play, let users feel that the site is also can have the right to speak of the site, to stimulate his attention to the site.

4, a day to ask a question, every day can allow users to answer, the answer was published second days, integral or other reward for the right to increase participation of users, of course, the question of the content according to the content of your website to set.

is more than some attract repeat the movement, the ancients cloud not good for small, although only a small action, but to collect information and edit the news, this effect may be better, after all, the editor or a fascinating collection of information is difficult, unless you are "the first exposure the pornographic.

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