How does website traffic surge method compose soft Wen


published "let the website flow steadily soaring cheats", "create keywords, let your web site traffic soared steadily" and other articles, attracted a lot of attention of webmaster, some asked me how to improve the flow as soon as possible, ask how some writing and so on, especially the health nets webmaster, repeatedly hit how to write the soft call for a specific site problem.

in fact, writing soft text is one of the most effective ways to promote the website. Good soft Wen, often click rate and reprint rate is very high, it is not only to bring you traffic, but also can effectively improve the weight of the web site.

then how to write a good article? This question is difficult to answer, but can still borrow art statements to answer, that is "water is work out measures to suit local conditions!". The soft itself is not what things are not too profound to be understood, what a fixed pattern, only their own experience or feel real written. However, in writing soft Wen, only need to pay attention to a few rules on the line,


first, write soft text, must face you want to promote customer groups

in writing before, you need to understand your writing purpose is to conduct propaganda and publicity, for those groups, you need to publicize the contents of this group is that, if you interested in the issue of publicity? Only in understanding the premise, you can write the targeted soft literary talent. For example, the European health network needs to deal with community health care and prevention and treatment of diseases, and the publicity is about health. You can start with the prescriptions, brochures and so forth. Adsense network publicity is the group is the webmaster of the website, publicity is the main content of the website construction, maintenance, promotion and so on. Say is different websites and products, because the content of the bearer is different, publicity groups are different, content is different. If you promote the webmaster network into beauty, health, health promotion, network technology and website promotion, do you think it’s right?

second, choose the title of soft Wen, avoid article content and title does not match,

a good title can catch the eye of a group and attract more attention to watch and appreciate. Good soft Wen title is half of your successful promotion, so in the title of the soft choice should be under a lot of effort, you should seriously consult propaganda group of Internet users are most concerned about, what, do not care about what to write, so soft to cause great concern, such as concern for Adsense site traffic hot, write "traffic steadily soaring cheats" title, have good effect.

third, soft text content is true and effective

, we are writing soft text for publicity of their web site or product, the content must be true and effective, false content will only be despised, will not receive good results. The best thing is to write your own real feelings and your own lessons,

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