A new definition of the Wangzhuan you will do things to the extreme

during the rapid development of the network, derived from the deputy industry is varied, have a lot of friends at work can earn the same salary earning money around, really make people feel the network is not illusory, or have real benefits. From 2011 began operating their own employment talent network, start the webmaster industry, really feel that there is a big doorway.

to identify their own expertise to meet market demand

in the absence of contact website before, really feel Wangzhuan is website, programming, he is a liberal arts graduate students, these things do not, will also is writing, translation of several English articles, but the real money holding the mentality to find their own Wangzhuan project, we will find that as long as their proficiency in a particular line so, absolutely can find suitable part-time on the internet. For example, you will PS, you can help others repair the map, you master PPT, you can do programming culture, if the writing is good, to help others write a paper or application reports can be. If you have skills, and to solve some real problems, so network platform is suitable for you, if there is no resources, then go to the pig and other hand might also try Wangzhuan platform. At least the service above basically covers everything we can do. But in this process, I still sincerely advise you, especially a novice, no matter what things about a efficiency, although we are a novice, the ratio can not be too much attention paid, but for some there is no nutritional items, such as what QQ mass, 500 words to write small articles like what we do not pay too much attention, in real life we have is a labor, if also play a role in toil on the Internet, I think everything is not necessary, do something you love more than simply want to make money can promote our progress.

touch the take-off point, career planning for yourself,

if you can stay in your choice for 2 years without soy sauce, then you have the ability to develop further. After all, the deposition of two years has explained almost all of our skills, and what remains to be done is to make plans for the future. First he had followed the trend of all guest and group purchase, although the final did not earn much, but in the process of learning website, learn optimization, learn how to use the popular event marketing to bring traffic, and has also accumulated a lot of resources, know many experts in this area, was himself in think it should be in accordance with the foundation of the liberal arts students and in the institutions to work as an assistant experience to engage in a more professional website, because of their work now although steadfast, but too comfortable all day, this is a waste of Yu Qingchun, and their young, just want to do some things you love, in addition do Wangzhuan, get paid a higher salary than really work. So it’s like being a model, website, education, training, real estate network, and so on

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