At present food and beverage O2O still stay in the diversion stage once the outbreak is immeasurab

reading: the most terrible thing is that the real good wine, good food, good service businesses, once mastered and picked up the Internet thinking weapon, then the O2O platform also take them no way.


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recently read a lot of food and beverage industry analyst or expert O2O article mentioned O2O platform value of catering is discussed, many user relationship management, marketing, two times increase over Taiwan tall on the topic. I think these are not the core issue at the present stage, the largest value or diversion, is to give businesses bring more customers, the other is nonsense, a gimmick, no value.

this field, the establishment of business models, is certainly a user, platform, business win-win situation of the three ecosystems. At present, Amoy little beauty group, hungry for platform takeaway business to do fast, to store business, comment, the U.S. group and other group purchase platform to do good, they have first mover advantage, Amoy little as a latecomer, user habits have not been established, although the largest subsidies however, a little taste of wine is also afraid of deep alley, terrible is the habits of users and usage scenarios. What I’m talking about here is that group buying is good, it’s just a diversion, and it’s all price driven, and far from a well functioning ecosystem.

users in this system of appeal, the price is certainly not the only point, the user’s needs are far from being tapped and met, to cite two examples. The first good business recommendation is still not a reliable platform can objectively give the answer, the final solution may be two points, one is the acquaintances recommended, some reliable, good friends will not lie; another is based on real consumption evaluation system, offline consumption of the complexity of the scene, unlike the Taobao store easy credit, which store business is good, to many people, at a glance on the platform, users will naturally do screening. Here are opportunities, the existing platform does not meet the opportunity. For another example, reserve seats. Amoy spot and comment are done, but there is no large-scale promotion, we all believe that in the end there must be valuable. Just this industry rough style management, can not carry out such fine docking, the future trend must be like this. Take Ctrip mission to the hotel, Ctrip booking to the day room, he is just buy a cheap group purchase coupons, and self booking, with the U.S. group also set off, although this book in force, but the body is too small. The future no matter which industry O2O platform, will go deep into the industry operation system, the price of the current pattern of diversion is the most primary stage, but want to build barriers overnight, ahead of the competition, but also to do the whole industry development status, in that before it.

nag said three points, one is the price is two, three is a convenient choice. The current O2O platform has only the price

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