From the office building to the cornfields an alternative road for T people

Zhou Yutang is one of them. He came from a family, after graduation from college, like most people, in the office as a small white-collar workers, engaged in the IT industry. In the meantime, he has done many occupations, including teachers, engineers, sales managers, etc., walking in Beijing and Guangzhou two big cities, but almost all of the city career, and IT are linked. For a day in and day out in the big city of entrepreneurs, in his view that the "river of the crucian carp, with a grasp of a lot, only a handful of fortune".

original accumulation of

10 years, IT Road,

‘s lush IT giants are like forest trees, and small companies seem to be only grass, and Zhou Yutang thinks it is difficult for IT small companies to grow again.

in 2007, after 10 years in the IT industry, the turning point in life came to Zhou Yutang. Zhou Yutang’s company was successfully listed as one of the founders of the company. He cashed in the original shares and signed an employment agreement to work for the company. However, it meant a buyout for his 10 year IT career.

"actually, I’ve been short of money for years.". Get this money, want to achieve things, too much, too much." The first thing to solve is, of course, the house. At the same time, Beijing housing prices soared under the Olympic concept. Zhou Yutang began to look around, and realized that no matter how much money he made, the rate of house prices faster than the rate of making money, "the so-called accumulation of 10 years, it is better than 1 years of housing prices."."

so he thought about entrepreneurship again. However, he found that the road to entrepreneurship is difficult. "I know the IT industry is highly saturated, the competition is unprecedented fierce. I used to do project outsourcing at HUAWEI company, when I realized that the IT industry took the winner all the way, and the small IT company could only do something about it." He also cited an example: Wang Zhidong this industry elite, left Sina, started a new life, go tortuous ways are abnormal. Lush IT giants, like forest trees, and small companies seem to be only grass, Zhou Yutang think IT small company is difficult to grow space.

in 2007 – 2008, Zhou Yutang temporarily can not find the right project to do, so they put money into the stock market. In this round of big bull market, he gained a lot, and had the honor to return. The stock market’s harvest gave him more raw money.

investment farm

the secret of corn without a fall,


entered the market, Zhou Yutang made a large investment in infrastructure construction, and invested a total of electricity, power wells, irrigation channels, living facilities, as well as a variety of farm tools. The infrastructure of the scale farm was significantly better than the small farm, and he invested about 25 thousand yuan to irrigate 70% of the land. "Next year, an additional 10 thousand yuan of investment, basically full coverage of land irrigation."." Similarly in the countryside

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