Why is it so hard for individuals to create a web site now

I am a personal webmaster, has been the creation of personal websites, why is it so difficult to stand now, in fact, many reasons.

1: personal station without promotional resources, a person’s limited ability,

2: you have to do website style design, but also to engage in content and so on… Then there is time to publicity,


3: even if you go to promote their own station, if you QQ friends to promote ha ha, then they will ask whether it is a virus! Alas! Difficult!


4: Baidu these search is difficult for individual Adsense request original article, ha ha, I ask you have so much time, so much experience?

5: personal site are generally personal hobby to build its… A lot of friends they don’t understand the difficult course of personal website founded ah ~ general individual set up a station in front of the computer every day Oh opportunity is by all means to stand on his own get beautiful view popularity to improve point, no opportunity to point 12-2 between to the rest of the night, how many users understand the webmaster hard? If not careful personal webmaster hard that today’s online world? Don’t say thanks to those companies network? Oh these companies generally charge station, free function limit and so on

6: say so much nonsense what? Or just do not speak; to look at their own station was established. Www.0566love.comhao was to operate their own a home Oh Oh "Chizhou friends network" to say, here still want to invite you to join my station

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