Using DEDE program to generate original content

a few days ago, I published a "DedeCms initial experience" on Admin5, talking about the importance of Dede acquisition function to the product itself, and the anti collection obfuscation technology. To Admin5, mostly small and medium-sized Web site webmaster, they use Dede products in a few. Today, I’d like to focus on the functions and uses of the "add ins". Of course, I’m not going to say that the plug-in Dede own, because here the webmaster is Dede players, how a small plug-in, I would like to share our own development of the collected articles into the "original" article


produces the original title principle

first, look at the screenshot.


this plugin page has the same style as the other plug-ins that come with Dede. The feature is to turn the title into a unique title. The principle is this: usually we search the title of an article in Baidu, and Baidu will return many of the same articles. Obviously, this article has been reprinted many times. We know, in the case of repeated content, Baidu will be in accordance with the weight of the site sort. The higher the weight of the site, the higher the location of the search results. So, even though your site has been searched, the result is likely to be back. Although it is easy to collect other people’s articles, the effect is not necessarily good. The reason is here.

a headline, in plain terms, is a word. Sentences are made up of words. Without changing the meaning of the sentence, they change a similar word. Then, in the opinion of the search engine, the sentence becomes different from the original sentence. In other words, you have an original title. It’s very important. Original content is what search engines like best.

The annual Spring Festival Gala on

like Feng Gong often say a word, dear audience friends, "I miss you", when he was forced to let Zhu Jun say this sentence, Feng Gong said "you make me wanna die". Although the meaning has not changed, the sentence has changed. The plug-in principle is like this.

Usage of


, the current title and the original title begin to load the title of an article, which cannot be changed and is grey. The following "optimization proposal", according to the words in the current sentence, go to the Thesaurus — at any time — search for synonyms with the same words. For example, "caution" pet dog training, attention and attention points and concerns the similar meaning, training and training of the similar meaning, so, this sentence can be changed to "pet dog training points" and "pet dog training focus" etc..

as you can see from the diagram, there is a big button that adds a similar phrase. We can add new discovered synonyms to the thesaurus by this function, or click the "Edit" button to edit the existing synonyms group. A >

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