Use 3 inferences to analyze how the nternet will be in 5000 days

Internet, also known as the network, we call the network, its history is less than 5000 days. All the things that occurred during this period, such as satellite images of the earth, are you never imagined, all these things into our lives, these colorful things in front of us, in a notebook computer or desktop computer. Such things like a cornucopia, never exhausted, it is surprising, but we’re not amazed. It’s really amazing. Everything is here. (laughs) in just 5000 days, everything came up. If I told you 10 years ago that these things were coming, you would say, "it’s impossible.". The reason is so simple that no economic model can support it. If I say again, it will be free. You will answer, you are dreaming. You’re homesick in California. You’re an enthusiastic optimist. However, it has appeared before us.

another thing we know is that 10 years ago I saw Wired (Wired magazine) saying, "we think the next one will be on TV, but it will be better.". It was a model, so everyone thought it would come. The result is not what everyone imagined. First, it’s impossible; second, it never happened before. I think one of the experience we learned is to think of Wikipedia, is a "impossible" example of the theory is not feasible, but in fact it is feasible. If you can accept the impossible, one of the things we have learned from this century, and from the past 10 years, is that we had better accept the impossible because we are not ready yet.

so I’m curious about the next 5000 days. Look at the events of the last 5000 days, the next 5000 days what will happen? I have a simple report, it suggests that we should ponder over the next 5000 days, we will make what, what will happen. By then, all computers, handheld devices, mobile phones, laptops, servers, etc.. Simply put, all the connections will form a machine. The only machine, our handheld device, is just a small window. What we’re building is a machine that covers the whole world.

I realized that this machine was the most reliable machine ever created in human history. It never goes down, it will never stop operation, than any machine work we made the number, the number of working days are long lasting. It’s unbelievable to run 5000 days without stopping. Of course, the history of the Internet is more than 5000 days. I mean Web, but it’s 5000 days old. So I tried to measure the machine. How big was it? I started counting computers all over the world. There were a few clicks of the mouse. The result is 100 billion clicks in 1 days. There are 55 trillion connections between web pages all over the world.

so I realized it was a different size. I made a list of photographers, Chris, &middo>

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