To be a webmaster is very hard and very happy

has been a station for almost a year, about my personal experience. That ‘s wrong, although the webmaster Paizhuan

06 years on the website was interested only when there is no computer, only patience, to 07 years in April finally got teeth to buy a computer, and then spent two months studying "the Three Musketeers, made my first pure HTML page website called" Luoyang city "was selected the server is not selected, the website up no two days the site will not open, the server vendor’s website was closed, really mad at me.

has been looking for the right content in the future, and finally decided to do the forum, but I heard that the forum is now very promising, the decision has been suspended in my mind, take note of. After a long battle of thought, he decided to do it. The network is so big, like vendors, selling the Steamed Buns not only one, as long as I do well, content rich novel, in addition to the primary users are now many can still attract a small number of people. Determined, and through their own research, I chose the 5d6d free forum program, I’m still a rookie, there is no need to invest too much money. Down selection became a problem for me, I have to discuss with friends, decided to make a comprehensive forum, so the name is good [I love my -15, I hope everyone in the neighborhood] mean forum like home warm and happy, this website opened, every day I will work to update, began to have a lot of friends to help me post, there are twenty or thirty post every day, I am very happy, I also thought it would be easy to do, slowly friends do not come, the forum every day is cold, I added a lot of webmaster, ask them I want to tell them, the forum very good development, be sure to set the direction of the plate, not too much, otherwise difficult to develop…


now what kind of website can buy attractive, there is something I need, I will go to your website, that is, resources. In June this year, I have [15] by the neighborhood integrated into the original forum forum to download e-books, although this website a lot, but I’m still holding more than one sell Steamed Buns want to send "to update my web site, in addition to some classical plate I still have, also opened a community library, e-books are now also many, I work every day to update, do stand really hard. Really, you the grassroots webmaster, every day I go to bed at 1 in the morning soon, also got up very early, really hard, I have persisted for nearly a year, traffic is still not very good, but I am still very have confidence, because I believe that my website can do it.


, my writing is grass, if the appreciation, give me some advice on the forum! Http://


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