Wireless media Registration Commission provides 40% coinsMany help to win the 2016 best start up sta

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earlier, Chalk also won the Communist Youth League Central China Youth Entrepreneurship foundation, "entrepreneurial mentor" honorary title. While the public care help, with the eye-catching performance of block chain applications, and has safe technology, Zhong An insurance, Wan Da network, ant gold service, micro Public Bank jointly topped the "top 10 China chain block". In addition, jointall help also just recently obtained by the weekly times awarded the 2016 annual risk control Award "," 2016 annual social contribution awards ", become" the first Internet times weekly Chinese kumquat award only double king.



is sponsored by the science and technology innovation service platform for hunting cloud network "2016 annual CEO summit and the venture capital hunting cloud network awards ceremony on December 22nd grand opening in Beijing, dozens of top industry heavyweights, hundreds of thousands of institutional investors, the elite entrepreneurs gathered. Focus Media CEO CEO, Jason Jiang, today’s headlines Zhang Yiming plum ventures founding partner Wu Shichun, amphora capital chairman Zhou Weili and many other great coffee scene to share knowledge and practice of market forecast.

hello. Wireless advertising media into advertising online Q coins registered.
our goal is committed to the development of good advertising, to create the Adsense service style. < br   > u.wxadv to achieve a win-win situation; 1 yuan / unit price Unicom 6 /

summit, jointall help with tiger Xu Hui, Jork exchange CEO Xintian venture partner Jiang Yujie, founding partner of Liang Junzhang brothers capital to finance large coffee "technology how to sail to the new blue ocean" as the theme of discussion. Chalk jointall help block chain driven community mutual aid to the wisdom of community, promote mutual social network become multi-level social security system, and to express their views on how to build a shared economy network mutual billion market, bring an investor and entrepreneur wonderful ideas collide.

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in 2016, the congregation helped the good news constantly. In December 22nd, jointall help founder and CEO won the 2016 annual CEO Jork hunting cloud Network Summit best entrepreneurial star".

, founder and CEO, has nearly 14 years of experience in the insurance industry and has turned from a traditional insurance executive to a network of mutual assistance platforms. Many support to help innovative network of mutual aid model, with the Internet’s information matching capabilities, to connect the majority of members, reducing the cost of protection, opened a model of innovation in the protection model. At present, the platform users exceeded 5 million, is the largest platform for mutual support industry.


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