Art dimension C the realisation of art lovers community from the art incremental marketTaobao merged

, and Taobao is now the largest shopping mall in Asia with a total of 80 million subscribers and a turnover of 300 million yuan a day. The first quarter of 2008, taobao trading volume exceeded 18 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 170% over the same period last year, according to iResearch data, as of the first quarter of 2008, the market share of Chinese taobao shopping network 79%, and 84% of the market share Chinese C2C.

on the one hand, the operational level, Chen Xiaoqin is also working through the label of the way, make the user portrait; on the other hand, in addition to the online WeChat group operations, offline activities: to see the exhibition, theme, art museum, Museum of art, has become an important way to strengthen user stickiness of dimension C. In the future, once the real community grows up, it will naturally attract or nurture more KOL, and realize the centralization and self-organization of the community.

art community realizable way: Art of art, commercial to commercial

millions of Taobao sellers personal ads, may be the most suitable for Ali mother, Adsense group ad form.

from art, science, media to art lovers community


operations art community such as C must have an organization model that consistently produces quality content. Communities are not social, but together to promote each other’s feelings. The root cause of community formation is the user’s highly similar label: common interests, shared goals, and so on, so there is a high level of demand for content. To this end, in addition to Chen Xiaoqin herself is KOL, she also employs a number of professional art consultants, set up a consultant team to protect the continuous production of PGC content. When the future population is large enough, the community will naturally attract or nurture more KOL, allowing the community to organize itself and implement a centralized structure.

analysts further pointed out that the powerful combination will play a two team integration advantages. The most direct manifestation is that Ali mother currently covers 3 billion huge traffic will present millions of sellers to provide high-quality network promotion service the most accurate, simple and efficient to solve the bottleneck in the promotion of taobao, Taobao businesses also bring them huge business opportunities, to bring more users to taobao. Meanwhile, Taobao is currently close to 300 million yuan per day turnover, combined with ALI mom, will further explore its traffic value, to help millions of small and medium-sized owners survival and development.

Alibaba group said in the announcement, the two mergers is an important step in the "big Taobao" strategy, its purpose is to bring better shopping experience to the online consumers. Concerned about the future of the proceeds of the majority of small and medium-sized owners, Ali mother and Taobao merger directly means that hundreds of thousands of Internet small and medium-sized webmaster will directly with the same amount of small and medium sellers to achieve docking.

in the current economic situation, many small sellers and wishes to promote small and medium enterprises have a strong brand, but under high construction cost and complicated delivery strategy, which shares the potential advertisers by most media ignored. Industry insiders said that the base number of millions of Taobao sellers have ample demand for network promotion, and if these requirements are small and medium-sized owners to undertake, it will greatly enhance the profitability of millions of online adsense.

according to available data, in the past year, Ali mom achieved rapid development. At present, it has gathered 3 billion of the daily quality traffic of 40 websites, covering more than 80 million people per day. The average daily coverage rate of Internet users is almost 80%, and it has become China’s largest online advertising trading platform.


Analysys International analyst Cao Fei believes that Taobao combined with Ali’s mother’s marketing resources, to enhance the marketing ability of small and medium sellers of Taobao, strengthening the competitiveness of smes. "Taobao + Ali mother" model will provide domestic SMEs with rapid establishment of brand, find customers convenient channels, and ultimately promote the development of domestic demand market. >

from the consumption upgrade environment to see, art trading market for two people, one is investment and collection crowd, one is consumer crowd. The former belongs to a small group of people, including the investment part of the crowd has shown a downward trend; the latter trading unit price is low, high frequency, every year 20% of the transaction growth. Thus, the investment and collection of art is actually the stock market business; to do art consumption, more needs from training consumption habits, is incremental market.

Chen Xiaoqin, founder of

, says she prefers to appreciate art in a consumer way, not just for investment. But as the consumer goods return to the market, it is still a long time in China

from the media to start, and now art shopping guide, art dimensional C has been doing incremental business. In this regard, the specific practices of art dimension C is: since the media as a guide in the art, the content and the user after the first operation of a vertical art fan community, then began to extend to the downstream downward through the Taobao headlines and other art shopping guide platform to expand the channels of cooperation in resources; cooperate with the gallery, but also by the way the artist hatch open source development.

is a former Nandu art line reporter, founder of Chen Xiaoqin art dimension C with an industry writer, a large media to mature communities will require a certain capacity of business operations: the first is to continue to produce high quality content, followed by online and offline operation ability.

September 4th, Alibaba group announced that Taobao and Ali mother merged, the new company uses the "Taobao" brand. For a time, the news spread throughout the Internet, but also caused the majority of Ali’s mother to participate in small and medium-sized website owners attention.

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