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, since last year, the Internet giant has been in the domestic talent market up for talent recruitment war, the "war" including shlf1314, Microsoft, YAHOO, sh419, EBay such a world-class giants, including Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Alibaba, the domestic Internet star enterprise. The massive demand for talents in the Internet industry is characterized by rapid expansion of personnel. The Mercer survey shows that the number of Internet Co not only has skyrocketed, the scale of staff are showing explosive growth, the growth rate of an average of 97% years of employees. And because of the characteristics of the Internet industry, employees are very young

Silicon Valley shlf1314 headquarters staff "luxury" has already been posted on the web, the whole free restaurant even chicken are all from organic farms, shlf1314 Silicon Valley restaurant chef Ayers is one among the millionaires, and left the company in the summer of last year, its own health fast-food restaurant; more news, can buy a villa in shlf1314 for one year, 4 years can become a millionaire, shlf1314 employees are called "work emperor worthy of the name".

information department, in the next 5 years, China’s new demand for talent in network construction, network applications and network services will reach 100-135 million, while the existing personnel meet the business requirements of less than 200 thousand people. New network talents are facing a serious shortage of embarrassing situation.

seconds, the team is a typical 90 team: most members are 90 and quasi 90, Zhou Kaiwen 92 years, designers for 93 years, Android engineers for 95 years. Although young, but their experience and story is not simple.

in order to fulfill the plan to oneself, when parents want him to review when admitted to a first-class university, he said: "my future plan is very clear, don’t compromise your hope, if not support, I can only leave the house." Finally, the parents compromised.

92 years, CEO and his little friends,


According to statistics, the national

few companies can and shlf1314 comparable, but the Internet industry is undergoing rapid expansion period, the huge demand for talent and escalating salaries, the Internet industry is becoming the new work place.


a year ago, 92 year old Zhou Kaiwen released his independently of the social software Piner, when the Guangzhou angels contacted him, he should not think, after a year, he will settle down in the city, and buddies with pioneering work. His instant messaging application, CatchChat, was popular with young users, especially after 90, and in a very short time received tens of millions of dollars in investment from Tier 1 investors. What’s the difference between this 90’s team and seconds? Why is it so fast under the social heavyweights like WeChat, unfamiliar street and so on? How about 90 users in 90’s eyes?

         ;     secretary network news: the Internet is becoming a "golden land" of unlimited entrepreneurship and employment opportunities". Young people who are obsessed with the Internet will not only be able to enjoy it, but also be able to find many job opportunities. If you really can "play the net", you can gain access to the world’s top companies like shlf1314 to do a work emperor, you can also edit, when the network game designer, or digital music producer, network security and other new occupation —

junior high school, Zhou Kaiwen and friends to talk about a very popular topic, but often talk about the topic: how to succeed, but the final answer unexpectedly – how to succeed is a false proposition, not the pursuit of success and success can be obtained, but when you love a thing, to do this thing, to become a superior man after additional judgment, wealth, fame, are so, and this is how a society want to instill, seeking a result, if the pursuit of identity, it will embed this huge machine, tied up, can not move.

Based on this

was in college, he settled all the teachers, do not go to school, stay on the knowledge they need in the dormitory every day, as long as it is awake, are trying to improve, thinking of things to do, just a bunch of meals and a drop of vegetables. All through the night, the next one or two weeks into floor >

According to

Internet as a working treasure for young people

from the answer, he changed his way of doing and thinking, he no longer aspire to college, no longer aspire to universal values understanding, but hope to get their own identity. An evening in a night high before, he is running in the playground, looking at the distance of the rising moon, make a plan when he finished the college entrance examination, not for their own future to anyone to compromise with a year’s time, to learn all the knowledge he completed a product, need second years to make a representation of the product to get attention, for third years, launched a popular user especially for young users love software.


shlf1314’s exceptional benefits for its employees are its extraordinary strength. As of March 1st this year, Goolge’s market capitalisation has reached $111 billion 500 million.

consulting recently released "2005 China Internet industry salary survey report", the research shows that the Internet industry in 2006 the average salary increase rate is 7.7%, higher than the traditional high-tech industries 6.9% pay rise.

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