7 22 Li Xiang will enter CCTV ten sets of charactersSome puzzles of novice Taobao guest webmaster

domain name, this year to open the web site for the record, to take pictures. A good domain name is, of course, easy to remember. Really rich investment, you can buy some have been filed, the domain name of the old, search engines like, and they also save trouble. Domain name, com is better, net second. Don’t drag a long name, what Taobao selling baby COM


brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

      CCTV-10 Monday to Saturday premiere; 22:10; replay second days 13:30; Sunday 12:15, replay Saturday program.

      Li Xiang – founder of bubble web.

, December 7th evening ten ten, please pay attention to CCTV ten sets of programs – Li Xiang into CCTV "characters.".

broadcast time:

      CCTV Science Channel large column "character", with a unique perspective, innovative ideas, attention to contemporary civilization that showing people wisdom, creativity and extraordinary excellence of character; concern with strange ideas, dare to go beyond the conventional, the courage to challenge the limits of the people concerned about the major events of the experience; our people, witnesses and collection of cultural and traditional attention; in some areas have made a special contribution but little-known, but their creation is rewriting the people living condition and thought of our style.

      in the eyes of the media, Li Xiang is rich; in the eyes of investors, Li Xiang is worthy to invest heavily in potential shares; in the eyes of the company employees, Li Xiang is love, love the car are big boy; in the eyes of Li Xiang, Li Xiang’s 80s population.

two, how to choose domain name

nowadays, Taobao makes more people, you’ll do it, and others will do it. Sometimes, it can be said that the competition is fierce, but no matter how tragic, there is no search for payment of fierce ah. Sometimes, or look at their eyes, choose some unpopular, not a quasi optimal up, become popular, such as the ratio of grams, when I was in his attention when the Commission is not much, when I want to do stand, found that the Commission has been raised to 30%, this is over, you can’t go into. The market is not saturated, but the competition is fierce, keyword optimization slow, let you spend time and energy, and may eventually.

what is your usual choices at their usual network, telecommunications with telecom, Netcom with Netcom, interoperability, convenient maintenance, access to the background is also fast! A long space station, standard 200M and 50M database enough for several years.

is lazy, get ready, now these open systems, Taobao has sold a set of templates, template and debugging but sanwubo. So do not stand is not a problem, the problem is how to go their own way to learn, or to buy their own, the long-term course is to learn, with "Chibi" in Zhu Geliang’s "what have some knowledge that life will be colorful"

sites are now skilled trades, good art will point program, do the website is very beautiful, but ordinary no entry do, use the open source dedecms, the Empire of dreams, these open source systems in the network can be downloaded to the tutorial, very detailed, but the premise is to understand some of the basic HTML code understand, DIV+CSS layout better. Follow the tutorials, hands-on operation, you can certainly do your own site to build.

five, Taobao products selection

      from personal websites to professional IT vertical websites; from high school graduates to bubble web CEO; Li Xiang; the young man is leading the youngest team in Zhongguancun in a youthful way. You can’t imagine how a boss of a professional IT website would make entertainment with his team.

      the characters column – Li Xiang; for you to find a different CEO, a entertainment, a firm goal, a strong execution of the 25 year old CEO.
 : pay attention to Li Xiang, focus on bubble net, thank you all!

search engine optimization Search Engine Optimization, referred to as SEO. This learning forum is available everywhere, free of charge, depending on how you get rid of the dross and leave the essence. A5, for example, is out of date. There are fees, high SEO one hundred thousand why, more than 900, low one hundred or two hundred. Real learning or on their own, while practicing, while groping. I am starting from the human flesh renewal machine step by step, never knowing why I should do it, and how to do it more efficiently.

Of course

      column to the documentary as the main form, adding later studio packaging, the use of a variety of characters, oral image data rich and moderate details reproduction shooting style, form vivid, plain and unpretentious, the depth of the column style. Calm, atmosphere, scholar style of host, set up an organic communication platform between program and audience.

three, how to choose space

four, how to learn to optimize

CCTV-10 brief introduction to characters

one will not do station

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