Tencent Alliance the latest on line product mobile Qzone super diamond a commission of 6 yuan For s



opens mobile Qzone, anytime, anywhere on Qz>

Chinese thought just to build a station, brush flow, click on the software to cheat, can get on to earn a few hundred achievement!! to tell you the truth, who is actually a group known as the webmaster does not think, only will follow the trend of profit at the clown! Leader is now known as Chinese webmaster laggards forum every day, irrigation and discuss how to cheat not caught, discuss the website technology to go!!! Look at the foreign forum, although post every day, the number is not a lot, but they have talked about web technology, how to make money through the built site instead of any

and now look at the station built what station, what beauty temptation pull via SMS SP scam, website hang download plug-ins or Trojan horse, by sending let others into his countless pop station, see, this is most Chinese quality!!! This is by thinking this is to make money, make money, this is a blatant scam!! compared with abroad, people want to be any good ideas, this type of lattice > million

, the League chief:


, did the vine wither? Now the super yellow diamond, receive flower vine nutrition!

on the Chinese network environment really love and hate, love is Chinese has a population of 1 billion 300 million, many Internet users can not be estimated, the market potential can not be estimated, hate is Chinese had a suspicion and even disgust of conceptual consumption. Direct sales into MLM fraud, a lot of similar projects abroad, this type of GDI, introduced to others, others listen to January to 70 yuan, immediately rejected, they think this is a scam. But they are for those who earn 500 false advertising to deceive, how not to know? China netizens think those efforts to set up under the program, can hang on to earn a few hundred items, this may!!! And do not say to hang up is simply not to earn money, is some of the efforts of the owners may not be able to earn hundreds of

6, visit


opened a super yellow diamond, enjoy the privileges of the nobility, my Qzone

5, see friends space        



alliance promotion products belong to CPS billing promotion, according to experience, simple advertising, often can’t get good promotion effect. Suggest you through "soft Wen + advertisement" mode promotion, can enrich the content of the website, and through product publicity to attract the real ordering of the user. Recommend soft Wen:


3, write a message log        
you whenever and wherever possible mood and feelings of the text record, easily published message log!  

talk about advertising, China advertising is how, not to pay any deduction amount, K number, nine wins, Qi Yun, Ali mother of these is known as one of the largest advertising alliance Chinese station such behavior is just more than half of the 1 emerge in an endless stream, the amount deducted for it, now do not know with nine wins how much money do not pay. The foreign alliance while there are liars, but those who what when large advertising heard motionless on the buckle, motionless on the K account! Why? Because the network is China atmosphere too!! you said tens of thousands of cheating webmaster, how can not let the advertisement alliance to alert you. Trying to buckle your weight! Do not, they are not to be closed! Not so arbitrary deduction amount of others who are willing to, don’t let yourself become poor reputation!

the contents of this paper may cause some people dislike, when writing more angry, I am not fawning, I just speak my mind about it, this is just the beginning, I will in the future with all aspects of the evaluation China Wangzhuan

! !Most of the webmaster

1, open the Canary

using mobile Qzone, updates space, visit, reply, at any time!

products main functions:


promotion suggestion:

Hello everyone! league’s new on-line product "mobile Qzone/ super yellow diamond, percentage of 6 yuan / month! Welcome to the webmaster, to get the code and put in the background.

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