The new board of enterprise PO road by cold treatment and three shareholders legal dispute in suspe

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once again lead to paranoia is the cause, to cold chain, several Persian technology "new three three shareholders" nature of the proposed IPO companies, suspected in the pre disclosure and audit process suffered a suspected "cold treatment", for so many have the same situation three new board business people from danger.

three years, 7 quit, many companies become industry leader,

Gao Rong capital this morning announced the completion of the total amount of more than 5 billion yuan in two new funds raised, respectively, Gao Rong capital dollar fund, III and the RMB growth fund. So far, the young institution runs 7 funds, with an overall size of 11 billion yuan about $1 billion 600 million.

as early as a year ago, the message says, "to declare IPO enterprise shareholders in the contract based private equity fund, asset management plan and trust plan, in accordance with the requirements of the Commission, must be cleaned before declaration."

, a large brokerage senior investment bankers said to the interface news, "three kinds of shareholders" cleaning indeed in the circle of rumors, the Commission in accordance with the current audit mechanism, IPO waiting time, the equity structure of the company should not change, so the probability will require these companies to withdraw the application for IPO, cleared after the re declaration. The follow-up may give more explicit regulatory questions and answers.

"indeed because the shareholder problem has been blocked, re reported materials queuing for two years, and now can not arrange the preliminary examination meeting, nor can pre disclosure, in the meeting, the final guidance." Some of the above proposed IPO corporate sponsors seem worried.

new three board market recently hot topic is no longer entrenched by liquidity and transfer board, occupy the focus of public opinion is a comeback of the proposed IPO three types of shareholders.


quasi IPO enterprise "three shareholders" comeback, three new board market was jittery.

Gao Rong capital located in China ‘Founders Fund founder of the fund, the investors behind both university endowments, pension funds and other traditional institutions including LP, China finance, agriculture, retail, advertising, industrial manufacturing industry giants. At the same time, dozens of entrepreneurs or founders of China Internet Corporation such as Tencent, sh419, Taobao, millet, Jingdong and vip are also investors in Gao Rong’s capital. In Chang Chen’s view, these top investors can provide great industry resources and capital level strategic support and help for Gao Rong invested enterprises.

prior to the creation of high Rong, the three founders from the old dollar fund IDG Chang Chen, Gao Xiang, Yue Bin who led the investment of many well-known companies, including millet, storm, 91 assistants, 3G portal, tudou. By the end of 2013, they had established the "banyan capital", and set up a service system which supported each other by investment team and post support team. "We provide multi dimensional in-depth services for industry research, human resources recruitment, media public relations, business cooperation, management training, follow-up financing and capital operation. After the completion of the fund-raising, Gao Rong capital will further strengthen the investment team and support team after the vote, and strive to build a top service investment institutions in china." Chang Chen says.

Gao Rong capital founding partner Chang Chen told 36 krypton: "the main fund the gaoreng dollar fund III from the beginning of January this year from the start to the fund-raising is completed, after only a month, also contains the Spring Festival holiday." This fund in the original investors, that has achieved a substantial increase, fully reflects the high performance of LP and the team’s ability to recognize Gao rong. As the third renminbi fund managed by Gao Rong, the current RMB Growth Fund has attracted a number of Internet and traditional industries, large enterprises and top domestic financial institutions to become new investors.

to attract more entrepreneurs and group investors, Chinese version of Founders’ Fund, and then upgrade

for the internal logic of "three kinds of shareholders" cleaned up, lianxun securities analyst Peng Hai strategy group explained that behind the contract based private equity fund, asset management plans and trust plans of these three types of financial products have many shareholders, easy to breed the shares held on behalf of related parties, hidden ownership, to avoid the restricted, short-term trading and transfer of benefits and other issues. Financial products investment decisions, income distribution mechanism, without effective disclosure, easily lead to disputes, not in line with I>


Gao Rong said, the raising of the completion of the VC industry has created China history: they will become the first in the whole industry was just over 3 years to raise fund management scale is over ten billion yuan of risk investment institutions. Gao Rong capital will invest in China’s TMT field early and growth projects. Including the main areas of concern: artificial intelligence, Internet plus Internet industry, business services, cultural entertainment and consumption upgrade.

but when regulators did not give a clear opinion, also did not have the existence of "three kinds of shareholders" problem in the process of enterprises to declare the actual blocked IPO, the matter will be after a burst of hot gradually fade from public view.


in the Commission’s official website released the latest IPO queue list, as the new third market "three kinds of shareholders" representative to cold chain from 68 original to 70 place in the queue of more than 570 days, has been pre disclosure update. Rather than to the cold chain late filing two other new board company akeli TEDA and the new material has no "three shareholders", has been the first to complete the pre disclosure update. Another three – class shareholder, Persian technology’s IPO ranking also fell 1.

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