The website of Shanghai love weight principle and reliability analysis tools

since Google exit Chinese PR update, began to become extremely irregular, even experienced last year after the 4.1 update, half did not updated again in. When you think of Google PR was cancelled in December last year, the results suddenly update once, this update is not how long, and updated once, all the confidence of the PR is slightly restored. A few days ago, the official Google query changed PR port, resulting in domestic PR query tool failure, so much talk about Google to cancel the PR, but the fact that the PR removing just a pull, now all the functions of the PR query tool has been restored. However, after tossing so the PR position in the course of contacts, is also gradually decline. In fact, even if the PR is normal, it is not a perfect tool. After all, it is Google, and in China love Shanghai is the boss, a few days ago, even seemingly have announced in Sogou beyond Google traffic; in addition, PR is based on a website external links to the site of the old scoring, some sites may have no operation has long been abandoned, but it is still may maintain a higher PR, because it was outside the chain.

so, these third party love Shanghai how the weight is it? The result is reliable? In fact, love Shanghai weight without scoring, we can see something from several indicators, such as snapshot, included the number of key words, the order of the list and so on. In fact, these tools are basically is this integrated several indicators of a website, but the details of which accounted for much of the index, it can make nothing of it. For example, a PR for 4 sites, with the love of Shanghai weight analysis tools, the weight may be only 2 or even 1, the reason is that this site may long time, outside the chain, so PR is high, but included not many, not necessarily love Shanghai, not necessarily on the keywords ranking visit, not necessarily a large amount, so the weight > love Shanghai

over the past few years, PR has been one of the important standard of the main site determine the quality of a website, but as it is not more and more reliable, we also began to gradually pay more attention to the new standards, such as Shanghai, Shanghai love love included snapshot etc.. However, the standard is much, things will trouble, such as when changing Links, deciding whether to exchange a link with another site, may need to check many indicators. As a result, a new comprehensive website weight analysis tool is about contrast, earlier this year, a website was launched their own is independent of the third party love Shanghai love Shanghai weight analysis tools, model and Google PR, according to the basic information of a web site for this the site is 10 points, the highest possible score. A few days ago, I often use a web site information query tool revision, the main change is the addition of a love Shanghai weight. But recently, when the exchange of Links, also began to concern that Shanghai has the weight value of love.

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