The search engine ranking Shanghai dragon and the importance of optimization

search engine optimization (natural ranking of Shanghai dragon)

"we site overhead than other investment is much smaller, but more than 30% of income. "

and the two real Internet experience, but they reflect the reality of every day exhausted survivors network. Success is adjusted according to the changing environment of the results. Most of the company’s fate at stake, only a few people to grasp the panorama of problems. Fewer people are aware of the fundamental solution is to use the website optimization, search engine marketing (Search Engine, Marketing, SEM), search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) and pay per click (PPC) to improve the display rate of Web site advertising.

my site has been in operation for several years, but still difficult to self financing. "

analysis of search behavior !

"we are the first!" this is the dream of every webmaster, everyone wants to own the highest ranking site to search engine. This is like having the best results in the position on the Internet store. So, how to invest, the most effective method to achieve the minimum operating site is more compelling, and let the search engines find it easier to support, in order to attract more customers? Compared to the pay per click (per-per-click, PPC) and AD conversion rate optimization (conversion), rate optimization, CRO) Web search engine optimization ranking (Shanghai dragon) technology is an important means to achieve this goal. The search engine market marketing optimization can improve the visibility of the site, and visitors into consumers. Its importance in today’s era of network marketing has been increasingly paid attention to and.

There is a world of difference between the

to site optimization, a very important point is to understand how to interact with the search engine support. You will find that search users selectively browse search engine results page (Search Engine Result Pages, SERP), with little time to browse the results. Most of the search results will not browse page third. In fact, about 3/4 of the search engine will not browse after the first page search results. The first page of about 90% of the search or browse the search results only second pages. Even in the same page of search results, revenue will decrease as the ranking after the test. On the position of SERP significantly more attention, it will also get more than by the results after click. Although the ranking results will also have some concern, but the concern and the amount of users are mainly concentrated in the front of the results. This difference may be due to differences in user identity correlation on the high ranking results (i.e., that the higher the rank correlation is high). So, on the Internet, the three most important factors for success is the location, location and location of

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