Zhou Xiaohui a new era of nternet Marketing Marketing is king

, according to industry analysts, in general, only large website to strong technical force to develop user behavior analysis, page analysis, visitor tracking, path tracking, special function transformation, while the majority of small and medium-sized websites can only use some third party software simple function of rough statistics. We will break this pattern, the statistical function of escalating, will provide more basis for tracking data directly for small and medium-sized site conversion, to meet their "from the fine management to further improve sales efficiency and improve marketing ROI needs", to maximize the promotion of interest.

marketing is not limited to the choice of media and media delivery so simple. Want to know your customers come from, they pay more attention to what products? In the drive of precision marketing, marketing monitoring and tracking effect has become the major bottlenecks encountered in the process of enterprise network marketing.

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day before, the network advertisement or do the network marketing counterparts and not many people realize the effect of the concept of the king. Just to help enterprises to master the part of the customer data. There is no effective help customers accurately grasp into data with the statistical system, and increase customer conversion tracking analysis, system can effectively help customers accurately grasp transformed data, understand customer needs, provide strong support for further optimization of the marketing effect.

according to reports, the so-called transformation refers to the potential customers through the network to promote access to corporate website, and finally reach the predetermined target site, complete a desired action, this action can be set to achieve registration, complete the registration, or the completion of the successful single payment of different types. "Conversion" is a very important network marketing service, to provide users with a more professional support for marketing statistics. Through the "conversion" tools, business owners can clearly see the "transformation" of data in the search for the promotion of the background, understand the different keywords and creative to attract customers, gain the effect of ability and cost. The transformation will appear in the promotion data management, statistical reporting and tracking page conversion tool. By viewing the data conversion, the enterprise not only can directly understand the final effect brought by promotion, can also carry out keyword ideas and the corresponding adjustment according to the data transformation, promotion optimization; at the same time can also learn about the consumer behavior of target customers and habits, comprehensive optimization of product promotion and online marketing.

in the rapid development of Internet China in recent years, Internet marketing is also familiar with the enterprise. But the Internet marketing and traditional marketing have great difference. Internet marketing is more easy to analyze the effectiveness of marketing, the Internet is also being considered more accurate media. In fact, the media to the media, the key is how to put. The media to produce results, the first to choose the nature of the media, the second to learn to control the media effect. By what means of control on the effect, how to monitor the effects of media have become an important direction for future development.

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