The optimization process of medical site in 10 areas need attention

second: how to set the home page and the Tilte keyword is a key, through this period of study, Xiao Bian found a very interesting phenomenon, is the key website Tilte can be combined into new combinations of keywords, which can attract relevant traffic. For example, the Beijing asthma hospital this website, this website is the main disease of asthma and bronchitis, therefore it is necessary to find some root disease keywords related to asthma and bronchitis, title can be set up so that "how to do _ asthma bronchitis symptoms _ asthma hospital _ Beijing Huada Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine" set, this set. That is, when the search for "the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and asthma do, hospital, hospital treatment of bronchitis, bronchitis, asthma and so on, search these keywords, will find the site.

third: two directory settings are also very critical. The two level directory is for a single disease is described and introduced, so the key words in title is the best long tail keywords, then two directory relative core keywords will be easier to make up the ranking. You can put the keywords in the title is set to the page keywords, add keywords appear frequency, weight increased two category.

: the first general medical website is a station with multiple diseases, such as infertility gynecological ambulance, adnexitis, mastitis and so on, in the face of such a situation how to do, you need to communicate with project team, determine the hospital launched the disease and special characteristics, so that the home page keyword set title keywords the disease. In fact, the medical website optimization is the best for a single disease to optimize a website optimization just a keyword, expand from keywords, the optimization of the long tail keywords, so it is easy to website ranking, and flow and keywords ranking will be in front of love in Shanghai.

we all know, the competition of medical website industry greatly, which depends on the ability of the website optimization. According to Xiao Bian experience, optimize the medical website there are ten tips, these tips may help the Shanghai dragon ranking website rise. There is a website for medical editors also need some medical knowledge, even if it is not know the imaging principle of CT, at least to know the relationship between bladder and urinary system, so even when editing, not create "female prostate" such a mistake. Well, now let’s talk about the 10 areas need attention in the optimization process of medical website.

fourth: the website editors also need certain skills. The editorial staff is the best keywords that will optimize editing in the title, in the two or three level directory directory will appear in the frequency increases, the purpose of doing so is to increase the level of grade three or two keywords directory directory of the entire page appear frequency, so as to enhance the whole page optimization effect >

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