The three step of learning website promotion stationmaster to rival

to do a successful web site is not to say that just buy a domain name and space, upload the complete set of programming. This is only the beginning, to build a successful website, then you need to beat the already famous rival site, so instead. Nature is to beat the opponent is not to say that can do that, first of all, we should analyze the opponent’s overall promotion, naturally from the opponent with the use of extension mode. Now the promotion mode is used to divided promotion for the promotion of online and offline, mainly online forum promotion, blog promotion, quiz promotion, soft Wen promotion, micro-blog promotion; offline promotion activities, advertising and other party posts. So we in the promotion of their own website, can extend the analysis method about the opponent to use, see what promotion methods suitable for their own use, what method is used to or has little effect. This Zhiyizhibi, you can. The owners in the promotion, should learn how to learn with rival promotion, because the site optimization and promotion, the best teacher is not a tutorial video, but competitors. So, how to promote the website analysis should start from the promotion mode.

With the competition of >

now most of the webmaster only according to the then popular promotion method from the school network, in fact, for these promotion methods effect how, every webmaster heart did not end. But I think, and do some promotion methods do not know its effect, to have a teacher, why not? Do stand knows beyond a stronger opponent, thus ranking rival site ahead, make your site flow more large is successful. Today I share the webmaster how to step with the opponent learning website promotion.

analysis of the competitors for the promotion of object


promotion mode competition The

of each site type has its own specific object, which is the target user group. So we want to know the final target to promote their own website, by analysis of the web site users, after all, two are doing the same kind of website, the user of natural groups are roughly the same, that is to say the target user group opponent is their target user group, when you know the site of the target user group, to promote naturally easier. If such targeted promotion is not successful, it would have nothing to say. But to learn how to promote the website webmaster opponent, more should make clear their own promotion targets, even if their own promotion objects do not know, then how can you put the maximum hold promotion effect? And even extended objects are not clear, then how do you know where their promotion, how to promote it. So the successful promotion of your site, it will analyze the opponent’s promotion object, because the two are the same, the object is the natural rival promotion promotion of his object, such extension is not more easy? But also know how the opponent is website promotion, for more.

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