The search and integration of micro blog Shanghai micro blog search index content of love


search, as a part of the Tencent, behoove in search results show Tencent micro-blog information. To love Shanghai "reserved" compared to search in the search results show micro-blog information is often seen.



recently, with sina micro-blog launched real-time search. Love is not far behind Shanghai search engine. Love is like back, Shanghai started from the Tencent micro-blog and micro-blog online banking index micro-blog content, micro-blog search has promised to love Shanghai more as the main rival Sina micro-blog. Below is the love of Shanghai Tencent micro-blog and Sina micro-blog content index.




love Shanghai has started very early integration of micro-blog’s content, probably about half the time, early in April this year launched micro-blog love Shanghai synchronous application of micro-blog box (box micro-blog), as shown below. This is the application development team to develop the love of Shanghai, shows the importance of the application for the love of Shanghai. As a comparison, most software applications are being developed by other companies, and then submitted to the Shanghai Taiwan love get more exposure.

but according to my guess, at present Shanghai love or just do function test in this regard, the current micro-blog keywords to find information in the search results or very little. So what is the mechanism of the love of Shanghai micro-blog index

problem is whether love Shanghai show only from micro-blog in the box contents in search results or love Shanghai sent to the Tencent and Sohu micro-blog micro-blog spiders index on the content. In my opinion because micro-blog content restrictions and not willing to love Shanghai to promote the interests of other companies, for marketers who want to make their micro-blog information display in Shanghai love it, then you must consider whether to use Shanghai as a small box of love micro-blog release channel.

apparently micro-blog box applications do not intend to get traffic from falling in love with the sea, but in order to get the advantage of micro-blog, for the current development trend of the Internet, micro-blog is very promising, any company wants to be in this aspect to obtain a copy of their market share. Through the use of small box to Tencent, Sohu, NetEase and other synchronization platform micro-blog information, and put them in the open platform, love Shanghai has quietly completed micro-blog back-end settings.


in short, with the domestic search engine micro-blog began to incorporate the information in the search results, if you are not ready to be included in micro-blog’s online marketing you a part of it, you are already behind. You need to maximize your Shanghai dragon start your micro-blog. This paper consists of master robot 贵族宝贝cdbeta贵族宝贝 finishing editing, please indicate the source, thank you

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