Discussion on the construction of the chain in SOSO ask the

analysis of SOSO and ask for the role of the chain is to induce flow rather than ascension weight problem page, we should have a correct understanding of the chain effect SOSO ask, he assisted Shanghai Longfeng work. The tea pavilion by teayg 贵族宝贝teayg贵族宝贝/ finishing editing, please indicate the source, thank you

Large quantities of If you click on the

chain to a decisive role for the website ranking, so do the construction of the chain has become a priority among priorities in optimization. Outside chain distinction for the high quality and the low quality of the chain. Shanghai dragon ER are often know the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia, SOSO ask this kind of the chain of high quality chain. Today we see that SOSO is not really to ask such a high quality is the chain.

SOSO ask disadvantages: do not transfer the weight value of

SOSO ask the chain advantages: SOSO ask the chain flow, a stable source of traffic

SOSO and ask for leave a link or view its properties, you will see the link that is 贵族宝贝wenwen.soso贵族宝贝/z/UrlAlertPage.e? Sp=Swww.***贵族宝贝, we all know that belongs to the jump link, in a manner that does not transfer the weight, even if the page in your SOSO and ask for more links, the weight of the page value is not ascending of course, the ranking may not ascend.

when we do SOSO ask, after a few days to watch the background data, we will find the stable source of traffic from ask every day, without him. Just ask because of high weight, ranking than before. Ask the visitors through the stay connected to our website, to increase website traffic. The following is the author before doing IP traffic sources SOSO ask every day after the stable number.

from this point of view, SOSO ask is the high quality chain. But the chain SOSO ask than love Shanghai know a good stay, therefore, a large number of people into the arms of SOSO ask. But the author did an experiment, we all know that the construction of the chain is not three days fishing nets two days of drying. I was in a period of time do crazy SOSO ask, and the number is not regular, and then didn’t do the chain (in the same condition). The website also showed no signs of punishment, which caused the suspicion. Then began to study the SOSO effect to ask.



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