The Shanghai dragon VP third phase of training for site operation and maintenance optimization of t

second, website optimization must be done to improve the user experience of nature. Here I want to and you analyze, the author thought to improve the user experience is generally consistent with the content of user needs, add a large number of internal links, as long as the original article, the search engine can take this on the line, the article add navigation, bold, and bold and so on this, but this time after learning, the teacher said and their current operation and understanding of user experience or some discrepancies, the teacher pointed out that the structure accords with the user behavior, such as their optimization, in order to make even attract spiders deliberately do some internal link station, station may don’t need this link, but they are very blind to do so, the teacher pointed out this behavior is deliberately optimized, may pre themselves or search engines are not aware of, if it continues to be found down Right is bound. On the one hand, the writing, the author always love in each article are included in the main website keywords, repeated content, the teacher said the nature is what meaning, is that not every day in order to optimize the overlay, deliberately in the title, this.

to write this article should be 51 before the last day of work, first of all I wish you hard webmaster friends happy, for we may consider the site operation and maintenance workers will be a little more, such as vacation site operation how to do, how to do the chain site construction and so on. I have the honor to participate in the Shanghai dragon VIP third ZAC teacher training for Shanghai dragon, the new period how to optimize the work more efficiently and to share with you.


first, a new station on the line is in the early to do website content. This is before I attend the training, unexpected things, because of his laziness are often using pseudo original, or translated into English and so on, through the guidance and found that it is very wrong, because the teacher Zac clearly pointed out that the content of the website is to improve the weight of the rankings, especially for a new website is best not to use what the pseudo original, because the current upset sentence, added, and so on, these operations are run out of love for Shanghai’s new fingerprint algorithm, even if you are upset, translation is also difficult to escape, and so the teacher said as well as their own writing, of course it is given a train of thought is to be peer or related articles with their own voice according to their own understanding in translation again, it will greatly improve the efficiency of the collection, because For this operation to a certain extent can be said to be changed, the details of the article, also changed the inherent love Shanghai for the calculation of fingerprint, it can effectively avoid love for Shanghai included threshold, also heard that way before, is not determined to do it, or because the hold the teacher half believe and half doubt attitude, with emphasis, as for their future to restore justice, the optimization direction also like to eat reassurance, that is to implement the method.

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