Web site keywords optimization method

what is the station optimization: the station optimization is keyword layout optimization of internal web site,





can choose eye-catching title or select memorable,

website optimization will not only affect the website development and post ranking, the key is related to the conversion rate, so the website optimization is done around the keywords and launched, so the website keywords is the priority among priorities, we optimize the so big family here and share a little experience of personal website optimization look, Daniel moxiao.

posted a link to the high quality,

website logo ALT tag contains the site keywords

directory contains the site keywords

website keywords layout optimizationKeywords

site title should try to contain the keywords, such as not included, should as far as possible with the keyword


Optimization of The specific operation of

what is the station outside the station optimization: optimization is the site where the accident site propaganda,

contains the site keywords

is currently the most popular search engine website structure is F tree structure and a flat tree structure of the website,

article keywords layout optimization

6 station optimization, it is the link,

Title keywords layout optimization

1 web site keywords optimization can be divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization,





is the title of the article should contain the keywords,

site structure should be chosen to better search engine structure,

contains the main navigation website keywords

5 website articles

4 web page keyword layout optimization

links including anchor text links, links and text links



website page layout

do not release spam links, resulting in a negative impact on the

3 website layout

2 station optimization is divided into:


7 station optimization, this method is more effective in several



Many kinds of

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