The webmaster must know snapshot monopoly promotion tool

5, increase customer trust, mostly introduce your home institution or website, so your customers will naturally feel your strength is very strong, so as to increase trust.


This paper introduces the method of

, a reasonable selection of the website is the core of the

made a snapshot of monopoly and what is the use? I insist on doing nearly half a year to give you a summary of the benefits of snapshot monopoly.

2, does not limit the number of keywords, as long as you master can increase or replace the keywords to push

4, quick, some platform released the same day second heavenly home, slowly within a week on the home page.

snapshot home page

3, simple operation as long as the post can be home

Most of the traffic

1, love Shanghai’s products is king

here, I give the method and experience of webmaster I do share the snapshot monopoly:

1, free, with the help of other platforms, with the weights of other platforms and Shanghai Dragon Technology

webmasters may still not clear what the "snapshot of monopoly", that is simple in Shanghai love to search your home page keywords, in addition to the promotion of position, the snapshot you are all published content.

love Shanghai search engine is very focused on their website stickiness, weight will give their products is very high, so its products have high ranking advantage, such as love, Shanghai Post Bar know, encyclopedia, library and so on, as long as the love of Shanghai’s often on the front page of the product to make our own, so 2-3 our content page is no problem.

3, the bright younger generation video website

promotion position is the need to pay, and optimizing a website home page takes a long time, the amount of money and time are relatively more, but the snapshot monopoly, can be 20 words to the first page search for a month, the coverage rate reached 60%.

vertical portal is to rely on search engines, so most vertical portals have their own Shanghai dragon team, if we choose the right website content is very easy on the home page. The author is a common information network, a good speaker, 58 city, ganji贵族宝贝. News release on these platforms, usually 2-4 days can be on the front page.

2, vertical portal, classification information platform

snapshot monopoly is not suitable for the keywords competition is particularly fierce, there is also a keyword optimization more than 15 websites, then use this method to do not effect obviously.

I found that just passed up the video through the audit, will soon be crawling to the first page of the snapshot love Shanghai, love Shanghai may pay more attention to the snapshot of the multimedia. But the odds with popular keywords video stand up is now relatively small. "

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