The details of the success or failure of the details of website optimization settings

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allows users to produce a good first impression, nor the website ranking, but the interface structure of website. A site interface is equivalent to a villa appearance, the luxurious degree first look at the appearance is luxurious, this is the first impression. It is how we handle the details of interface structure increase Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect? We must first come to pick the site according to the content of the website interface, generally speaking, the natural selection and health related topics can be obtained quickly recognized by the user interface. Non mainstream black is appropriate. The color of the background color collocation, don’t try to pick up some dazzling color website interface, it will affect the user’s fatigue and part of the user’s visual impact. In the menu bar set, as the important content of the good kind, can choose a root word words in text for navigation menu bar. Again the crumbs set, each parent navigation crumbs in general must add hyperlinks to the relevant page, the back button so as not to return all points each time a user or browser menu navigation.

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website is formed by the rational treatment of numerous small details. Like a drop of water from the water molecules composed of numerous like. In website optimization, some small details if not handled properly, will also affect the final effect of Shanghai dragon. The simplest example is the dead links in the site, if not to deal with, let the dead link accumulate, will eventually make the image of the web site in the search engine more friendly. So in a successful website optimization, which details should be handled in the

website optimization, there are two of the most important details must be handled, and domain name space. Because the influence of the two in website optimization is very strong, the first space, as the normal operation of the site of the vector space, its stability is required, an unstable space could not bring himself to the normal development of effective optimization settings, but also to produce psychological distrust of site users. Every two or three days not open space to replace it, and don’t use some cheap space to save the tens of dollars, choose a space personal advice to see the space case, business awareness, technical support, brand awareness related to the performance space of the host, such as bandwidth is exclusive or shared, IIS or not the detailed information of traffic restrictions or limits, CPU peak and so on, try to choose goods more than three middle price is the best choice. Come to talk about what kind of domain name, domain name for Shanghai dragon? It is inevitable and the site has correlation, domain name contains keywords, short and easy to remember degree, age, no bad records and other aspects of understanding, not to choose some cheap with little relevance to the website domain name, it is difficult to show the credibility of the site at the same time, for the user to remember the domain name to access the site is no help. Choose a stable space and a suitable site of the domain name, personally think that is two of the most basic details can not be ignored, ready to help Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

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