Shanghai Longfeng independent blog good content to handle the three carriages

in recent years, the independent Shanghai dragon blog appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain let the webmaster, many beginners have more learning and exchange places. But for these bloggers, a popular problem may be a headache thing blog, may be just the beginning of the thought is what kind of situation, but after a while, that is another case. As the saying goes "paper come Zhongjue shallow, no matter known to practice", so there is a difference between reality and imagination.

monotone without sin, would be the best collocation

industry specializing in surgery, at first impulse should be

Mai Wenwen believes that a more popular and more successful independent Shanghai dragon blog outside have two aspects, one is the core content, which can provide high quality items for users, simply let users gain, benefit; two is to promote, based on high quality content on how to let more people know about us, is also a problem. These two questions respectively with two articles to express their views, this paper mainly on improving the content of value.

is good at to pick you. Shanghai Longfeng contains many aspects, there is love experience to share the webmaster, a specialized webmaster Shanghai Longfeng software related, there are also special research group on the station, also including the special experience of linkbait webmaster and so on, so, what you are good at, is specializing in what, on the one hand to do for a long time there will be a lot of words, you can write, write out there are a lot of people believe that this is the valuable content. Write out the contents and just look at the Shanghai dragon books without practice written content is very different. The Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng keyword ranking approach would be influenced by many factors, so it can be through a variety of methods to try, finally found you are most interested in the direction of integration with Shanghai and Phoenix blog perfect, with the actual data and ranking to speak, everyone is most willing to see. Some unreal, repeated by tens of thousands of times the theory seems to have no chewing head, we have some content is not unique content, and then write down is of no more significance.

text is sometimes powerful, but also pale, more common are blog text. In some well-known blog occasionally life and feeling like, also some blogs "life" column, is to increase the attractiveness and reality. Only the text in some ways is more professional, but will allow some users to feel tired". The Shanghai dragon blog learn collocation is to enhance the user experience of the way. Insert pictures or video in the text in the sidebar with some Shanghai dragon software, e-books or excellent templates, and add edition and the Shanghai dragon completely unrelated to the content of this website activity will be mobilized, the user viscosity also increased dramatically. When we design a web page on tonal collocation, then the content and column is also should pay more attention to the next in >?

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