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, a search engine for rich content: survival of the source

it seems to our website optimization direction, focus on Web site optimization is the site itself, rather than the search engine. The search engine is only possible to take care of the user experience, users will experience the best theoretical site recommended to the user, starting from the user, we have to enrich the content of the website. We are still in the construction site keywords for example, with competitors >

for the website construction and website optimization webmaster, is also a double-edged sword, can only be established in the proper use of the red, too far. What is the optimal over the "degree" is limited in where? Shanghai website construction company pilot technology believes that although the judging standard and understanding, but the principle is that the optimization methods, is conducive to search engine crawling, capture the content of the website, is in violation of the search engine commercial standards, at the same time whether it is conducive to the long-term development of the search engine more. Or, since the goal is through optimizing the website ranking, the site itself is there enough value? The user experience and website value are the main factors about the website ranking, even if the lack of these within a short period of time to go up, can not stabilize the eternal. Through the phenomenon of insight into the nature, how to optimize the search engine is love love the

no content, all end up floating clouds, website construction is the basic content of production. No matter the website or search engine, will eventually be user oriented, so we will start from the user, one by one analysis. Now the search engine application penetration rate has exceeded 90%, that is to say, unless you know the web site, search engine has become the entrance of the Internet user login. For example, the user wants to do a website, but do not know to find a company to do site, although now innumerable. Through the search engine, enter the keyword "construction site" and you will find hundreds of Internet companies. If the row in several web page, just to meet the user expectations, we call it a good user experience. If the user has entered the "construction site", other website is not linked to the retrieval of the. The search engine to the user feeling as can be imagined.

to search engine, website optimization is a double-edged sword, both to rational use and appropriate restriction. On the one hand, rational website optimization can make search engine director, crawl, crawl the page content more convenient. In order to information content is abundant, accurate website ranking, and continuously improve the user experience, promote the reasonable commercial profit growth; while the other side, part of the site optimization in attempting to spy on the search algorithm, through certain techniques or tricks opportunistic, break the existing rules, trying to break the fair value of the search engine constant standard. This will undoubtedly undermine the search engine for the user experience, is not conducive to the development of the search engine more long-term. No matter which search engine, nature would not have left unchecked, reasonable restrictions or punishment is also reasonable.

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