Shanghai senior abnormal instructions you do webmaster

mentioned above is the webmaster to query and analysis the chain number of your site, sometimes we have studied competitors’ websites such as some outside the chain, based in the webmaster can also command the clever, can accurately analyze the chain competition site, if the number of the chain webmaster to query the competition site, but they do not include the site of the internal links, and remove them in the chain chain to the part of the page of our website again, the query "domain: competition domain minus domain: minus site: long domain competition domain" by Shanghai dragon commands, the following screenshot.

as a webmaster, we should not only grasp the advanced instruction significance of the Shanghai dragon, to master the skills of these combination of advanced instruction, so webmaster more understand competitors websites and accurate analysis.

website with more and more time and efforts in the webmaster website, gradually have some external links and visibility, the site URL will likely be other web references, so as to accumulate the page number of the chain, a large number of sites for this time, if the long standing in the search results of these the data is very not easy.


webmaster want to love Shanghai through the domain command to check the number of the chain, the site also requires some key words contain links to the source page, and out of the site of the internal links; there is a station in the chain query, a part of the page is the link to our website, also linked to a competitor’s site accurate, query, we will use Shanghai dragon command to remove these pages, only to find links to our web page, we can use a combination of methods of Shanghai dragon command: "the website keyword domain: website domain name and website domain name domain: minus site: minus rival website domain name to query the following screenshot.

For example, in


if you are a webmaster, it must optimize the structure of the site, page optimization, URL optimization is very familiar, but sometimes we need to analyze their own website or website competitors, then we will use some of the commonly used instructions Shanghai dragon help us a more comprehensive understanding of the site, such as the use of the site command to query the site about indexed by search engines, a website is search engine included the number of chain and so on in Shanghai using the domain command.

although the use of these advanced instruction can help us understand their site information, and analysis about competition website information, but sometimes requires high-level instructions we use some combination of accurate to search for web resources. The following to a website as an example, combined with some practical usage share under the Shanghai senior command with everyone, I hope to help the webmaster.

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