n recent years the rapid development of the nternet makes Shanghai dragon like high iron fast prop

is the author of Shanghai Longfeng understand site optimization, main purpose is to optimize the site rankings, and the use of optimization techniques what is the kingly way and so on. I have used optimization techniques not justified, such as keyword stuffing and bridge and so on, at the beginning of the effect is good, but before long, the site was back to the prototype, after the punishment, I finally understand such methods cannot be used. In fact, this is not a long-term development, the website to the first row and how, website bounce rate is not high. After much thought, finally love renovation in Shanghai gave me a good tip, it is the experience of the user. To seize the user experience, ranking and earnings are followed up. As long as we seize the user experience, allowing more users access to your web page, your work will be better.

Shanghai Dragon from positive and negative aspects

Shanghai dragon is not equal to the flow rate of

The object

some wrong thought that Shanghai dragon is the flow, why would I say this idea is wrong, because Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long process, after optimization can not immediately play a role, so we need to persist, let search engines see our determination. The optimization results, Shanghai dragon and many factors, Shanghai dragon is not completely.

is the user

development of the Internet, let Shanghai dragon on the high-speed railway, increasing the number of more than million annual statistics website. By the end of April 2012, the net number has reached 450 million, we are not shared: a huge network power has already formed. Whether part-time or full-time Er Shanghai, Shanghai dragon Er, more or less have their own website, every time when talking to Shanghai dragon is to mention the word, slowly, all of this word to understand more and more deep. The author believes that the Shanghai dragon is not a purely technical work, because there exists high ideological content, but also with the soft and the chain hook.

optimization should consider

was the first to give an example to help you understand, for us humans, animation can enhance the page visual sense, a strong impetus to the development of the website, but it is not the case for spiders, because spiders don’t even appreciate video appreciation of our humanity, spider hate, because the spider itself is unable to identify video. "The video will make the website loading speed slow, in this way, when a user opens a web page containing video, will affect the user experience; on the other hand, video attracted the attention of the user, so they increase user experience and make it difficult to decide whether the choice of web video animation. Then we have to make some decisions to increase keyword density (increase keyword ranking), remember the density of not too large, the best control in less than 8%; outbound links (increase Links), you are the links the best control in less than 35. To do the pros and cons of reasonable consideration, to optimize a good website.

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