How to carry out the chain platform correlation mining


outside the chain of work has become almost all efforts Shanghai Longfeng, spend a lot of time every day to build, but the ranking is not up, our work where there is a problem, the chain channel of mining right, and the quality is not high enough? Now the chain is more and more difficult, resulting in a lot of popularity more old webmaster forum the fire, because it can not only add forum character signature, you can also add anchor text links, resulting in a lot of beauty, recruitment, car from all walks of life are here website posting, replies. We imagine hundreds of postings a day, our website can also account for a fraction of the weight? And this love in Shanghai after the update, the correlation of the foreign chain is the focus, so that as a Shanghai dragon Er, our work is not only to release the chain, the greater the potential is resource discovery and statistics data! Here we give the chain introduced some specific how to better tap correlation:

now because of the forum audit more stringent, but many forums couldn’t send outside the chain, even immediately deleted, then we should use an hour every day to give you a mining, this method is that we can utilize the regional network + + local forum to mining, such as I do drink the site then the country may have many forums, here we must aim at the regional one go, each region will have several portals forum, but also have the corresponding sections, so down we send out a chain is not associated with the

, a regional forum and


here, we should be very clear is that exchange Links, because part of the chain is Links website, and is a very important part, the website ranking plays an important role. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er will complain about the high quality links for good not ah, people do not want to change it? Here we will pay attention to skills, to befriend and accumulated contacts!! webmaster relationship is the best! He won’t mean a link, there will be good at cooperating with you so! Contacts is important, Links friendship first, we should grasp. I know a friend do it he told me that he had just set up a blog, the beginning is not what weight, and the beginning of the PR4, PR5 exchange forum people simply ignore him, he chose a vest, a moment to talk cooked, the results gave him a total station.

+ local network

through the above we can see that the drinks a forum run out, this method is good, we can according to our different industries for different search, and then one by one to finish, some can send the chain, can have a forum signature, you can add anchor text link forum saved later every day a chain is very good, to improve the site keyword ranking is very good.

two, the exchange of resources accumulated contacts

Exchange links

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