Virtual son rain enterprise website promotion cost the Shanghai dragon mode selection


enterprises do Shanghai dragon has four purposes: to save marketing costs, increase website traffic, increase sales, increase brand awareness, the four objective is basically the progressive, but at the same time, we must do the health and sustainability must pay attention to the four to grasp. Do business in Shanghai Longfeng, the starting point is to save the cost of the promotion, but how to save not on the mouth, we also need to choose different choices may lead to different results for you, I look at the cost saving way to introduce the choice of Shanghai dragon enterprise website

found the way to save marketing costs, is not once and for all? Here is what I want to remind you, not the choice of Shanghai dragon is a choice of a good starting point, facing the Shanghai dragon, we still have a lot of choices, we can choose the independent station of Shanghai Longfeng and this is also a way of network marketing companies do have to choose, but we can also choose to use the B2B extension to Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai know love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia product promotion. In addition, we can choose to set up their own Shanghai dragon team, or choose to work outsourcing enterprises in Shanghai dragon. A lot of ways and methods, there are many we choose to do.

1, Shanghai Longfeng enterprises is only cost saving

We all know that

Hello, I am virtual son rain. In front of me to introduce their own strengths and hobbies is to optimize the enterprise website, I optimized website shelf is not too large, probably because of their lack of capacity, or because they want to avoid more responsibility caused this hobby. In fact, the seemingly good enterprise website optimization, but it is not so. Business owners are fine, from the beginning to understand Shanghai dragon, slowly familiar with and want to get what kind of effect by Shanghai Phoenix are very clear, now simply do not understand the Shanghai dragon befooled boss could be feasible, but to provide a lasting Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, must be healthy and the sustainability of the Shanghai Dragon earn money for the enterprise, this is the love to see the boss, the boss is willing to cooperate with you.

starting point! Since !

for Shanghai dragon, we should choose the enterprise has two modes, one is Shanghai Longfeng Work Outsourcing, this way is the absolute savings in the short term, but now, the industry specializing in surgery.

a lot of small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing is from Shanghai to promote love, because love Shanghai is indeed a way of marketing the most effective, but the effect is more obvious, but slowly enterprises will find love Shanghai very waste, in order to save the cost of the promotion, began to choose Shanghai dragon. Especially small businesses can not support the burning love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon is the must choose straw.

2, "the short-term savings" PK "long-term waste"

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